Issue No. 179 | Nov. 15, 2019
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Weekly Reading
If you want to know what the Party is thinking, it is wise to look at their training programs and what they are teaching party members. In the latest Party member training education work program 《2019—2023年全国党员教育培训工作规划》 , there are different areas of interest for different groups. You can see this highlighted in section 3-(3) below:
AMS Event
Please join us on Tuesday, November 19 from 6:00 – 7:30 PM at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies for a fascinating and timely talk,  in Chinese , by Georgetown professor Dr. Lizhi Liu about the economic and political implications of digital commerce in China. This event is co-sponsored by SAIS China Studies.

The past decade has witnessed a great digital transformation in China. In 2006, China’s online retail sales were merely 3% of U.S. sales. China now hosts the world’s largest e-commerce retail market with a 40% share of global sales. Mobile pay has taken the country by storm so that even beggars are accepting alms through QR codes. What accounts for the leapfrog development in China’s e-commerce market? What are the larger implications of the rise of this 500-million-user online market? Dr. Lizhi Liu will address these questions and more in her talk. With the staggering pace of change in China’s digital commerce market, this is an event not to be missed!

Dr. Liu is an Assistant Professor in the McDonough School of Business and a faculty affiliate of the Department of Government at Georgetown University. Her research interests include the political economy of development, digital economy, and emerging markets (especially China). Dr. Liu holds degrees in Political Science (PhD), Statistics (MS), and International Policy Studies (MA) from Stanford University and International Relations (LLB) from Renmin University of China. You can learn more about Dr. Liu's research here: .
俗语 from Xi Jinping's Speeches
zhòng guā dé guā,zhòng dòu dé dòu

Meaning: Sow melon and you get melon, sow beans and you get beans; fig. As you sow, so shall you reap. / One must live with the consequences of one's actions. / You've made your bed, now you must lie on it.

Original: "习近平主席曾用“种瓜得瓜,种豆得豆”,形容外交舞台上的因和果。此刻,到了希腊的比雷埃夫斯港,让人不由得想起了他的这句话。"

Today's chengyu comes from a People's Daily article about the Belt and Road Initiative in light of Xi Jinping's recent visit to Greece.
Now Showing
Better Days 《少年的你 》is a new release leading the Chinese box office. The movie is based on a popular novel by 玖月晞 called《少年的你,如此美丽》 and judging from the trailer , it is guaranteed to pull on the heartstrings.

Better Days was originally scheduled for a summer release, but was suddenly cancelled with no explanation from the Chinese authorities. Just as suddenly, it was recently approved for theatrical release in China and internationally, and has received positive reviews in the San Francisco Chronicle and Variety .

Better Days is now playing at the Georgetown AMC.
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