Newsletter | February 2021
Principal Message
Dear AMS South Mountain Families,
We are so excited to welcome our scholars back on February 22nd! We really miss them! In our efforts to continue to provide a quality education to our scholars, please continue to communicate regularly with your scholar’s teacher(s). Information should be going out this week regarding packets return and makeup work.
We want to thank you for your continued support and efforts in helping us with remote learning. We are aware of the many challenges faced. We understand this feat has not been easy and we appreciate your patience and understanding.
As we prepare for our scholars' return, it is important that safety protocols are continued and followed at all times. Our safety protocols include completing symptoms check prior to arriving on campus, wearing face masks (over mouth and nose), social distancing whenever possible, and the use of sanitizer and/or correctly washing hands.
Scholars will need to return CHROME BOOKS on February 22nd. Please make sure the power cords and hot spots (if applicable) are sent back as well. Please feel free to contact our administration team if you need any support or have any questions/concerns.
Humbling serving,
Ms. Amy Faulk
AMS South Mountain Principal
Safety Tips for Returning to On-Campus Learning
Prepare Mentally
This has been a challenging school year; we have all scrambled to keep normalcy with the Covid-19 restrictions. It is now the time to set your scholar’s sleep schedules back to “school-time.” Perhaps, utilize a timer to get your scholars accustomed to focusing for specific periods. Encourage your scholar to sit down and read or start focused activities. Review what your kids can expect on the first back to school, so they feel more mentally prepared. It is beneficial to sit down with your scholar and discuss how they feel about everything and how they see things going back to school.

Model Persistence, Dedication, and Hard Work
Discuss your scholar’s goals and fears about returning to On-campus Learning. Tell them about the new projects you are working on at work or home, a new skill that you are trying to master, and the challenges that you face. For example, do you have a big project coming up at home/work? Share with your scholar the extra time you are investing and preparing for the project. Take time to sit down with them while working on school work and tackle some projects of your own. Demonstrating your own dedicated work and motivation can help your scholar model a similar path.

 Organization is the Key
Make sure to get the lists of your scholar needs. Go through the school supplies before going out to buy more. Re-use zip lock bags to organize school supplies. Include your scholars in organizing their supplies. Set a plan for organizing supplies and keeping them that way. Using sticky notes to flag essential items can be very beneficial. Make sure that their folders for homework and assignments are clearly identified.

Get Your Scholar’s Sleep Routine in Check
Set the alarm or notification for 30 minutes before bedtime. Set new regular weekday and weekend bedtime routines. Make a plan to eliminate technology devices from your child’s bedroom to focus solely on sleeping. Sound machines, night lights, or white sound machines can help with sleep.

Plan Morning Routines
Make sure to set a clear morning routine. Make sure that you have loud alarms for the family. A checklist can be a great morning motivator. Make sure to map out the bathroom for each family member to avoid fights. Start with a healthy breakfast and a positive morning routine to start the day.  


Plan for Homework Time
Gather as much information as you can about content material covered and will be covered and use this to motivate your child. Discuss how your scholar is doing both academically and socially. What are the areas of concern and the pace that your scholar works best at?
Organization is key for a successful transition to On Campus Learning. Teach your scholar to prioritize their tasks by making to-do lists with deadlines. Try to remove as many distractions as possible when your scholar is working on homework. Give them breaks, such as a short walk, when they finish an assignment. You can help your scholar organize their tasks and model good behavior by working on your own projects by their side. A homework caddy is an excellent tool to carry supplies into other areas of the house. And scheduling study blocks before big exams is always a smart idea. 

Take Time for Yourself
Make sure to schedule time for you! Do something every day to de-stress; take a walk, meditate, do yoga, read, take a bath, unwind; you need this time for you. When you take time for you, you are refreshed and better able to take on the day. You will be calm and ready to approach the “Back to School” transition excited and prepared to work!

Get ready to enjoy!
If you help your child stay organized through the rest of the school year, you will be able to better enjoy the journey of normalcy.
Have fun with your student and remember to keep them motivated by providing incentives for reaching their weekly goals. Have a great "Back to School" transtion!

Mambas' Highlights
Ms. Vasquez is a fifth grade teacher at AMS South Mountain.
Teaching Experience: Ms. Vasquez is originally from California, East L.A. area. She previously taught in an enrichment program. For three summers, she taught English in Panama in rural communities.
For Fun I Like To: Ms. Vasquez enjoys cooking and trying new recipes; specifically international foods. She also enjoys the arcades and plays pickleball which is a combination of ping pong and tennis.
Fun Fact About Me: Ms. Vasquez speaks three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Ms. Vasquez’s favorite part of the day is lunchtime because it allows her to connect with students and colleagues.
Ms. Vasquez’s favorite quote is: “Don’t wait for the opportunity. Create it.” George Bernard Shaw. This quote speaks to her because she created diverse learning opportunities for others while she was still in high school. 


Years teaching: Ms. Moore is a wonderful Kinder Teacher at AMS South Mountain who has 12 years of teaching experience. She has taught in China.
I’m From: Ms. Moore is from Florida and has lived in Georgia.
For Fun I Like To: Our kinder Teacher enjoys scrap booking and planting herbs.
Fun Fact About Me: Ms. Moore comes from a blended family of 14. She is the 12th of 14.
Ms. Moore’s favorite part of the day is when the scholars report to class. She enjoys our kinder students and provides strong clear instruction.
Ms. Moore’s favorite quote is from George Washington Carter: “How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.”


Mambas' Staff and Specialist Updates

Ms. Jasmine Strada
Front Office Staff

Mrs. Yolanda Corral

Mr. Cesar Flores

School Calendar Updates

February 11 @ 5:30-6:30 - Virtual Family Game Night
February 15th President's Day (NO SCHOOL)
February 16th 5:30pm - Mamba Jamboree "Jam into Learning"
February 25th 5:30pm- PAC Meeting/Virtual Honor Roll Celebration

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