April 2017
A Note From Your President
Indiana Chapter Update
Indiana State Convention is over and it is time to send an update to the members.  I logged into Constant Contact and clicked the outline for our chapter newsletter. The outline has some different features and looks like it might be a little easier to read so I am up for giving it a try.  This leads me into my topic for this newsletter: change.  The word 'change' is  an emotional word.  It can be scary and exciting; it can cause anger or grief.  I like to embrace change because if we don't change, we don't grow. Change is inevitable.  I admit that my first response is usually a no, but I have learned over the years that I have to step back and look at the bigger picture; I ask, "how will this change make the outcome better?"  
The Indiana Chapter is at a crossroad.  Last month several long-time volunteers retired: Arlene Loomis, Patti Clouse, and LuAnn WIlliams all have a place in AMTA-Indiana's history books.  These ladies helped to shape our state chapter and worked many long hours and years providing education events, promoting membership, and working diligently on licensure for our state.  They were a staple in my early years of education weekends. I, along with many others, will miss their wisdom and charm.  I'd also like to mention two other board members who gave countless hours to their positions: Mary Rice and Christine Costianes stepped down due to life changes.  Thank you all volunteers for the hours you give to help AMTA be more than just an organization.  
Other changes are occurring as AMTA National looks at how they complete their strategic plan to reach their goals.  Some of those changes affect the state chapters.  Sometimes the changes feel like a loss to us, but if we look at the vision and goals of our organization we realize that we have to embrace the challenge and move forward.  As of elections last month, chapters across the country moved to smaller boards (Indiana went from 7 to 5, losing a board member and the immediate past president).  This year National will decide on a change in how states are represented with a possible change in number of delegates and what their role will be. I hope you took the time to respond to the by-law notification request that National sent to every member.  Your chapter board sent a reply and it can be viewed on  google docs.  I feel that the delegate position is very important to a member driven organization.  It gives our state a voice; when other states agree with what we are saying, National understands that it is an issue that is important to more than just one member or one state board.  I sit here saying, "don't take delegates away, don't change it"...but, I am open to where this might lead us in the future.  The National Board meeting in September will be enlightening.  The delegates and I will report back to you what we learn.
By the time this letter is sent I will have changed this last paragraph three times as house bill 1289 rolls along the path to licensing massage therapists!  I recently changed my Facebook avatar to the School House Rock picture of the boy and the bill...which one am I?  I don't know.  I started as the boy who wanted to know, "who, what, and how a bill become a law."  Now I feel like the bill that "...just wants to be a law some day...".  I even pulled up the YouTube Video   and watched it!  My inner child remembers this was her favorite!  And here I am living it now, who knew?!   The bill process has been quite an experience.  Will licensing make a difference for our profession?  I hope so, I believe so.  
The American Massage Therapy Association works to raise the standards of the profession in all states and to protect the health and safety of the consumer.  HB1289 will help achieve those goals.  Indiana will join the 44 other states that are licensed.

Kimberly Pucka, CMT BCTMB 
AMTA-IN Chapter President 

Meet your new Board Members:

AMTA-IN Chapter 2017
Left to right, top row 

Leslie Thompson, Board Member, Delegate
Leslie is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.  She graduated in 2000 from the Shirley Price International College of Aromatherapy and is also a member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists.  She developed an oncology massage program for an outpatient oncology center in 2005 where she worked for 5 years providing massage to cancer patients, staff, and caregivers.  From her experience with the patients, she wrote the book  Notes from a Wingman: Maintaining Wellbeing During Cancer Treatment. She is also an artist stone carver, gardener, and traveler.  Leslie is excited to be a delegate as well as a board member and wants to be your voice.  

Susan Moody, Secretary, Delegate 

Susan is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.  She has been a massage therapist and AMTA member since 2010, graduating from Ivy Tech's Medical Assistant Massage Therapy Associate degree program with honors. Her grandfather was a chiropractor and massage therapist, and she grew up with massage as a tradition in her family.  She enjoys going to Metal and Surf Rock shows with her husband of over 20 years, cuddling her dogs and cats, and volunteering with area animal welfare organizations.  Susan has served on the AMTA Indiana sports massage team, is in her second year as a delegate, and has served as board secretary since 2013.

Kimberly Pucka, President  

Kim is beginning her second year as the president of the Indiana Chapter.  She is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.  Kim became a massage therapist in 1994 and attended the Lewis School Of Massage in Hobart, Indiana.  She practices in a chiropractic office owned by her husband. She is married to her high school sweetheart and has 7 children.  She lives on a hobby farm and loves to pretend to garden and of course her chickens.  Being the president has been a very rewarding experience.  Her goal this year is to connect more with the members.  She previously volunteered for the AMTA as a delegate, exhibitor chair, and 3rd vice president.  

