Special Parent Message | January 2, 2023

Principal Message

Middle School Families –


We are thrilled to start the second semester with some very exciting changes to our middle school structure and schedules. We have heard from our community loud and clear; change is necessary in order for us to provide an extraordinary learning experience for our scholars. We have heard that leveling our students into ability groups for homerooms is not working and is not giving us the results, it originally intended. We have heard that not providing opportunities for our students to participate in multiple special area classes is a problem and our students need opportunities to experience music, technology, and physical education. These options will now be available to our students, and they will be able to show us their skills in the Three A’s – Academics, Arts and Athletics. In collaboration with the Academies of Math & Science Network leadership team, we have the honor to pilot these changes in our 6th, 7th and 8th grades starting now. When your child returns to school for second semester we will begin with a middle school “huddle” in the gym to share the changes and reassign homerooms. Our Middle School will have four teachers at each grade, which means we are able to reduce class sizes to better meet the needs of our students. Your Middle School team of teachers will now be:


6th Grade

·        Mr. Outley – 6th Grade Math – toutley@amscamelback.org

·        Ms. Ingram-Curd – 6th Grade English-Language Arts – ringramcurd@amscamelback.org

·        Ms. Gaston – 6th Grade Social Studies – kgaston@amscamelback.org

·        Ms. Becirbasic – 6th Grade Science – gbecirbasic@amscamelback.org

7th Grade

·        Ms. Kaltchenko – 7th Grade Math – skaltchenko@amscamelback.org

·        Ms. Horn – 7th Grade English-Language Arts – ahorn@amscamelback.org

·        Ms. Outley – 7th Grade Social Studies – soutley@amscamelback.org

·        Ms. Franks – 7th Grade Science

8th Grade

·        Ms. Buendia – 8th Grade Math – kbuendia@amscamelback.org

·        Mrs. Ice – 8th Grade English-Language Arts – aice@amscamelback.org

·        Mrs. Marchant – 8th Grade Social Studies – cmarchant@amscamelback.org

·        Ms. Zerbey – 8th Grade Science – ozerbey@amscamelback.org

Please take a few minutes to review the contents of this informational packet with your child and be sure to return all our documents signed by both you and your child as soon as possible. Your child will not be assigned a locker or allowed to use our technology until the forms are signed and returned. If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out to the school directly. We are excited about these changes and believe we are still on the path to providing your student with an extraordinary learning experience here at AMS Camelback. #WeAreCamelback


Thank you,


Jeremy St.Germain


Familias de escuela intermedia –


Estamos encantados de comenzar el segundo semestre con algunos cambios muy emocionantes en la estructura y los horarios de nuestra escuela intermedia. Hemos escuchado de nuestra comunidad alto y claro; El cambio es necesario para que podamos proporcionar una experiencia de aprendizaje extraordinaria para nuestros estudiantes. Hemos escuchado que nivelar a nuestros estudiantes en grupos de habilidad para aulas no está funcionando y no nos está dando los resultados, originalmente se pretendía. Hemos escuchado que no brindar oportunidades para que nuestros estudiantes participen en múltiples clases de áreas especiales es un problema y nuestros estudiantes necesitan oportunidades para experimentar música, tecnología y educación física. Estas opciones ahora estarán disponibles para nuestros estudiantes, y podrán mostrarnos sus habilidades en las Tres A: Académico, Artes y Atletismo. En colaboración con el equipo de liderazgo de Academies of Math & Science Network, tenemos el honor de poner a prueba estos cambios en nuestros grados 6, 7, y 8 a partir de ahora. Cuando su hijo regrese a la escuela para el segundo semestre, comenzaremos con un "grupo" de escuela intermedia en el gimnasio para compartir los cambios y reasignar las aulas. Nuestra escuela intermedia tendrá cuatro maestros en cada grado, lo que significa que podemos reducir el tamaño de las clases para satisfacer mejor las necesidades de nuestros estudiantes. Su equipo de maestros de la escuela intermedia ahora será:


6º Grado

·        Sr. Outley – Matemáticas – toutley@amscamelback.org

·        Sra. Ingram-Curd – Artes del Lenguaje Inglés – ringramcurd@amscamelback.org

·        Sra. Gaston – Estudios Sociales – kgaston@amscamelback.org

·        Sra. Becirbasic – Ciencias – gbecirbasic@amscamelback.org

7º Grado

·        Sra. Kaltchenko – Matemáticas – skaltchenko@amscamelback.org

·        Sra. Horn – Artes del Lenguaje Inglés – ahorn@amscamelback.org

·        Sra. Outley – Estudios Sociales – soutley@amscamelback.org

·        Sra. Franks – Ciencias

8º Grado

·        Sra. Buendia – Matemáticas – kbuendia@amscamelback.org

·        Sra. Ice – Artes del Lenguaje Inglés – aice@amscamelback.org

·        Sra. Marchant – Estudios Sociales – cmarchant@amscamelback.org

·        Sra. Zerbey – Ciencias – ozerbey@amscamelback.org

Tómese unos minutos para revisar el contenido de este paquete informativo con su hijo y asegúrese de devolver todos nuestros documentos firmados por usted y su hijo lo antes posible. A su hijo no se le asignará un casillero ni se le permitirá usar nuestra tecnología hasta que los formularios estén firmados y devueltos. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre estos cambios, comuníquese directamente con la escuela. Estamos entusiasmados con estos cambios y creemos que todavía estamos en el camino para brindarle a su estudiante una experiencia de aprendizaje extraordinaria aquí en AMS Camelback. #WeAreCamelback




Jeremy St.Germain


Locker Information

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Middle School Expectations

Dress Code Expectations

AMS Camelback Dress Code

Every day at Camelback is a Dress Code day; unless otherwise noted for a spirit day or special event. Please continue to work with your child to ensure they are meeting the expectations of the dress code.

Here is a link to the AMS Dress Code. Please contact the front office or your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Donations Needed for the Health Office

Our Health Office is in need of donations, we are specifically looking for new or gently used uniform clothes for students for all kinds of reasons. Specifically, we’re in need of new underwear and socks and new or gently used bottoms for students in grades PreK through 3rd grade. Accidents happen all the time and we want to be sure we’re prepared to get students changed and ready to return to class to be learners. 
School Calendar Save the Dates
2022-23 Calendar:


  • 1/3 - School Resumes for 3rd Quarter
  • 1/10 – Firebird Guardian Parent Meeting @ 6pm - Gym
  • 1/12 - Peter Piper Pizza Family Night @ 4-8pm - Peter Piper Pizza @ 4024 N. 67th Ave
  • 1/16 – No School – MLK Jr. Day
  • 1/18 - Kona Ice Sales
  • 1/18 - Kindergarten Enrollment Night for 2023-2024 School Year @ 5:30 - 7:30pm
  • 1/26 - 5th & 6th Grade Semester 1 Honor's Ceremony @ 8:30am - Gym
  • 1/26 - 7th & 8th Grade Semester 1 Honor's Ceremony @ 5:30pm - Gym
  • 1/31 - Firebird Guardian Parent Meeting @ 6pm - Gym


  • Week of 2/6 - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Week of 2/6 - Spring Book Fair
  • 2/7 – Firebird Guardian Parent Meeting @ 6pm - Gym
  • 2/11 - First Annual Car/Vendor Fair @ 10am - 2pm - AMS Parking Lot & Gym
  • If you're interested in being a vendor or participating in the Car Show, please contact the office!
  • 2/15 - Kona Ice Sales
  • 2/20 – No School – President’s Day
  • 2/28 - Family #PBIS(BINGO) Game Night @ 5:30 - 7:30pm - Gym


  • 3/4 – AMS Job Fair Extravaganza @ 10 – 2pm – Desert Sky Campus
  • 3/7 – Firebird Guardian Parent Meeting @ 6pm - Gym
  • 3/15 - Kona Ice Sales
  • 3/17 - Spring Fling Middle School Dance @ 5:30 - 7:30pm – Gym
  • Week of 3/20 – No School – Spring Break


  • 4/4 – Firebird Guardian Parent Meeting @ 6pm – Gym
  • 4/17 – Tax Day
  • 4/21 - Kindness ROCKS! Family Paint Night @ 5:30 - 7:30pm - Gym
  • 4/21 - Pizza w/ the Principal @ 6 - 7pm - Intervention Room
  • This is a new student orientation event!
  • 4/22 - Donuts w/ the Principal @ 9am - Gym
  • This is a new student orientation event!
  • 4/26 - Kona Ice Sales


  • 5/2 – Firebird Guardian Parent Meeting @ 6pm - Gym
  • 5/24 - Kona Ice Sales
  • 5/29 – No School – Memorial Day


  • 6/2 - 8th Grade End of Year Dinner & Dance @ 5:30 - 7:30pm - Gym
  • 6/5 – Early Release Dismissal @ 1:15pm
  • 6/6 – Early Release Dismissal @ 1:15pm
  • 6/6 - Kona Ice Sales
  • 6/6 – 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony @ 6pm – Gym
  • 6/6 – TENTATIVE: Firebird Guardian Parent Meeting @ 6pm – Gym
  • 6/7 – Last Day of School Year
  • 6/7 – Early Release Dismissal @ 1:15pm
  • 6/24 - Summer Community Art Project @ 7 - 11am - Main Courtyard


  • 7/1 - Pastry & Packet Pick-up for 2023-2024 School Year @ 8 - 12pm
  • 7/4 – School Closed – 4th of July Holiday
  • 7/14 - Family Summer Dance @ 5:30 - 7:30pm
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