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Jackson & Sharp Coach
Our small On3 and On30 versions of the Jackson and Sharpe Passenger Cars are on their way to the warehouse; these are available in numerous road names.
ships: 2-3 weeks
$101.25 each
On3 Scale
AM54-6103 Unlettered Yellow Single Stripe
AM54-6113 Unlettered Green
AM54-6123 Unlettered Red
AM54-6133 D&RGW Green
AM54-6143 RGS Red
AM54-6153 C&S Green
AM54-6163 D&RG Red
AM54-6173 D&RGW Yellow Double Stripe
On30 Scale
AM54-610 Unlettered Yellow Single Stripe
AM54-611 Unlettered Green
AM54-612 Unlettered Red
AM54-613 D&RGW Green
AM54-614 RGS Red
AM54-615 C&S Green
AM54-616 D&RG Red
AM54-617 D&RGW Yellow Double Stripe
Box Car
$36.75 each
On3 Scale
AM52-0103 Data Only Sold Out
AM52-0113 D&RGW Royal Gorge Herald
AM52-0123 D&RGW Royal Gorge Herald
AM52-0133 D&RGW Royal Gorge Herald
AM52-0143 C&S
AM52-0153 RGS Sold Out
AM52-0163 D&RGW Flying Rio Grande
AM52-0173 D&RGW Flying Rio Grande
AM52-0183 D&RGW Flying Rio Grande
On30 Scale
AM52-010 Data Only Sold Out
AM52-011 D&RGW Royal Gorge Herald
AM52-012 D&RGW Royal Gorge Herald
AM52-013 D&RGW Royal Gorge Herald
AM52-014 C&S
AM52-015 RGS
AM52-016 D&RGW Flying Rio Grande
AM52-017 D&RGW Flying Rio Grande
AM52-018 D&RGW Flying Rio Grande
Flat Car
$30.00 each
On3 Scale
AM52-0303 Unlettered Sold Out
AM52-0313 D&RGW
AM52-0323 D&RGW
AM52-0333 D&RGW Sold Out
AM52-0343 RGS
AM52-0353 Southern Pacific Sold Out
AM52-0363 Pacific Coast
AM52-0373 Nevada CA & OR
AM52-0383 N.C.N.G.
AM52-0393 East Broad Top
On30 Scale
AM52-030 Unlettered Sold Out
AM52-031 D&RGW Sold Out
AM52-032 D&RGW Sold Out
AM52-033 D&RGW Sold Out
AM52-034 RGS Sold Out
AM52-035 Southern Pacific
AM52-036 Pacific Coast
AM52-037 Nevada CA & OR
AM52-038 N.C.N.G. Sold Out
AM52-039 East Broad Top
Tank Car
$36.75 each
On3 Scale
AM52-0403 Silver, Data Only
AM52-0413 Conoco, Silver
AM52-0423 Conoco, Silver
AM52-0433 Shell Oil Co, Black
AM52-0443 Standard Oil Co. Silver Sold Out
AM52-0453 Associated Oil Co. Silver
AM52-0463 NCNG, Black
AM52-0473 Black, Data Only
AM52-0483 Conoco, Black
AM52-0493 Conoco, Black
On30 Scale
AM52-040 Silver, Data Only
AM52-041 Conoco, Silver
AM52-042 Conoco, Silver
AM52-043 Shell Oil Co, Black Sold Out
AM52-044 Standard Oil Co. Silver
AM52-045 Associated Oil Co. Silver
AM52-046 NCNG, Black
AM52-047 Black, Data Only
AM52-048 Conoco, Black
AM52-049 Conoco, Black
Short Caboose
$109.00 each
On3 Scale
AM53-0103 Unlettered, Caboose Red Sold Out
AM53-0113 D&RGW, Moffat Logo
AM53-0123 D&RGW, Flying Rio Grande
AM53-0133 D&RGW, Flying Rio Grande
AM53-0143 D&RGW, Flying Rio Grande
AM53-0153 RGS
AM53-0163 D&RGW Green
On30 Scale
AM53-010 Unlettered, Caboose Red
AM53-011 D&RGW, Moffat Logo
AM53-012 D&RGW, Flying Rio Grande
AM53-013 D&RGW, Flying Rio Grande
AM53-014 D&RGW, Flying Rio Grande
AM53-015 RGS
AM53-016 D&RGW Green
Diesel Switcher 0-4-0
$399.00 each
On3 Scale
AM55-030 Sumpter Valley RR #101, On3
On30 Scale
AM55-034 Sumpter Valley RR #101, On30
AM55-031 D&RGW #50, On3
AM55-033 D&RGW #50, On30
AM55-032 Yellow, Unlettered, On3
AM55-035 Yellow, Unlettered, On30
AM55-011 Plymouth Diesel Switcher, On3
AM55-013 Plymouth Diesel Switcher, On30

Accucraft reserves the right to change prices, colors, specifications and availability without  notice.
All items are FOB Union City, CA.
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