Left to right, bottom row 

Terri Brandt, Financial Administrator, Delegate

Terri graduated from massage school in March 1988.  It took her longer to get to school than she planned, and she was eager when the timing was right to attend.  Terri is in her 19th year as a massage therapist and AMTA member.  She has held several positions on the chapter board and is currently the Financial Administrator and 2nd year delegate.  Terri is the hotel coordinator for education and works with massage companies to request product samples and door prizes for our convention.  Terri loves the opportunity that the AMTA gives to network with other therapists in the state which allows for the ability to share ideas and stories.  

 Morgan Horton, Board Member 

Morgan has been practicing massage for 6 years and has been an AMTA member since 2010. She graduated from Boulder College of Massage Therapy and holds an Associate Degree with an emphasis on Orthopedic Sports and Medical Massage.  She moved back to Indiana from Colorado in 2012 and opened her own office shortly thereafter. This is her first year volunteering with AMTA-IN, taking the reins as education chair in addition to her responsibilities as a board member.  Morgan looks forward to the opportunities volunteering with the chapter brings and actively participating in this wonderful, member-driven organization.

In This Issue
AMTA Indiana Board
Contact Information
President       Kimberly Pucka
Secretary      Susan Moody 
Finacial Adv.   Terri Brandt
Board Mbr     Morgan Horton
Board Mb      Leslie Thompson
It is time to renew  your massage certification
Deadline is  MAY 15!

Newsletter Chair 

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Contact Kim if so!  

Delegate Report  

Indiana will be submitting a recommendation at the National Delegate Meeting in Pasadena, CA September 13th.
You can read the recommendation here:  recommendation

Comments, questions, and concerns should be sent to:  
Terri Brandt, Head Delegate

New Delegate and Alternate Delegate elections took place in March.  
Your Delegates for 2017 are:
Terri Brandt
Susan Moody 
Leslie Thompson

Alternate Delegates are:
Barb Lis
Matt McKown 
Morgan Horton 

We are holding strong at 1,223 members!  

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Sunshine Chair
Congratulations go out to
Emilyn Folley on the birth
of her beautiful baby boy. 

Sunshine notes can be sent to:  Robyn Wenrich

Blythe Potter
Member Spotlight 
Blythe Potter
Hello, fellow members!  I am very happy to be a part of this team of Indiana therapists!  I joined AMTA because I have been so inspired by our president, Kim Pucka and her efforts with HB1289, involvement in the community, massage therapy schools, and the general support I have seen coming from the AMTA Indiana team.  I have been following her efforts on social media for several months and after having the opportunity to hear her speak, I knew I wanted to become a member. 

I have worked at Urban Euphoria Salon and Spa in Greenwood as Spa Director,  esthetician and massage therapist for more than ten years.  I am currently working on finishing a 500 hour practitioner training program for Ortho-Bionomy and hope to finish in 2018.  My long term goals include supporting the growth of the massage therapy community, promoting appropriate and therapeutic touch to the public, and educating youth on the need for bodywork and body workers. 

I love this industry so much and I am grateful to be a member of an organization of local and motivated professionals.  Have a happy May!

natural options
soothing touch
The companies who donated door prizes to our event are amazing. The attendees love to get the door prizes as well as the goody bags!
Massage Warehouse donated blankets which were won by Chris Costianes, Vickie Paleo, Amy Neuzil, Patty Clouse, and Melissa Wolz.
Heather Smith won several Soothing Touch Products.
Deb Carey and Kim Pucka won a copy of Leslie Thompson's book Notes from a Wingman: Maintaining Wellbeing During Cancer Treatment
The Bellanina Institute donated a basket of products that was won by Amy Neuzil.
Natural Options donated some RSD/Nueropathy cream that was won by Tina Siler and a discounted aromatherapy class that was won by Kathy Conrad.
Earthlite donated face cradle covers and oil that was won by Reneta Toliver and a table warmer that was won by Nancy Waters.
Dara Murray won a case of Sombra.
Erica Sheets won a head massager.
Kathryn Dobson won a Pathology book.
Joe Gosset won the book Soul Coaching.
Items in the goody bags were donated by Massage Warehouse, Sombra, Boiron, China Gell, Earthlite, Leslie Nelson, Bellanina, and Natural Options.
A special thanks to all of our donors.  We all love getting a little extra something on our education weekends.

