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    August 26, 2020      
Socially distanced Coffee Chat in Jasper
Looking ahead
I've been nearly four months into my role here at AMPPE, and I've had the opportunity to meet and speak to many AMPPE members. It has been a pleasure to meet so many enthusiastic and innovative entrepreneurs. 
While much of the focus at AMPPE over these last months has been around COVID, and that will continue, AMPPE is now able to start looking forward to longer-term objectives. The members I have had the opportunity to speak with have told me that they want to see AMPPE continue to advocate for access, data-driven decision-making, leasehold certainty, and funding for the Mountain Parks. Nearly unanimously, members seem interested in reducing the emissions footprint of tourism in the Parks and accessing funding to make Mountain Park businesses more sustainable.
As always, the primary interest of members is to enhance the visitor experience. To do this, AMPPE will advocate for, amongst other items, improving transit, and improved cycling and cross country ski options. With more federal funding available, AMPEE, through Global Public Relations, will work to identify, access and advocate for Mountain Park investment.
This fall and winter, AMPPE will work with Global Public Relations to develop webinars and engagement sessions on some of these topics. I would love to hear any ideas you have for AMPPE events or information sessions. 
Please let me know if you are interested in meeting for a coffee, a call, or even a nice hike. I am interested in learning about your business and what challenges and opportunities you see ahead. You can reach me at or 587 335 0829.


Advocacy Update
  • AMPPE pointed out the confusion caused by the contradictory language used between the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and Parks Canada regarding Canada's Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) through a letter to Environment and Climate Change Canada Minister Jonathon Wilkinson. AMPPE's action resulted in Mountain parks businesses being able to successfully access CECRA. READ THE FULL LETTER

  • AMPPE wrote a letter to the Government of Alberta requesting that the Province’s requirement of 2m distancing be adjusted to better align with federal guidelines. AMPPE's request would limit job loss over the short summer season. UPDATE* In August, Stuart Back received approval from the province to use Pursuit's transport guidelines.*

  • AMPPE appeared before the House of Commons, Standing Committee on Finance on to discuss the Government of Canada’s response to the COVID-19 recovery. AMPPE Co-Chairs Yannis Karlos and Stuart Back represented AMPPE via Zoom.Appearing before this committee will ensure that the voice of AMPPE will be heard in Ottawa and that AMPPE’s views and recommendations will be documented in the Standing Committee report resulting from this session. Watch Yannis’ presentation HERE. Read the full speaking notes HERE.
AMPPE would like to thank Alberta MPs, Blake Richards (Banff-Airdrie), Blaine Calkin (Red Deer-Lacome), James Cumming (Edmonton-Centre) and Gerald Soroko (Yellowhead) for their support of AMPPE’s request to appear before this committee.

  • AMPPE met with Alberta Economic Development to ensure that Ec Development Minister TanyaFir was briefed on AMPPE’s recommendations. 

  • Yannis Karlos was attended a roundtable discussion with Premier Kenney and Minister, Tanya Fir. Yannis had an opportunity to discuss broadening support for tourism-reliant businesses and easing of travel restrictions. 

  • The Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) joined AMPPE's call for waiving fees for National Park passes.
NEW OCA Sub-Committee Proposed

AMPPE is looking to form a sub-committee to look into issues unique to Outlying Commercial Accommodations (OCAs). This idea for this new sub-committee comes as a result of difficulties Jasper-based OCAs have been having with Parks Canada regarding their business licenses.

If you or any other OCA you know have received a business license on the new template with the new stipulations, please let me know ASAP (587 335 0829).
As you know, AMPPE has been advocating for Parks Canada to extend leases and to hold off renegotiating business licenses and contracts so businesses can focus on the summer season and on relaunching their businesses.
The OCA sub-committee will work to leverage AMPPE’s reach to support OCAs and facilitate meetings between OCAs and Parks Canada to find a solution to immediate concerns. A more long term focus could be on developing a lease negotiation process. Parks Canada in Jasper has indicated they wish to ‘modernize’ lease agreements. Please let us know if you would like to participate on this new sub-committee.
Membership Fees

As we settle into our new normal, AMPPE will resume sending invoices for membership fees. As a membership-funded organization your dues allow us to continue to speak to government on the issues that impact you the most. AMPPE's mailing address remains P.O. Box 2999, Banff, AB T1L 1C7.
“No one will protect what they don’t care about;
and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”
~ Sir David Attenborough