March 2018
  A quick note from the President:

Here is a reminder of upcoming education, awards submissions, and elections!  I hope to see you in Muncie in April!  

You are invited to attend the Board meeting on April 20, and the Business Meeting & Elections on April 22 

You have a voice, we are here for you! 

State Convention & Spring Education April 20-22

April 20-22, 2018 
Horizon Convention Center in Muncie 
Hotel Information: 
Courtyard Muncie at Horizon Convention Center
601 South High Street  Muncie  IN  47305
+1 765-287-8550

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$109.00/night  rate for 4/19-4/22
Check in: 3:00pm     Check out: 12:00pm

Spring State Conference Events (April 20-22)

Friday 4/20: 
  • AMTA Chapter Board meeting 9am - 4pm Muncie Horizon Convention Center. 
          ** Want to learn more about the  Community Service Massage Team? We will be discussing it at this                  meeting **
               Questions about the CSMT?  Contact Lorrena
  • Education: 
    Research: Correlation, Causation, and Common (Non)Sense (3 CE hours)
    This irreverent research class looks at real life examples of statistics and scientific research and how they have been (mis)used to make (in)credible connections and (non)sense of the world around us. Bring your sense of humor and critical thinking skills
Saturday & Sunday 4/21-22
  • Education: Hot DNM: Pillossage & Pain Science (16 CE hours) with Jason Erickson, CMT
          ** OR **
  • Nurturing the Mother, Spa Pregnancy Massage,Pre-natal Massage CERTIFICATION (16 CE Hours)with Christine Costianes, CMT, BCTMB 
  • ** Chapter Business meeting: Awards and Elections April 22nd during lunch hour ** 

 ******* Lunch is provided both Saturday & Sunday! *******

April 21-22
Hot DNM: Pillossage & Pain Science
(16 CE hours)

with Jason Erickson, CMT

About this course:
  • Pillossage is a groundbreaking form of thermal therapy that combines hands-on techniques with specifically designed thermal flax pillows. This modality is ideal for therapists who are looking for techniques to provide skillful therapy that can stand alone or be integrated with other modalities to offer to clients who live with conditions that include chronic pain, high levels of stress or who are in need of rehabilitation.
    You will learn to teach your clients novel self-care techniques so therapy can be continued by the client after the session. The benefits and results last far beyond the massage session. You will learn methods to help clients decrease chronic pain and improve quality of life. As you learn the 'dance of Pillossage™', you will find easier ways to offer deep therapy without strain.

April 21-22
Nurturing the Mother, Spa Pregnancy Massage,
Pre-natal Massage CERTIFICATION
(16 CE Hours)

with Christine Costianes, CMT, BCTMB   

In this course you will learn:
  • Anatomy and physiology for pregnancy and birth
  • Pregnancy massage demonstration and practice
  • Cautions and contraindications for pregnancy massage
  • Guidelines for pregnancy massage for each trimester
  • Massage cautions and variations for high risk pregnancies
  • Postpartum massage, with the principle of mother roasting, the application of heat along with specific bodywork techniques for the recovery, and realignment of the mother.

 Did you know that your MT, PT and other professional friends that are not     AMTA members can join you for the continuing education classes in April? It's   true! Although members receive a discounted price, anyone can attend! So,   grab a buddy a learn the pillossage technique, or become certified in prenatal   massage.  

Your AMTA-IN Board and Volunteers answer the question...

What is something you enjoy/appreciate/love about continuing education in a classroom setting (as opposed to online)?

"I did a couple online courses after graduation. My husband was retiring from the Navy, we were moving, looking for a house, a job, etc. It just seemed more convenient. I, like a lot of other people, thought I had an excellent education & would just need a few new techniques.
Ironically, I took a pregnancy class on line. Talk about frustrating. I had a book and a VHS tape. I had experience with side lying positioning & some basic strokes from school, but it is totally different to not have a person to work on through the whole process.  I was so uncomfortable working on my first pregnant client, that I didn't charge her!
I have had 2 hands on pregnancy massage classes since then & what a difference. The instructors were both amazing & very patient. I was in one class with a doula who brought another perspective to the class so we learned from her as well as the instructor.  
One thing that is very difficult to get from an online course is body mechanics. You really have to relearn what you already know to work with pregnant side lying clients so you don't mess yourself up in the process."
                      -Terri Brandt

"I enjoy learning from industry experts & practicing hands-on with other CMT's  so I can receive good feedback & evaluation. I get to meet my heroes, learn from peers, and make valuable connections and new friends."
                   -Susan Moody

"I have done 1 ethics course online, frantically before my NCBTM was to expire. I have concentration problems when reading & just found it stressful. Going to a live course can be stressful too; moving schedules, traveling, eating out, etc. but the knowledge retention & ability to network is priceless. I have not been to a class where the presenter was not reachable & I appreciate knowing when I don't have it quite right.  I have been a therapist for almost 24 years & I have so much more I need to learn!  I come home energized and refreshed."
                        -Kim Pucka

"One of my favorite things about taking hands-on classes is that I get to practice the techniques on varying people and body types - supervised. I learn how to adapt my body mechanics for each type and receive feedback from other bodywork professionals. I also like the fact that I can have all my questions answered. I always have questions! A busy practice can sometimes be isolating. I prefer at least one or two hands-on classes a year just to network with other therapists and recharge my enthusiasm while adding another tool to my toolbox. I prefer one day hands-on classes myself. I don't get overloaded like I do with two day classes. The second half of the second day my brain is usually fried and it is hard to focus!"
             -Leslie Thompson

"I attended a Graston Technique® continuing education course at Indiana Massage College. The school provided the space and resources for a successful experience. Even though the M1 Graston Technique® training can be completed online, I believe the classroom setting is necessary to obtain the highest quality of the training to be a successful Graston Technique® Provider. "
                       -Erika Hoff

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Why become Certified in Pre-natal Massage?
"What I learned about prenatal massage in my initial training was minimal. It seemed to focus on what NOT to do with a pregnant client. The general impression was that we were dealing with an extremely delicate client. Learning the Nurturing the Mother protocol set me free! 

How empowering to discover the many ways we can help relieve the discomforts associated with pregnancy, and help give the expectant mother assurance that she is well-equipped to joyfully complete the upcoming birth! 

Since becoming certified in Nurturing the Mother, I have had numerous clients come back to me during subsequent pregnancies. This is so rewarding! It proves to me the value of this training."

          -Christine Costianes, teacher at upcoming CE class in Muncie

Research has shown that proper Pre-natal Massage can:

  • Help control blood pressure
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Directly affect the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, reducing stress and its consequences for mother and baby
  • Alleviate anxiety and depression
  • Strengthen muscles in preparation for labor and delivery
  • Allow for deeper breathing and a better night's sleep
  • Help keep skin supple to help prevent stretch marks
  • Maintain body posture and balance
  • Enhance self image
  • Shorten hospital stay
  • Reduce postpartum depression

Awards: Spring 2018
Nominate by filling out this online form .

Deadline for awards is April 15th!

Humanitarian award: A Massage Therapist who demonstrates the 'heart' of massage through v olunteer work, which may or may not include massage, done in the larger community.  Including but not limited to: charity, church, supporting the arts, working with children, disabled, needy, sick, homeless, elderly, community outreach to populations for who massage is otherwise difficult to obtain; fundraising for same, consciousness raising, relief effort

Sports Achiever Award: A Massage Therapist who demonstrates  accomplishments in the area of sports massage, which m ay  include but is not limited to accomplishments that enhance the visibility, prestige and acceptance of sports massage and sports massage therapists to the general public and the other components of the sports community
Patty Clouse IN Meritorious 2017
Chapter Meritorious Award: 
honors an individual by acknowledging diligence in volunteerism accomplished in an altruistic manner. It is the highest award bestowed upon an AMTA member by a chapter.

Questions? Contact Erika Hoff
We have created an email address specifically for you to share your comments and questions about licensing. You can share this email with all Massage Therapists and concerned citizens. Comments will be compiled and given to AMTA's lobbyist .

Please allow us at least 7 days to respond to questions, so that we have time to give you a thorough and complete answer. We do not have any authority on the decisions the board makes. Your emails to the PLA subcommittee board will help, and meetings are open to the                                                                public.

Contact the IPLA:

Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
Attn: State Board of Massage Therapy
402 W. Washington Street, Room W072
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Staff Phone Number: 317-234-8800
Staff Email:

We are looking for people who 
love hosting, 
connecting people, and brainstorming about gathering our members together...


John Combe, LMT is coming to Indiana to give the live education that goes with the  AMTA/NCBTMB Sports Massage Specialty Certificate Program. You can just take this class, or work towards the full certification program.

To sign up for Indiana class for  just $149 for our members (that is a savings of $146 compared to the National Average for this class!) Click here

And YES!  Lunch is included in the price of the class! Space is limited to 40 registrations, don't wait to sign up.  

When: June 9, 2018
Where: Horizon Convention Center                  
             401 S High St
             Muncie, IN 47305

Time:  8:00am-6:00pm
Registration: 7:30am
To bring: Massage Table

YES! Your friends who are not AMTA members can attend this class too!

Be on the look out for the AMTA 2018 Calendar of events post card in the mail. Be sure to hang it on the fridge so you know what to look for in 2018!

Didn't get one? Please  contact Erika, our Membership Chair.

 Thank you to all of our members who have taken the education
 survey sent out  earlier this month. Your  
 feedback greatly helps us plan for CE's in 2019.   The Board will be reviewing all the answers and   comments.  If you have not yet taken the   survey, please do! We would love your input. It's   5 questions, and takes about 2 minutes to   complete.