Reminders from Nt'l
AMTA's  rigorously vetted Continuing Education makes it easy to update your skills and earn CE hours for state licenses -both  on-site and online
 AMTA Indiana Board Meeting
October 20, 2017
9am @ The Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Airport
AMTA Members are welcome 

Future Dates to Remember

Tentative: Licensure Law Event
Place and date to be announced

AMTA National Convention
Pasadena, CA
Sept 13-17

Chapter Fall Education 
Crowne Plaza, Indianapolis-Airport
Oct 20-22


Indiana State Convention
Horizon Center, Muncie 
April 20-22

AMTA National Convention
 Washington, D.C.
Aug 8-11

Chapter Fall Education 
Potawatomi State Park, Angola
Tentative 10/20 or 11/10 wknd


Indiana State Convention
April ?

No Fall education because...
Oct 24-26   

Ways to stay connected:
improvement coming May 15!
Senate Hearing 2017
Thank your legislator
The link below will take you to the house and senate roll calls. Send a thank you!  If your legislator voted no, you can send a note of why this bill is important to you. 

Indiana State Convention Recap 
Amber Davies 

Amber was the presenter for our 2017 state convention.  
She presented a 14 hour continuing education program titled, 
To the Point!  Essential Trigger Points for Massage Therapists
The problem is not in the place that hurts. Trigger points refer pain and create mechanical dysfunction that causes pain distant from the site of the real problem. This course taught new techniques to combat these trigger points on ourselves and our clients through palpation and problem solving.

Amber Davies is a certified myofascial trigger point therapist, KY licensed massage therapist, and owner of New Day Myopain Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Amber completely revised The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook (3rd edition) written by her father Clair Davies. This new edition was published by New Harbinger Publications in 2013.  

Collette Wilson

Collette visited our convention at French Lick, Indiana to raise money for the Massage Therapy Foundation.  Thank you Indiana for the $475 in donations at the convention!  Collette ran in the Boston Marathon on April 17 and wants to thank everyone for supporting financially and mentally.  
From Collette: 
I am okay, but dropped from the course around the 13.5-mile mark due do some challenges, including a poorly-acting knee and severe muscle cramping in both legs. I am terribly disappointed in how this race has turned out because so many of you were hoping for the best outcome, cheering me on in each of your individual, unique, and deeply-appreciated ways. This opportunity, including the generous support of MTF Donors and my corporate partner AMTA, has assisted in raising awareness of the positive influence of massage therapy in human health.  Each Team member worked diligently to attain the same goals the MTF strives for. Personally, this opportunity, which has provided me self- growth and healing is one I will forever treasure. I can not find enough words to express my gratitude. 

Massge Therapy Foundation

Upcoming Education October 21-22 
Presenter: Dr. Joe Muscolino
Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) Techniques for the Thoracic Spine and Ribcage

Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) for the Thoracic Spine and Ribcage covers the major clinical orthopedic assessment and treatment techniques for the thoracic spine and ribcage. This course is a 2-day hands-on workshop.

Day one begins with postural, orthopedic, and palpation assessment for the common neuromusculoskeletal conditions of the region, including upper crossed syndrome. We then cover body mechanics for deep pressure for working the thoracic spine and ribcage. With proper body mechanics, you will learn how the thoracic region can be worked deeply with little effort.
Day two covers stretching, including arthrofascial stretching (AFS) techniques. We begin with basic stretching for the functional muscle groups of the thoracic spine and shoulder girdle and then learn how to target each specific muscle with multiplane stretching. We then cover advanced neural inhibition stretching techniques, including Contract Relax (PNF/PIR), Agonist Contract (the basis for AIS), and Contract Relax Agonist Contract stretching techniques. Day two concludes with AFS (soft tissue Grade IV joint mobilization for manual therapists), including traction, for the thoracic spine and ribcage. AFS is the only effective means of stretching specific hypomobilities.

Clinical treatment strategy as well as precautions and contraindications are also covered. These manual therapy skills will empower you to do effective clinical orthopedic work. Throughout this hands-on workshop, Dr. Joe Muscolino reinforces the underlying mechanisms for each of the assessment and treatment techniques, encouraging critical reasoning skills.

Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy for the Thoracic Spine and Ribcage is part of a larger Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) Certification. The other hands-on workshops in this series cover the neck, low back / pelvis, upper extremity, lower extremity, and AFS.  
You do not have to take Joe's other classes to take this course, but do you need to have a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology. 

