AMI Group Partners with The Burnt Chef Project

Launched in 2019, The Burnt Chef Project is committed to creating an open dialogue about mental health within the hospitality sector. Their recent studies revealed that an alarming 84% of 1273 hospitality professionals surveyed had experienced mental health issues during their careers. Moreover, less than half felt comfortable discussing these issues with their colleagues.

AMI's collaboration with The Burnt Chef Project represents a significant step towards acknowledging and addressing mental health issues within the hospitality industry. We hope that this initiative will create a 'new badge of honour' within the sector, where mental health is regularly discussed, policies are reviewed, and all employees feel supported.

Join Us for a Burnt Chef Demo at the Taste of Travel Theater on Tuesday June 6th at 12:15pm!

Matthew Farrell Appointed as VP of Culinary Innovation and Development at AMI Group

We are excited to introduce Matthew Farrell as our new Vice President, Culinary Innovation and Development. Matt brings over 15 years of experience across diverse culinary sectors and a unique blend of New American cuisine and French techniques. Already a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America – Greystone and The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Matt's culinary innovation is also influenced by his experience working at Michelin-starred establishments. Partnering with our sales and supplier teams, Matt will identify strategic growth areas, focusing on customer-centric approaches and innovative menu design. He's ready to bring global culinary trends to airline menus, and update classic American cuisine with irresistible modern touches. CEO Jeremy Parsons regards Matt as a valuable addition to our team, set to drive AMI’s continued expansion and success.


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AAB-Inflight envisions a future that's socially responsible, sustainable, and secure. They seek social return through manual operations, partner with social workplaces, and constantly explore sustainable packaging solutions. Notably, they comply with latest food and aviation safety regulations.

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Burren Balsamic loves nothing more than providing the best flavors for your Cooking and Drinks. Burren Balsamic has some wonderful flavor combinations, seasonings, flavored balsamic vinegars, cocktail mixes and unique gifts.

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Castello Monte Vibiano produces extra virgin olive oil from centuries-old olive trees in Perugia's hills. Their zero-CO2 certified estate is a biodiversity haven. They grow 12 unique Italian cultivars, harvested by hand and cold-pressed locally. This creates a light, flavorful oil that truly reflects its rich origins.

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Cuisine Solutions, the global leader in sous vide, offers revolutionary solutions that can transform your culinary process. With their expertise, you can enhance quality and consistency while simultaneously reducing labor costs.

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Since 1844, Gut Springenheide has been dedicated to the art of EGGS! Each egg is unique, with a unique shape and surface. Discover their boundless creativity and expertise in crafting an incredible range of egg-based products. Witness the magic yourself!

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Fleury Michon America aims to provide exceptional meals while considering their impact on the world. As a leading meal solutions provider in North America, they prioritize a safe environment and their chef heritage. With a core focus on passion, fresh regional ingredients, and humane animal welfare, Fleury Michon America offers first-class meals in collaboration with top-notch suppliers. Join them in shaping a brighter future.

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Rivazur, a French bakery since 1953, is renowned for traditional fruit cakes. With a team of 50 in the Loire Valley, they source responsibly, continually refine recipes, and take pride in representing their region's culinary heritage.

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As an airline or railway company you want to keep your cost under control. However you want your passengers to have a premium experience.

Snackboxtogo is the independent partner to help you achieve just that. We can help you with small and big volumes and our efficient logistic department will make sure your orders reach their destination.

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Frankenberg, a pioneer in inflight meals, serves renowned airlines and charters worldwide. They specialize in tailoring meals, from wholesome Economy Class snacks to complex First and Business Class dishes, ensuring customer satisfaction through their dedication and vast experience in consistently delivering as per specific needs.

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Lily O’Brien’s is passionate about creating amazing and innovative chocolate recipes. They strive to incorporate both foody inspired flavors and undeniable classics into each and every collection.

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With unmatched passion, Dormen Foods crafts memorable snacking experiences by artfully blending flavors. Each nut is lightly fried and toasted in small batches, then seasoned and double-filtered by hand to minimize excess flavor 'dust.'

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Ethiopian-born Moyee Coffee operates one of Africa's largest roasting facilities, providing premium wages and community reinvestment. Our commitment to world-class roasting and packaging ensures top-quality coffee reaches consumers, while fairly supporting the communities behind it. We call this our higher ground – coffee that's high-quality and fair.

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The Burnt Chef Project, a not-for-profit initiative is committed to tackling mental health stigma in the hospitality industry. Their goal is to promote an environment where mental health is openly addressed, policies are re-evaluated, and all staff feel valued and supported. This marks a significant move towards a more sustainable and compassionate hospitality profession.

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Established in the 1930s, Britvic has evolved into a global entity boasting 37 beloved brands distributed in more than 100 countries. Propelled by innovation, dynamism, and a purpose-oriented vision, Britvic strives to deliver joy through its brands, balancing values of people, planet, and performance. This continual growth and transformation is fueled by its committed and inventive workforce.

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