Kneaded Notes: Fall Update
November 2018

Note From Our President

Volunteering is something we want to do but realize our schedules aren't going to work or a life event happens and we cannot follow through with the commitment. Our chapter is no exception to volunteers coming and going.  I am excited today to announce that we have all of our volunteer chairs filled! Everyone is getting nestled into their positions and learning what to do. Our newest newsletter chair, Claudia will be adding some fresh ideas to the newsletters you get from us. Make sure you open them! She is working on an end of year newsletter that will come out soon. In this newsletter you will meet our new volunteers! These postions may need committee members so reach out to them if you want to help in any way!

I cannot wait until the end of the year to thank Kelly McKinney for donating three silent auction baskets that she made for our fall education weekend. What an amazing thoughtful gift. The baskets raised $135 which was donated to the Massage Therapy Foundation. The foundation is working hard to improve our industry through research and outreach, you can see more about the foundation in this newsletter.  If you are looking for end of year charitable donations you might want to consider the foundation. If you want to make a basket for the Spring Conference shoot me an email. 

I also have to say that I am loving my position. I have one more year as the president of this chapter. I would really like to mentor the next president. Whether it is one interested person or 6. It will be really hard on you coming into this seat not knowing anything about how this organization works. Shadow the board position you are interested in. More information about elections and positions will be in the winter newsletter but!! I don't want you to wait any longer if you want to shadow for a volunteer slot. The budget meeting is in Lafayette, January 12 and I want any interested board member to be at that meeting. 

Yours in Health 
Kim Pucka, Chapter President

Welcome New Volunteers! 

Let's Meet Our Wonderful New Volunteers
Claudia Helbig, Newsletter Editor  
I've been a massage therapist for almost 3 years, having graduated from the Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics in 2015. I worked for Massage Envy and at a chiropractic office before opening my own office in Muncie, Indiana in April 2017. I've worked continuously to keep finding and taking as many classes as I can to expand my knowledge in this wonderful field we all love. I've started studying Crainoscral Therapy, taken CARE's intensive for Raindrop and Vitaflex, gone to classes for Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy and am starting my way down the path of certification for Precision Neuromuscular Therapy thanks to the Fall Education our Chapter provided. I've also recently taken on the task of helping to Admin one of our state's massage therapy group pages on Facebook, Central Indiana Massage Therapists. My goal in massage therapy is to help our community and the people that enter my office. I have a strong desire to be teaching my favorite techniques at some point in time, and helping to improve all massage education currently available in our state.  I decided to take on our newsletter because it's just one way I can help our chapter and maybe bring some fresh new ideas to the table. I hope to make the information we provide clear, easy to find, and timely.  You can reach me at 

Dawn-Jones Graham, Sunshine Corner  
I grew up in Northern Indiana, lived in Southern Indiana for 15 years, then settled in Lafayette a few years ago after my husband and I decided to live closer to my parents.  I studied vocal performance in college at ISU and taught private lessons for years, but always had an interest in massage therapy. I even looked into massage school a few times over the years.  The timing just wasn't right. Finally, at 47 years old, I decided to take the leap and pursue it. I graduated with a Diploma in Sports and Medical Massage from Indiana Massage College in March 2018.  Shortly after, I began working at The Spine Worx in Lafayette, Indiana. I feel incredibly grateful and fortunate to have the opportunity to do this work that I love and that I had always felt drawn to.  I appreciate the good work that AMTA does for our profession. As your AMTA Sunshine Chair, I look forward to reaching out to members when they need a little support or have something to celebrate.  You can reach me at

Note about the Sunshine Chair changing hands:
AMTA Indiana is thankful to Robyn Wenrich who was our Sunshine Chair. Robyn is moving to Placerville, California to live closer to her parents. We are going to miss you Robyn.  Best wishes for the next chapter in your life.  We look forward to possibly seeing you again at the National Conference next year!