Crowne Plaza Indianapolis-Airport
2501 South High School Road
Indianapolis, IN 46241
Call In Discount Code: amta indiana chapter
After 5pm  9/19/2017 the price will go up to $159 
Reserve today! 

Register Here

 AMTA Members: $295    Non-AMTA $335

Presenter: Heather Smith 
CPR Certification 

Our very own Heather Smith is back again this year to offer a wonderful opportunity to be certified (re-certified) in  Heartsaver  CPR  for adult, child and infant with AED and choking.  

Tentative start time is 6:15 
we will be in the same room as Joe's class
snacks will be provided between classes 

Crowne Plaza Indianapolis-Airport
2501 South High School Road
Indianapolis, IN 46241
Call In Discount Code: amta indiana chapter room is  $112.00
$25 AMTA Members     $35 Non-AMTA Members 

Government Relations
Government Relations Update 

For the purposes of getting licensure passed in Indiana, we hired the firm of Krieg DeVault to lobby on our behalf.  Our goal has been to pass a clean, simple bill that will define and  protect the scope of practice for massage therapists and standardize minimal training requirements for MT's, thus protecting the public and the massage therapists. 
While the process of getting a bill passed into law is simple, it is not easy.  It is a process of educating our elected officials and consumers in an effort to enlist their support of our law.  The biggest challenge has been helping our legislators to understand that massage therapists are health care professionals, thus have the tremendous potential to impact our clients for good (for those of us that have acquired the proper training) or bad, for individuals that have not been properly trained. 
Our first stop along the process was in the House Committee, where we gave testimony in support of HB1289.  Testimony in favor of HB1289 was given by myself (Dainah Craft: GR Chair), Kimberly Pucka: AMTA Chapter President, Fran Candelaria of Brightwood College, and Mary Carbough of Ivy Tech.  Additionally, we received testimony in support of our law from the office of the Attorney General, who has asked for HB1289 as a means to combat human trafficking.
The Association for Physical Therapists and the Association of Chiropractors gave testimony in opposition to HB1289.  They had minor concerns regarding the impact on their scope of practice as well as our law infringing on the work done by PT and DC assistants.  WE have added amendments into our bill further clarifying our roles and their roles, and we now have the support of both associations going forward.  
These amendments included:

1.  Grandfathering of currently certified massage therapists
2.  HB1289 will not apply to other professions practicing within their scope
3.  Includes term limits for board members (according to current law)
The house committee voted 10-0 to send HB 1289 to the Indiana House floor for a vote.  Our bill did pass in the house of representatives! 

HB1289 then moved to the Senate Commerce & Technology Committee to be heard.  Once again we gave testimony in favor of HB1289.  It passed with all committee members voting yes.  Our bill never stopped rolling.  The Senate Floor had a turn, and this is where we actually saw some real opposition from some Senators.  Our Senate sponsors and supporters were ready to correct any mistaken testimony, and the bill did pass 28 yae and 20 nae!  As of April 26,  HB1289 is sitting on the Governor's desk waiting to be signed into law or rejected.  The Governor has 7 days to act or allow it to become law.   Governor Holcomb does not have a blanket policy regarding licensure bills.  This is good news for us!   
Dainah R Craft,    AMTA- IN Chapter Govt. Relations Chair

 Indiana State Awards 
Meritorius Award - Patricia Clouse

This award, which honors an individual by acknowledging diligence in volunteerism accomplished in an altruistic manner, is the highest award bestowed upon an AMTA member by a chapter.  This nominee must be an active member in AMTA for at least one (1) year.

Patricia has a dedicated commitment to her position as a board member on the AMTA.  She has been a volunteer since 2003 and a board member since 2008.  She h as been the treasurer for the Indiana Chapter for 8 years.  She was the Government Relations Chair for two years; helping to write LLEAD grant applications and worked closely with the lobbyist and legislators.   
Patricia has never said no to a request to volunteer for the AMTA.  Her journey began when she listened to a presentation at her school and decided to attend some board meetings.  She has helped with every chapter chair and sat on the Awards Chair, GR Chair, and School Chair as well as being a board member.  Even when Patricia's life is busy, she will respond when requested to help with whatever AMTA needs.  Patricia is the definition of altruism.
Sport Achiever Award - Greg Phillips 


