August 2017
Indiana Chapter Board/Business Meeting October 20
Fall Education October 21-22

AMTA Indiana Chapter welcomes Dr. Joe Muscolino

Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) for the Thoracic Spine and Ribcage covers the major clinical orthopedic assessment and treatment techniques for the thoracic spine and ribcage. This course is a 2-day hands-on workshop. 
Tickets are $295 for members and $335 for non-members
To find out more about this event and to purchase tickets click here
Crowne Plaza Indianapolis-Airport
2501 South High School Road
Indianapolis, IN 46241
317-244-6861 Call In Discount Code:  AMTA Indiana Chapter
Hotel Price is $112.00 per day plus tax   after 5pm  9/19/2017 the price will go up to $159 plus tax
Don't wait; this is a popular hotel and does book up early!  RESERVE TODAY


CPR Class 
Presented by Heather Smith

We recently found out that NCBTMB no longer requires CPR for re-certification.  We would still like to offer the CPR Class after Dr. Joe's Class on Saturday night if there is interest.  We will also offer snacks between classes so please register as soon as possible.
The tickets are open and ready for sale now at this  Link

Oct 21 at approximately 6:15pm
Members $25  Non Members $35   Price includes the $10 certification card 

Board Meeting and Business Meeting Information

Join for one or all of these meetings:  be a part of the plan! 

1) Your Indiana Chapter Board will meet for a work session on the morning of October 20 at 9am,

2) After lunch we will  resume for the Indiana Chapter Board Meeting at 1pm.

3) We will gather all of our information for the Chapter Business Meeting on Sunday during your complimentary lunch! 

In This Issue
Upcoming Events
Indiana St ate Board Mtg
August 7

Indiana Government Center South 
402 West Washington Street Indianapolis, IN 46204

Room W064 
Time 10:00 am

Next scheduled meeting 11/6

Congratulations to Charlie Peebles and Laurie Hardin on their appointment to the Indiana Massage Board!  


September 28, 2017
TIme: TBD 

Indiana Massage College 
10585 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46290

Are you a volunteer or are you ready to Volunteer?  We will have a organizational meeting for interested volunteers and those curious about olunteering! There are many positions you can Chair or maybe just help the chair. 

Continuing education is offered in the Spring and Fall.  We will share dates in our next newsletter in November. 

Upcoming Cities: 
Muncie, Angola, Lafayette, Indianapolis.  

Q: What city do you want us to come to?

Q: What education do you want?  


Email Phishing Scams

Whether the email is to our organization or to us as therapists we,  f rom time to time, will receive unusual emails regarding transfer of fund or information about passwords  or bank accounts.  These Phishing scams are very common and any organization that has emails published on a public forum like our website is likely to receive them each day.  Many times these emails are sent from public servers such as from a coffee shop and often not even from North America.  This makes them virtually untraceable.  The best way to handle these emails is simply to ignore them and as a best practice never give a passcode or account number through email. Under no circumstances should any funds be sent in response to any email like this. There is no process within AMTA where funds would be transferred in this manner. This is not how AMTA does business.
Colleen Leeders

Indiana Chapter Volunteer updates 
President - Kimberly Pucka 

In June I attended a National Board Meeting and State's President meeting.  I met other state presidents and National volunteers.  We learned many interesting facts about our organization that I will share at our chapter meeting in October.  I hope to see you there. 

Financial Administrator- Terri Brandt

I accepted the new position of Financial Administrator in April 2017 at our State Convention.  It is a new opportunity for me as well as a new chapter position
I basically make sure everyone has all of their receipts to send to the Nation Office and approve the paying of bills. The money part is easy.  The technology that I have to use is a little more difficult!!   

Secretary - Susan Moody

As secretary, I am responsible for keeping chapter meeting minutes and forwarding them to National for their records. I also keep National updated on our volunteer roster.  As a board member, I network and communicate with members, volunteers, and other related professionals, as well as attend as many meetings and information sessions as possible, then use any data shared to keep the board and members as updated as possible on what is going on within our profession.

Board Member - Morgan

Being a board member is something new to me.  I had never been on a board before and was a little nervous.  I shouldn't have been, the last 4 months have been so rewarding to me.  Networking and giving back to the organization has been well worth it.  I look forward to meeting you all at National and future educations here in Indiana. 

Board Member - Leslie

My first months as board member have been rewarding working with the Indiana Board, the Delegates. and learning the ropes of AMTA.  Looking forward to meeting you personally and experiencing National Convention as a Delegate.  Hope to see you there!  
If you can't go, please join me August 26th for coffee! 
Information is in the body of the newsletter.

Sports Massage Chair - Heather Smith

We just finished the Muncie IronMan.  The weather was perfect and our volunteers were wonderful.  My full report will be given at the Business Meeting in November.  Thank you Sports Team!  
If you have an event you want AMTA to attend or you want to join the team contact Heather

CSMT Chair - You?

Is Indiana interested in a Community Service Massage Team?  
Whether it is organizing for charitable events under the name of AMTA, or helping at emergency events, specific guidelines need to be followed.  
An Emergency Response Team has special training if the event is through the Red Cross.  This chair can be divided into Emergency and Outreach Divisions.  If you are interested in creating and organizing this team or learning about how to do it, contact Kim.  This will be addressed at the volunteer meeting in September.  Information is in the upcoming events section above. 

Government Relations

Reports from the lobbyist and GR Chair are in the main body of this newsletter.

See Report in the main section of this newsletter. 

Sunshine Chair 

Congratulations to member, Charlie Peebles for joining the Indiana Professional Licensing Association's State Massage Therapy Board!

If you have any news you want to share (births/grievances, requests for prayers, education accomplishments, etc) 
Contact Robyn Wenrich

Chapter E lections 

Indiana Chapter elections occur in April. 2018. Elections will be held for President, Secretary, Board Member and Delegate.  You can apply for a position at any time.  Complete the initial application HERE and we will contact you with more information. 

N ewsletter/Marketing 

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are now being updated regularly, share comments and ask questions.  
We are looking at better newsletters in the future because we have a new Chair; Annette Montgomery! 

Facebook is where you find the most up to date information on anything that happens.  
Not on facebook?  That is ok! Our facebook page feeds onto our website!    


Our 2017 state award winners were forwarded to National for nomination for the National Awards.  Best wishes to: 
Stephen Gregory-Humanitarian,
Gregory Phillips- Sports Achiever,
Patti Clouse-Meritorious

Education Chair

Scheduling conflicts have caused some problems with our presenter plans.  New information will be shared at our Business Meeting on October 22, 2017.

School Liaison 

The school liaison position is open.  This is someone who would help with schools visits, answer questions about our chapter, and send communication to the schools on matters that may be of their interest. 

State chapters were having a problem with using the complimentary website from National so in May National updated the website to make it easier to manage.   Our chair is back from maternity leave so we look forward to having a functional website soon! 


We are holding at 1300+ members.  
If you refer a friend to AMTA you can receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card. 
Click to learn more

At the November Business Meeting we will vote to adopt our new logo.  
AMTA National Convention 
Pasadena California 

Join the massage community at the AMTA 2017 National Convention, September14-16 in Pasadena, California! Online registration for the conference is available through August 17.

Your Indiana Chapter Board and Delegates will be attending convention to attend training sessions, observe the National Board Meeting, participate in the House of Delegates meeting, and to network with National staff, board, and other chapters.  We would love to know if you will be there.  

Delegates News 
Your Indiana Delegates, Terri Brandt, Susan Moody, and Leslie Thompson are headed to National Convention. 
On September 13, 2017 your Indiana Delegates will be voting on one Recommendation and a Position Statement at the AMTA House of Delegates meeting at the National Convention. Below is a summary and links to the proposals to be discussed and voted on.
We need your input on these two issues. contact one of the delegates at the emails listed below.
RECOMMENDATION: AMTA Indiana Chapter Recommendation

Chapter Allowance of Dues received from National For Each Membership Classification

To read complete Recommendation Click Here:   Recommendation PDF 

Brief summary: National now offers free membership to students. Although state chapters receive from $10.20 to $32.00 per most member classifications, currently the state receives $0 per student member to support and offer education to the state chapter members. Recommendation proposed asks national to allow a $10 minimum for student membership in addition to the other categories. Note: currently students make up 23% of Indiana chapter membership

To read full text: Click Here:  Link for Position Statement

Brief summary: Health care in the U.S. is going through a paradigm shift from a biomedical model to a biopsychosocial model. The biopsychosocial model views the patient as a whole including both physical health and mental health in a non-stigmatizing environment. Integrative care is at the core of this model. A growing body of research supports massage therapy in this model as effective in pain relief, behavioral health, rehabilitation, and acute medical treatment, as well as in cancer management, post-surgical pain management, lymph drainage, maternity, and newborn care. Massage therapy, while not a substitute for medical procedures, can work effectively alongside conventional medicine.
This Position Statement is in line with AMTA Standards of Practice, fully supports the mission statement, supports core values and vision statements and AMTA's goals and objectives.
It is the position of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) that massage therapy can provide significant benefit as a component of Integrative Health Care.

Please feel free to leave a comment on Facebook, fill out the Survey you should receive via email, or contact one of your Delegates below.

Terri Brandt Email:
Susan Moody Email:
Leslie Thompson Email:

  Your Voice: Current Survey  Please complete ASAP! Deadline is September 10.

Indiana is a Licensed State! 
Public Law 267  
IC 25-21.8 - A link to our law 

A Note from the PLA: Pursuant to House Enrolled Act 1289, the Indiana State Board of Massage Therapy has begun the process of transitioning the practice of massage therapy from voluntary certification to required licensure. Please note, an individual will not be required to hold a license to practice massage therapy in Indiana until 183 days after the effective date of additional rules to be promulgated and adopted by the Board of Massage Therapy.  Until this time, the Board of Massage Therapy will continue to issue and renew state certification for massage therapists. Additional updates on the transition to licensure will be posted on this page as they become available.

Rules will be established for the following changes in Indiana PL267 that you will want to be ready for: 

¨   Must be licensed to massage for compensation
¨   License # on advertising
¨   Display proof of license
¨   24 hrs Continuing Ed at renewal
¨   Malpractice minimum $2mil/$6 mil
- Certified therapist will roll into new license.  
-  Those not licensed will have an opportunity to be grandfathered into licensure. 
 From our Lobbyist:
The rules to help implement House Enrolled Act ("HEA") 1289 are currently in the very first step of the flow chart, which is the "Review Committee/Staff Produce Proposed Rule" step.  The State Board of Massage Therapy's Rules Subcommittee is the applicable "Review Committee."  This Subcommittee met for the first time in June to start discussing the rules that will need to be adopted to implement HEA 1289.  Potential rules to be drafted by this Subcommittee include the requirements for the actual licensure application, the requirements for continuing education (i.e. what constitutes 24 hours), and the re quirements for massage therapy schools (i.e. can further define "five hundred (500) hours of supervised classroom and hands on instruction on massage therapy").  The rules cannot expand massage therapists' scope of practice or regulate other professions, though; the rules can only clarify definitions, processes, etc.
The Rules Subcommittee will meet again on  August 7, following the regularly scheduled Massage Therapy Board Meeting.  The Rules Subcommittee is made up of the Chair of the Board (Barb Lis), the Director of the Board / Consumer Member (Matthew Brannon), the attorney for the Board (Rae Harman), the PLA's Legislative Director (Meredith Lizza), and the PLA's General Counsel (Mike Minglin). 
The administrative rules drafted by the  State Board of Massage Therapy's Rules Subcommittee will then proceed through the rest of the steps of the flow chart once finalized by the Subcommittee.  Generally , rule making is an 18 month process.  The "many layers of approval" include the review by the State Budget Agency (i.e. to ensure the rules do not have a severe negative fiscal impact on small businesses) and review by the public.  The Attorney General's Office and the Governor's Office later review and approve the administrative rules, too.  Draft rules can sometimes change based upon the public's comments, but approval by the Attorney General and Governor is more procedural.
State Board of Massage Therapy's meeting dates and locations can be found at .  
Agendas can be found here:   

Amy and Laura
From Indiana Chapter Government Relations Chair, Dainah Craft: 

Greetings from Government relations!
First, congratulations to all Indiana Massage Therapists on the successful passage of HB1289, granting licensure to massage therapists!
We are eager to make the change from CMT to LMT; however, the Massage Board has to complete the following before we can make that update.
1:  The Massage Therapy Board must adopt rules before the law can take effect.  By law, the board has 18 months to adopt rules.
2.  The next board meeting is Monday Aug. 7 th,  I will be in attendance and will submit a summary to AMTA chapter afterwards.  This will be posted on our website.
3:  The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards now requires approval from state approved massage schools in order for individuals to schedule the MBLEX examination.  If you have plans to take your MBLEX examination, contact your school to receive assistance with signing up for your examination.  This new rule has been implemented to protect the integrity of the massage industry by ensuring that all test takers have completed an approved training program for massage and are eligible for licensure. 
I know many people have had questions and concerns about their legal standing since the passage of HB1289.  If you are already certified by the state to practice massage, you will be grandfathered into a license when rules are completed and the law takes full effect.  In the meantime, be sure to complete your CEU's as we will be required to do a minimum of 24 hours of CEU's every 4 years in order to maintain licensure.  If you are not state certified, take heart - if you get started on your education now, most training programs are 12 months or less with adequate time to complete your training and exam in time to qualify for licensure. 
Finally, if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact the PLA; they are there to assist you with all your questions and concerns as it pertains to the new licensing law.
Congratulations MT's --- WE Did IT!
Dainah Craft
Government Relations Chair
Indiana Chapter AMTA

From The Chapter President:

Earlier this year I sent out a survey asking members if they approve the continued contract with our lobbyist from Krieg DeVault,  The response was an overwhelming yes!  In May, I submitted a LLEAD grant application to help defray the cost of our lobbyist and requested the full amount of the LLEAD Grant award.  We got it! Indiana has a $20,000 grant that will be used to help pay for Amy and Laura.  These two lobbyist are amazingly knowledgeable and patient with me as I learn about governance.  
During the rules process it is very important that we have them watching over the process.  One of AMTA's strategic plan goals is to have all states with similar laws so portability is easier for massage therapists.   

National Massage Therapy Week 
October 22-28, 2017 : 3 ways to celebrate

1.  Educate the public. Distribute information on the health benefits of massage at your practice, doctors' offices, health clubs and other locations focusing on health and wellness. 

2.  Share the health benefits of massage with your community. Offer chair massage to a deserving organization or event in your community, host an open house at your practice or contact local media outlets and offer chair massage to reporters and on-air personalities.

3. Utilize Tell a friend about  AMTA's Find a Massage Therapist®  locator service, and  activate or update your profile .

Find more ways to celebrate, ideas, and ways to educate you clients by visiting AMTA.

How to describe what you do in one simple sentence.
People don't buy what they don't understand, so it's important to be able to describe what you do so it's clear, succinct & memorable.

No matter who you ask, any advice you find on how to tell people what you do will include 3 key pieces of information. 
1. Who do you serve? (i.e.  your audience)
2. What problem do you solve? (i.e.  your benefit)
3. How do you solve it? (i.e. your most memorable features, process or solution)
These are non-negotiables.
They're proven to help you craft a clear and meaningful value propositions without having to  hire a clever and talented messaging coach, like me.
Let the formula free you from all the ideas that you have swirling around your brain right now. It'll help you get clear on what makes your business special.