Melissa Maxwell, School Liasion
I have volunteered to assist with Education by visiting massage schools in Indiana, as well as assisting with education events onsite when the chapter hosts education. I joined the AMTA as a student at the IMC then as a graduate by the end of 2017. I believe it's important to support the Indiana efforts in advancing cooperative learning of this health supportive occupation. I have been involved in the Physical Therapy profession for over 40 years, earning an Associates degree in '78, Bachelor's degree in '93 and attending a multitude of continuing education courses throughout my career. I have worked with newborns through 100 year old clients and have traveled to India 3 times in the capacity as a Medical Missionary. I care about doing the best at whatever one chooses to do. I currently am continuing to work as a Pediatric Physical Therapist while my private practice as a Massage Therapist is growing. In addition, I work a 5 hour shift weekly at a massage franchise, learning from another angle about the industry. I will need help reaching the distant school in our state, if you are interested in being a committee member send me a note

Elizabeth Cain, Government Relations, Delegate and Board Member
Elizabeth A Cain is a certified massage therapist and owner of Indy's Elite Massage.  She is certified in Bamboo-Fusion, The Graston Technique, and Advanced Cupping.  After achieving her MBA, she knew she wanted to work in the sports and medical industry which is how she discovered Indiana Massage College, formerly known as Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage.  After graduation, she worked for over three years with ProWellness Chiropractic before becoming the Campus Director of Indiana Massage College and had her own massage practice on the side.  Blessed for the situation, her practice heavily grew in demand thus allowing Elizabeth to retire from her Campus Director position.  When she is not home with her family, she is still practicing at two locations:  Carmel and Downtown Indianapolis.  Her passion is to serve Indiana!  Her mission is to provide world class massage therapy within central Indiana.  Because of her passion for Massage Therapy, Elizabeth recently was elected to serve as AMTA's Indiana Government Relations Chairman, Delegate, and Board Member.  She is committed to pursuing excellence for the State of Indiana.
Elizabeth can be reached at


Nichole just said yes to this position so we will share more about her in a future newsletter. She might want help and is also open to suggestions on what you would like to see on our website. The website chair can be reached at

Interested in Volunteering yourself? Request for help from the education chair:
Hospitality/Event Organizer- This is a temporary position from January until April of 2019. This chair is responsible for connecting with businesses in the area of our Spring Conference to seek discounts. You will also be contacting companies to contribute to our swag bag. This position helps out with running the conference (lunch event, evening event, take pictures, etc),  

If you are interested in this position contact the education chair,
In This Issue
Upcoming Events
AMTA Indiana Chapter Budget Meeting
January 12th
Lafayette, Indiana
Opportunities to shadow our Financial Administrator and President, and board members
PLA State Massage Board Special Session Meeting
January TBD
We will update everyone with the date of the meeting once it has been decided. Hopefully, this meeting will put the final touches on transitioning our certification into a license.
AMTA 2019 Schools Summit
February 21-22
Charlotte, North Carolina
The largest gathering of massage schools and educators. Come Together with fellow massage school teachers for networking, education and fun.
More Info and Registration

Spring Conference
April 5-7
West Lafayette, Indiana
Four Points Sheraton
Howard Nemerov with Neuromuscular Therapy (Nemerov Method)
Gina McDonald with Movement Therapy, Side Lying Massage and Massage Mediums. 
More Information coming at the beginning on 2019.

National Convention, AMTA
October 24-26
Indianapolis, IN
Location TBD
Schedule TBD
Watch for Updates in the Spring 2019
Did you know that you can access National Convention's 2018 Speaker Handouts on the AMTA website? Go look at what amazing people they bring to these conventions.
Upcoming Survey
There will be a survey asking several important questions coming to your inboxes soon.
One of the questions will be asking what design we should replace this old pin design with.
A Few Words:
In Memory
Barbara Jean Chapman Studebaker went home on Thursday, Oct. 4.
Loving and devoted daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother left peacefully after an amazingly courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. Barb was a certified Massage Therapist at Studebaker Therapies LLC
Fort Wayne. She lived life, loved completely and gave endlessly.
You will be deeply missed and forever in our hearts.
These are the words of Barb's daughter April Mettler.
"Barb was a volunteer and the Sunshine chair of the Indiana Chapter for many years.  She and her brother Charles Chapman both are a valuable part of the foundation of the AMTA Indiana chapter.  We will miss her beautiful smile and her heart for helping others."
Interesting Links:
Election in the Spring!!
We have a few open board positions that will be open for election in the Spring. We will have more information about elections in an upcoming newsletter but we want you to start thinking about it now. 