  • Recipient must be an AMTA member for at least one (1) year
  • Recipient accomplishment(s) exceed expectations
  • Recipient displays cooperation and is a team player
  • In good standing at the time of award consideration
  • May include but is not limited to accomplishments that enhance the visibility, prestige and acceptance of sports massage and sports massage therapists to the general public and the other components of the sports community
Greg's resume is quite extensive.  He started working with athletes from the onset of his massage career.  He volunteered at the 1996 Olympic Trials in Indianapolis.  He w orked with the Indiana AMTA chapter event, the Muncie Iron Man and some races the Carr Brothers put on at Eagle Creek.  In 2009 Greg  worked with Michigan Men's swimming at Big Ten Championships held at Purdue (they won). As Greg's career took off, he worked with Keenan Robinson, head trainer, and Micheal Phelps' personal trainer.  
His resume continues and in  2013 he worked with IU Women at the Big Ten and Michigan Men (who again repeated as Big Ten Champs).   Greg began working with IU Swimming on a regular basis from 2013 on. 
In 2013, he also began working with Purdue sports, basketball and track mostly. 
In 2016, he began working with Purdue Softball and Tennis. 
In 2017, IU Men's Swimming won Big Ten Championships. 
Greg is currently at NCAA's Swimming Championships with IU.  He also worked last year's Olympic Trials with IU in Omaha (they put 3 swimmers on the Olympic USA Team: Lily King, Cody Miller and Blake Peroni along with 3 divers).
Last year, Greg became involved with USA Swimming which has many event opportunities and some good training is available. He gets to work in a team along with PTs, chiropractors, and physicians to keep the athletes healthy and fine tuned.
Greg is trying to recruit more therapists to become involved with sports massage.  There are a multitude of opportunities to work with various sports teams.  Athletes are seeing the value of massage in their performance and well being.   Sports massage has become a mainstay in athletic performance. According to Greg, "The main difference is treating specific problems/issues. Relaxation is important, but mainly we are treating soft tissue problems and complaints."   When not working events, his practice still is mainly a therapeutic massage.
Humanitarian Award - Steve Gregory 

To acknowledge the "heart" of massage in action.
  • Active AMTA member for at least one (1) year
  • In good standing at the time of award consideration
  • Volunteer work, which may or may not include massage, done in the larger community.  Including but not limited to: charity, church, supporting the arts, working with children, disabled, needy, sick, homeless, elderly, and community outreach to populations for whom massage is otherwise difficult to obtain.

Steve has created LotusFest: a festival which is a fund raiser for different charities in Muncie where each participant donates some or all of their proceeds to the charity. Steve is able to organize people and has built a team of participants in just 2 years of the festival.  He has helped the local dog shelter and a shelter for victims of domestic violence in the past 2 years of the festival. Steve has a "can do spirit" that is infectious. He is very gentle with people and easy going. He allows people who work with him to be themselves without judgement.
Steve helps promote the work of others in the community every day and 
created Lotus Wellness Center to enable people to enhance their body, mind, and spirit  through massage therapy and structural integration bodywork, acupuncture, and yoga. 
Steve is a 7 year member of the AMTA-Indiana Chapter.

Sport Massage Team Call-Out 
Muncie Endurathon/Ironman 

Our AMTA-Indiana chapter sports massage team has been offering sports massage for the Muncie Endurathon/Ironman for several years.  We typically charge $20 for a 15-20 minute massage and have been a popular tent each year we have participated.  This is an excelent opportunity to practice a variety of sports-specific skills, network with other sports massage practitioners, and learn new techniques.  

If you are interested in this paid event or would like more information, please contact me at 765-617-8926
I look forward to working with you!

Heather Smith
AMTA Sports Massage director
 Information Article 
Keeping Safe in Your Practice

The Chapter has recently heard from several members who expressed concerns about how to deal with clients who behave inappropriately. This can take many forms, and you should always consider your safety first.  
If a client behaves in an unsuitable way, your first step should be to end your session and leave the massage room.  Inappropriate behavior includes exposing private areas, grabbing you, or conversation that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Keep yourself and your clients safe. Always remember with first time clients:
  • Screen first-time clients to verify that they clearly understand the nature of massage.
  • Ask clients to read and sign an information form which explains what to expect during the massage therapy session.
  • Set office policies regarding personal property, loss, restricted access and personal privacy.
  • Have a plan for handling inappropriate comments or behavior by clients.
  • If you feel uncomfortable at any point, end the session immediately and leave the room.

Creating a safety and security plan is not a one-time event. With periodic review and ongoing attention to security concerns, you and your clients can relax and enjoy the full benefits of massage.

Read this AMTA article for more tips:

This article from 2008 also has some great advice on how to handle these types of situations: