July 20,

No. 16

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Happy Hour in DC

For those of you in DC, join us on July 24, 6pm at Vapiano for a big, inclusive China happy hour. Aside from AMS, this will be composed of a number of great China-related organizations, including ATLAS-China, ChinaUS Fusion, Cowries and Rice, D.C. China Society, Legation Quarter, Nameless Chinese DC Meetup Group, Pacific Forum Young Leaders DC Chapter, Washington Chinese Language Meetup, Washington, D.C. Mandarin Speakers Society, 文学沙龙. 

We could end up being way too many people for that space, but I'm sure we will figure it out...


For those of you in New York, see the last item in this newsletter.


Weekly Readings
With Xi Jinping in Latin America this month, this week's readings offer Chinese evaluations of the trip and analysis of Beijing's overall approach to the region. On the English-language side, we have two analyses of how Beijing is nationalizing the political risk Chinese companies are accepting. While China may increase its influence in Latin America (and elsewhere), the second-order consequences are not what Beijing expects from its investment. 

Weibo Watch
Rui Chenggang, host of the weekly CCTV show Economic News, was detained just hours before he went on air last Friday. Rui appears to be under investigation for graft, and is one of several high-level CCTV staff to be subject to the same scrutiny in the past few weeks.

Young, popular, and sometimes controversial, Rui Chenggang has over 10 million Weibo followers. He earned the nickname "Representative Rui" at the 2010 G20 summit in South Korea, when he raised his hand to ask Obama the final question at a press conference. "I'm actually Chinese," he explained, "but I think I get to represent the entire Asia." (Watch the exchange: http://youtu.be/i_nEZzdyvec)

Rui last posted to Weibo on July 10 with a sneak peek at the evening's edition of his show. Users have commented over 8,000 times on this post (http://weibo.com/1255849511/BcXqai2v9), many leaving wishes that Rui will be back soon. Others left some backhanded jokes about the "jail forecast" instead of economic forecasts, alluding to recent corruption investigations of former general Xu Caihou and other government officials.

俗语 in Xi Jinping's speeches

yǒu yu�n qiān lǐ l�i xiāng hu�

Translation: people who are destined to meet will do so despite great distances

讲话情景:中国国家主席习近平16日在巴西国会发表《弘扬传统友好 共谱合作新篇》的演讲

说明: Xi Jinping gave a speech last week at the National Congress in Brazil, the first stop on his Latin American charm tour. He is, unsurprisingly, pushing for closer ties with the region and leaves the BRICS summit with a victory in the announcement that the new BRICS development bank will be headquartered in Shanghai. Xi used the above saying early in his remarks. This is a good phrase to use when meeting guests abroad. Most of you know what 缘分 is; this is essentially saying that fate will bring people together despite great distances. 

原文: 布阿�达吉!下午好!今天,有机会来到巴西国会,同各位朋友相聚,感到十分高兴。中国人认为,如果有缘分,再远也能相会,叫作"有缘千里来相会"。
Documentary of the Week
The oil platform "Haiyang Shiyou 981" is headed home after several weeks of confrontation and contention in the South China Sea. According to the Foreign Ministry, the decision was unrelated to any factors associated with Chinese foreign policy. This week's documentary analyzes the events surrounding China's exploratory drilling in disputed territory, the confrontation with Vietnamese ships, and the platform's departure from the area.  

Great event July 25 for NY members!
Private breakfast with Ma Weihua, former President and CEO of China Merchants Bank and Dep Director of the PBOC, currently Exec Director of the China Institute of Finance

AMS members are invited by the China General Chamber of Commerce to to a private breakfast lecture event with Ma Weihua (中文). Details here:
Make sure to sign up by the end of Monday if you want to get on the list. (in bold, italics, and underlined, so you know we are serious)   
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