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Happy Holidays!! December 21, 2020    

Welcome to the last AMPPE newsletter of 2020! First, we'd like to wish you all happy holidays and all the best in the New Year.

This last year has been challenging, to say the least. But throughout the year, AMPPE has leveraged the opportunities created by this crisis to deliver solid outcomes for Mountain Parks businesses by ensuring that governments were aware of the unique needs of Parks businesses and by stressing the importance of the Parks to the health of Canadians and the recovery of our economies.

These efforts generated significant outcomes for Parks businesses and put AMPPE in a position to successfully influence a number of government programs that were put together to address the crisis. In addition to the highlighted outcomes listed below, our work resulted in strengthened relationships and a broadened network of partners and supporters. While much work remains, AMPPE is now in a great position to continue to drive results in 2021.

The Mountain Parks have what people and economies need to recover and heal in 2021. In the future, AMPPE will build on the gains made in 2020 to advocate for policies and decisions that will create a pathway to recovery and a rebound in visitation.

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2020 Advocacy Highlights:
Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA):
When the CECRA program was announced, Mountain Park businesses were not eligible for the program. AMPPE was the only organization to call on Canada Mortgage and Housing Housing Commission and the federal government to ensure businesses located within National Parks to be eligible for the program. AMPPE succeeded in this effort.

Transportation guidelines:
AMPPE called on the Province to develop sector-specific guidelines and successfully compelled the province to change coach guidelines.

House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance:
AMPPE succeeded in gaining support from all Alberta-based federal MPs to appear before the Standing Committee on Finance. AMPPE did appear making a robust case for tourism in the Mountain Parks. Since then, provincial officials have made repeated calls to AMPPE to ask how they could support our efforts, and the Tourism Industry Association of Canada joined our call for free park entry. Since then, four months have been added to Park Pass annual holders to compensate them for the time parks were closed.

Government of Alberta Liaison Office:
AMPPE substantially strengthened ties with the provincial government in 2020. In addition to participating in a number of roundtable discussions and the Red Tape Reduction Task Force, AMPPE was called on to consult on a proposed Government of Alberta liaison office aimed at highlighting Parks issues in Ottawa. AMPPE's strengthened relationship with the Province means that AMPPE will have the connections to ensure this position is directed towards programs that meet the goals of AMPPE members.

National Parks Management Plan Engagement:
Consultations for the 2020 Park plans were suspended in March. AMPPE has continued to advocate on issues related to visitor experience and access. Specifically, we have met with Mountain Park superintendents to discuss winter access and have submitted a proposal to the Banff Field Unit advocating for the mechanical grooming of fat bike trails. In late November, Parks Canada (Banff/Lake Louise) provided us with an overview of what we can expect to see in this years’ plan. They have assured us that the plan builds on previous years efforts and that there will not be any surprises. Parks has created a draft that they intend to circulate in the New Year.
2020 Board and Operations Changes
Board of Directors:
2020 saw a few changes to AMPPE's Board of Directors. Long time Board members Mark Howe (Jasper Rafting) and David Roberts (Fairmont Hotels) have retired from the Board. AMPPE thanks them for their years of service.

AMPPE is also pleased to announce that two new members have joined the Board, Welcome to Clare McCann and Tracy Lowe. Check out AMPPE's 2021 Board of Directors.

  • AMPPE closed its Bear street office and now operates mostly virtually
  • In May, Debbie Harksen started as AMPPE’s Director of Communications and Engagement.
Pyramid Lake deemed unsafe, but new backcountry areas open for ski touring
Parks Canada’s Jasper Field Unit confirmed this week that cross country skiing trails at Pyramid Lake will not be groomed this year due to unsafe ice conditions. All other trails and the Pyramid Lake Road will continue to be groomed as usual.

While grooming has been reduced at Pyramid Lake, trails previously closed for caribou migration have now been reopened. Bald Hills and Shangri-La area are now open for ski touring.

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and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”

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