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           Volume 6, Issue 6, July & August 2017
Welcome to September AMPPE Members!

As we continue to enjoy one of the sunniest, warmest (and haziest) summers on record in the mountain parks, in this edition we share some good news stories from the past few months. These stories celebrate our ability to come together as a community to ensure this region continues to provide world class visitor experience. Below, you can read about the highlights of the 2017 summer season in the Canadian Rockies as well as initiatives that are moving forward to benefit those of us who call this beautiful place home (including the wildlife of course), as well as our millions of visitors and lovers of the mountain parks. AMPPE hopes that all of our Members have had a successful summer so far, and as always we encourage you to reach out to us anytime. We are here to celebrate your success and support you in your needs.

I would also like to recognize all those organizations that have gone above and beyond this summer to support the combatting of the fires affecting our region, especially AMPPE Member Sunshine Village. Thank you for offering up your resort for the firefighting efforts that are so critical to protecting our beautiful Bow Valley.
Casey Peirce
Executive Director
Mountain Park News
The Alberta Government announced it will give $18.7 million to various projects to improve the parks in the Kananaskis region. This funding is in addition to the $9.7 million from last year.
A new study by Banff National Park wildlife ecologists has found the grizzly population in Banff, Yoho, and Koontenay national parks to be stable.
As we are all aware, the Verdant Creek Wildfire that began on July 15th continues to burn, causing closures in several parks and a very important fire ban across the mountain parks. For continued updates, please refer to:
The number of people using the new shuttle bus between Calgary and Banff this summer has far exceeded expectations. Service may be extended into the fall months.
AMPPE advocates for balance between sustainable tourism, ecological integrity, and positive visitor experience in Canada's rocky mountain parks.