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February 6, 2012

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Camille Marino, founder of the animal rights hate group Negotiation Is Over (NIO), was arrested Saturday at a demonstration against the University of Florida.  She faces extradition from Florida to Michigan on criminal contempt charges.  


A judge ruled last month that Marino violated a Wayne County Michigan Circuit Court personal protection order that had been granted to a Wayne State University scientist whom Marino had targeted for a campaign of harassment. She had been ordered to remove his picture and contact information from her website and was prohibited from "directing, encouraging, or inciting others to engage in stalking, aggravated stalking, or harassment" of the scientist.  


Not only did Marino not comply, but after the January ruling she reposted the information to the NIO website and, referring to the court's demand that she also pay the scientist's legal costs, defiantly added, "And good luck collecting your $6,281.72."  


Florida activists are calling for a rally this morning at the Alachua County Jail in Gainesville in support of Marino. 

Last night, in a note posted to the NIO website, purportedly from Marino by way of fellow activist Ghazal Tajalli of South Florida Smash HLS, her arrest is called "a minor inconvenience" and stated that "the campaign will go on with me or without me." Tajalli is seeking donations for Marino on FaceBook and other social media outlets.


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Lisa Grossman, who helped Marino stage many protests against the University of Florida and other targets, and who was on probation for violating a campus trespass order, was arrested Saturday on a charge unrelated to Marino's.  She remains in jail and faces a new charge of violating the terms of her probation.


Background information about Marino and Negotiation Is Over may be found at these locations:


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  AMP will keep you posted on further developments in this case.  Please feel free to call on us with any questions or concerns.

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