Financial Administrator
Terri Brandt- "I love this job! Is that hard to believe? It is all numbers and organization, and very logical. There are very few things in life that are this black and white.
Having said that, I want someone else to have the opportunity to volunteer for this seat.  My position is up for election in April and if you would like to run for Financial Administrator I would be happy to have you shadow me and learn the job. You will want to attend the budget meeting in January.  I will be happy to answer any questions you have, just ask!" my email is

This position requires an organized individual with the ability to use a calculator. Your job would be to document and report on all spending for the chapter. This job will take 1-3 hour a month in off months, more for meeting months, and 20 hours during budgeting time. If you love math, are a control freak, or love organization, this might be the job for you. This position receives complimentary education and travel expenses paid.

Must be a professional member in good standing for at least 1 year, have a basic understanding of technology (email, mobile applications), and not a National Board Member, Standing Committee Chair, National Commission Chair, or Moderator of the Assembly of Delegates.

This position represents the massage therapy profession in the Assembly of Delegates and related activities as they pertain to the profession of their state. The Assembly of Delegates helps to decide which position statements the AMTA should write. This position requirements attendance of chapter meetings as well as AOD meetings. The delegate reports to the chapter the ongoings of the AOD at least annually.

This is a 2-4 hours a month commitment most of the time, with considerably higher amounts during the lead up to National Convention, Annual Convention and AOD meetings. Travel expenses for convention is reimbursed. If you are curious about this position you can email our current delegate Elizabeth Cain for more information

2 Board Member Positions
This position requires at least one year of amta membership, and for the member to be in good standing.
Board members are voting members of the board. They take on various tasks including helping to plan events, reaching out to members, help with Government Relations, brainstorming, and budget planning. 
If there is an empty volunteer position, the board members assist in taking on that positions tasks. There are 3 chapter meetings that require attendance.
Depending on Chapter activities, the average time commitment is 1-8 hours a week, that time increasing around Chapter events and actions. The board receives complimentary education and reimbursed travel expenses. Contact Kim for more information

PLA Meeting Update
The PLA Indiana Massage Board held a meeting November 5, 2018. In attendance was Elizabeth Cain, Kim Pucka, amta lobbyist Laura Brown, and national governent relations representative James Specker. Several school's were represented as well as abmp.  The regular board meeting was too long to be able to get through all of the rules before the day was over so a meeting will be held in January (date to be determined). Although its not complete, progress was made and the board will be able to get through the rest of the rules in January.  The meeting was a great experience.  Listening to the cases that came before the board Elizabeth wants to remind you that  Massage Therapy Certifications expire!   
Don't let this be you!!!  Check your massage certification.  When the State issues your certificate, do you tear off the little copy and carry it everywhere you go?  Get familiar with your certificate.  Publicize your certificate, carry your small card version.  Put the renewal date in your calendar now!  Feb 2020...PLA License due soon. 

AMTA News: 3 Self-Care Tips for Massage Therapists
1. Keep your Hands Healthy

"To avoid hand and wrist injuries, keeping wrists neutral is an absolute must-- while performing massage therapy and all throughout other daily activities, such as computer and phone use, for example."

2. Proper Body Mechanics are Key
  "When preparing for a massage therapy session, make sure you're working at a proper table height. A higher table translates to less low-back bending and a more normal wrist angle. Conversely, lower massage table heights cause the massage therapist to bend over more, moving their center of gravity forward and increasing the stress on the back."

3. Listen to your Body
 "Being more aware of your internal sensory experiences helps you recognize when your body is signaling that you're uncomfortable, tired or stressed. And being able to understand how you're feeling can be key in remaining healthy, especially when considering your emotional well-being."

Massage Therapy Foundation Research