Fall 2015
President's Message  -  October 12, 2015
Happy Fall Everyone!
We have had a busy summer and fall this year.  Here are just a few things that have taken place, and some we have to look forward to:
  • Free courses,Ethics & Business Building with Kathy Paholsky, or Fundamentals of Fascial Therapy with Pete Pfannerstill, and a keynote speaker and reception in June
  • Strategic Planning Meeting in June
  • Member Cookout in July
  • PMNT Education course with Doug Nelson in August
  • National Convention in August
  • Kinesio Taping courses with Clem Carder in September
  • Membership meeting October 17
  • Zero Balancing course with Jennifer Allen, November 7
We are also in the middle of planning the Spring Conference and Annual Meeting with Student Day event.  So, save the dates of Friday, April, 15, Saturday, April 16, and Sunday, April 17.  Massage therapists are invited for 3 days of continuing education, networking and fun! Be inspired and earn CE hours

In This Issue
Chapter Seeking Volunteers for Awards Committee
Each year, at the AMTA Illinois Annual Chapter Meeting, awards are presented to individuals who have been nominated by their peers; recognizing them for their contributions toward the advancement of massage therapy and/or their contributions to AMTA on both the state and national levels. AMTA-IL is seeking volunteer members from throughout the state to be on the Awards Committee.

Volunteering for the Awards Committee is a low key, low stress volunteer position with the chapter, but it is also an exciting endeavor. It's a unique opportunity that only comes around once a year between January and April, which doesn't require traveling away from home.

Support Our Massage Therapy Students
John A. Logan College

Located  in Carterville, recently joined the ranks of AMTA member schools in Illinois. Tucked between the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, and surrounded by beautiful lakes, the Shawnee National Forest and just a few miles from Southern Illinois University, JALC is one of Illinois' top "junior" colleges.
The students at JALC are required to partake in numerous community outreach events during the year throughout the program such as 5-K fundraisers, Special Olympics, and the 80 mile River-To-River Relay, to name a few.  They are also required to perform sports massage for the JALC basketball and SIU football teams as part of their training.  In doing this, they help promote the profession and benefits of massage therapy.
Does the term, "Promote the Profession and Benefits of Massage Therapy" sound familiar?  It should. That's exactly what our organization, AMTA does, and we begin with our students. Our communities need to see that Massage Therapy is a respectable profession, which offers benefits of health and well-being to everyone.
As a chapter volunteer, I recently attended the 5th annual "For Kids' Sake 5-K" fundraiser, which is one of the outreach events the JALC students participate in. The AMTA-IL Chapter Outreach Committee banner was proudly displayed beside the JALC Massage Therapy Club, a registered student organization (RSO) banner. The students worked proudly and professionally under those banners, which not only allowed them to practice their craft, but also bolstered their confidence.
National Massage Therapy Week is fast approaching. Other than what you may be doing to promote your own practice, I encourage all AMTA-IL members to find a massage therapy school in your area; find out if their students are participating in a Massage Therapy Awareness event of some kind and volunteer to work with them.  Give them feedback, tips and/or advice. They'll really appreciate it.
Christine Stearns
AMTA-IL Treasurer

Read On Site...
2015 AMTA National Convention Keynote Speaker - Scott Hamilton       by:Clem Carder
When asked to submit an article about the AMTA National Conference held in Pittsburg this year, I had thought I would write about one of the sessions I attended or maybe tell about the dinner dance and how much fun it is to watch so many prim and proper people "let go" and have a wonderful fun time. Never did I think that the event  that would make the biggest impression on me would be Scott Hamilton, the former Olympic champion ice skater/ key note speaker. When I first heard he was going to be the speaker, " I thought what a step down from last year's speaker, Dr. Oz." Several of my colleagues had expressed the same sentiments. Sure he was an Olympic star and I was pretty certain it took a lot of hard work and probably disappointments along the way before he made it to the top. But since competing in anything at that level  was not something most of us sitting in that audience would ever encounter, I had no  idea what he could say that would inspire us in our lives today. Wow, was I ever wrong. From the first moment he stepped on stage until he left, (to the most heartfelt, longest standing ovation I have ever witnessed) every word he said was inspirational.
Outreach Corner
What do you call this season, Autumn or Fall?

Well, this is by far my favorite season of the year. The air has dropped to a cool, crisp temperature. It makes me want to throw on a comfy jacket, drink some cider, throw some soup in the crockpot, go pick some pumpkins, and carve a jack-o-lantern.
Heading into Fall, September was pleasantly busy with a couple of Outreach events that I attended. September 14-20th, I had the pleasure volunteering at the ITU World Triathlon, here, in Chicago.  I had the honor of working alongside two other fantastic AMTA Massage Therapists, Nestor Battung and Byron Thomas.

Nestor has previously held a couple AMTA-IL board positions, and was once in my position as Community Outreach Chair. Nestor was gracious enough to give up almost a whole week from a busy personal practice and time from his wife and newborn to help out with the triathlon.

4 Ethics Resources for Massage Therapists
Understanding risk helps you uphold proper standards of conduct that define ethical behavior for massage therapists. These resources can help you earn ethics CE credits and gain a deeper understanding of massage ethics.

Membership Meeting Accomplishments
We held our All Member's meeting October 17, then we moved onto our Board of Directors' meeting, and came to some conclusions on matters that were up for a vote. 

Soon we will be moving forward with a conversion to online voting

We've made the move to turn our Policy Manual into a more dynamic, interactive guideline.

Our 2016 Annual Meeting and State Conference prices have been set!

Early Bird                                             After Early Bird
3 Days                                                   3 Days
$200                                                       $250
2 Days                                                   2 Days
$150                                                       $200
1 Day                                                     1 Day
$75                                                         $125
We will keep information coming as time grows nearer!

To read more about each change we will put into effect,  Click Here