FIRE| August|14|2023


Hello, Firebirds. Congrats again to our three AXE winners: Shemeka Speller, Shamier Colter and Diana Martin. We are getting into more teaching and data collection. Please remember to be deliberate about what you are doing - know your process, so we can sharpen our skills and reach our students.

  • ClassDojo: We will have training on Class Dojo on Wednesday @ 2:15 led by Mr. Garcia and Ms. Pierce. Please plan on bringing your laptop, as ALL CLASSROOM TEACHERS must have a Class Dojo page.
  • CharacterStrong: We will have a quick training on using CharacterStrong, our online resource for SEL activities and curriculum. You will need your laptops for this training as well.
  • Paycom site here. Please use Monday to finish the required trainings in Paycom. Also, be sure to sign the attestation that you have read the Staff Handbook.
  • Attendance Policy here.

From the Desk of Ms. Patrick

DIBELS testing begins this week, August 14- 18, with make-ups occurring through the end of next week, Aug. 25th.

Please remind your scholars of the importance of quiet hallway transitions, as some of our testing will be done in the A-building hallways.

PE classes: no pushing into the inventory room/library this week as we work on testing. Thank you in advance for understanding!

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Charlie Chaplin said: "To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it." Reflect on our first full week of class. What has made you laugh? How can you share that with family and colleagues to recenter as we start this week?

Week of August 14th Events


  • DIBELS testing window opens


  • College / Career shirt day
  • DIBELS testing


  • $1.00 dress down
  • DIBELS testing
  • ClassDojo training - 2:15 PM Cafegymitorium
  • CharacterStrong training - 3 PM Cafegymitorium


  • Sport or club shirt day
  • DIBELS testing


  • Fancy Friday
  • DIBELS testing


8/21 - 8/25 i-Ready Testing window

Club and Sports Updates

Clubs & Sports

Please stay tuned for more info from Mr. Sherrill!

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