Try this simple formula to get you started:
I'm a [job title] who helps / works with / serves / inspires [target market] to [result that you achieve for your clients] through / by / using [tools, methods, teachings, etc that you use to get your results].
Here's some examples:
  1. I'm an energy healer who works with entrepreneurs who struggle with their money and abundance mindset. I help clear the unconscious blocks that are stopping them from reaching their revenue goals.
  2. I'm a naturopath who specialises in pre-natal care for mothers who are battling stress and dealing with a new pregnancy. I make sure we're starting a new life off on the right foot & improving the health of our generations to come.
  3. I'm a kinesiologist who reads the information held in your body to unleash your inner guidance so that you can grow a business that is in true alignment. I serve ambitious entrepreneurs and high achievers who want to run a fulfilling business with deep integrity.

 These are excerpts from an article by Alyssa Martin. You can read her full article  here.


Sign in to Your Account
1.Do you ever travel?  Unfortunately, I don't travel much but many of my clients do. I work on many "Snowbirds" who tend to fly away during the cold winter months. Some of my clients also travel for short periods of time.  While the jokes of carrying me with them in their luggage are funny, I really want my clients to be well cared for even when they can't see me while they are away.  AMTA has an amazing tool called the Find a Therapist link. I know if my clients are traveling they can find an AMTA therapist very quickly using this link.  The nice thing is people that travel to my area can find a therapist here as well, hopefully me!
Can people traveling to your area find you?  Better yet can people who live near you find your practice?
Getting on board with Find a Therapist is easy. First you access your profile on the AMTA website. ME. You can set up your access using your member number and your last name. Then fill out your profile.  This is important to keep updated.  Do you do pregnancy massage? Have experience with special populations?  Put it in your profile.  Then just sign up to be in the Find a Therapist

2. If your contact information is incorrect on your profile you won't get the information the National and State Chapters send out; up coming continuing education, government relations information, volunteer opportunities and fun stuff!

3. Transitioning from Certified Massage Therapist to Licensed Massage Therapist will be so much easier if all of the information is on file with National. Your certification/license number is linked to you and updates such as insurance information can be sent directly to the state upon your request and when rules are established,

National will send a zip file of all AMTA members for proof of $2 mil/$6 mil malpractice coverage, but all information has to match:  Correct Name, Email Address, Mailing Address, Certification #

Updating your profile has great rewards!!

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT - Annette Montgomery

Hello everyone! I am excited to be a new member of AMTA and a volunteer for the Indiana Chapter. I graduated from Indiana Therapeutic Massage School in 2013, and have been practicing within my own business since graduation. I joined AMTA so that I would be in a good position to learn about, and help with, our upcoming licensing. The laws and ordinances within my own city are archaic, and I am looking forward to HB 1289 leading the way for further change in the smaller municipalities. Being a member of AMTA will help me be involved in the best way possible so that I can help initiate change. 
My favorite type of client is the perpetual caregiver that needs to recharge. There is something so magical about the moment they step out of the therapy room, totally relaxed, and they feel good about choosing self-care. One of my favorite quotes is, "You can't pour from an empty cup," and my long term business goals are to continue to reach out and show the public that it's good to take care of yourself. I love massage therapy because it is a whole-being way to show yourself some love. 
One part of my volunteer position with AMTA Indiana is helping with our Facebook Page. If you aren't following the Page, you'll want to make sure you do! I am going to be sharing lots of motivational and inspirational posts, as well as interesting articles and topics to get conversations going. It's going to be awesome, and I would love to see your name pop up! 

Would you like to be our next member spotlight?  
Email Kim or Annette


Give back to the massage therapy profession by applying to serve on the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)  2018-2020  National Board of Directors! Applications are due September 8.

All the information you need is at this link: 

How to Apply