AMTA National Convention
Fall 2017 Pasadena, CA
Nov. 2017
"Shaun T reminded us that we need to trust and believe in who we are.  Fit does not have a look, it has a mentality.  You are the nucleus of your existence and when you feel good you can create anything.  He showed us how easy it is to get moving and think positive."

     -Kim Pucka

 A quick brief from Kim, Chapter President

  The Indiana chapter board and I went to Pasadena, California to meet with other   chapters and attend chapter training.  We came back with ideas on how to improve   your membership experience and new ways to connect with you.   We heard how   AMTA started in a basement, like most organizations do, and we are now at 77,000+   members.  Almost every state has a form of licensure now and amta is shifting   towards improving research.  AMTA again has donated $475,000 to the Massage   Therapy Foundation! We are a non-profit organization which means when money is   left over it goes back to the member in some way.  amta works hard to make sound   decisions that protects its' 501c6 status.  We are governed by by-laws and policy and   the member has a say in any change that is made.  National representatives do listen   to us when we connect with them.  When you see surveys, fill them out! AMTA is   changing with the times and it is only going to get better!

2017/18 Board Members:
Leslie Thompson, Terri Brandt, Susan Moody, and Morgan Horton
2017/18 Board Members 
Terri Brandt, Susan Moody, Kimberly Pucka, Morgan Horton, Leslie Thompson
We found an Indiana AMTA student at convention!  
Thank you for spending time with us McKenzie! 

Shaun T's book:

T is for Transformation: Unleash the 7 Superpowers to Help you Dig Deeper, Feel Stronger, and Live Your Best Life.

Books by  Shawn Achor

Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles That Fuel Success and Performance at Work

Before Happiness: The 5 Hidden Keys to Achieving Success, Spreading Happiness, and Sustaining Positive Change

(coming soon): Big Potential: How Transforming the Pursuit of Success Raises Our Achievement, Happiness, and Well-Being

Pretty In pink 

Learning how to think positive about your daily activities.  It can be fun to drive the car, eat, 

Chapter President, Kim Pucka with Shaun Achor

Continuing Education

Board Member Leslie Thompson

The new AOD (Assembly of Delegate position description will be shared at the education weekend.Oct 21

Banquet and Dance 2017


Check out this complimentary class for all amta members! 


Help the Massage Profession by Participating in an Insurance Billing Study

AMTA is awarding a $5,000 scholarship to one massage therapy student

Deadline November 17

AMTA is very actively engaged in the opioids issue and promoting massage therapy as a non-pharmacological approach to pain management. 

House of Delegates Report
Co ngratulations to Terri Brandt, who put in countless hours and effort i nt o authoring the 2017 House of Delegates Recommendation to sugge st  membership funds be provided to 
State chapters for students, along with all member classes.

The recommendation was supported and passed by the House of D elegates. It will move forward to be presented to the National Board of Directors for review. Thank you, Terri, for your hard work, and the courage it took to present and defend the issue! You are an Indiana Chapter hero and as we represent the views of many other national members as well! Woohoo!

The Position Statement on Massage Therapy as an Integrated Therapy presented to the House of Delegates passed the vote as well. A Position Statement is adopted as policy upon passing. This is an excellent example of member voices being at the heart of our association.

The process for these issues to be presented is very democratic. The papers are read and time is allowed for delegates to line up at Pro and Con microphones to which they are equally allotted timed minutes to make comments. A vote is then taken. It is very organized and extremely respectful. House of Delegates was a great experience to take part in, and if you are interested in policy making of your professional organization you should participate as a delegate!

Next year the process will change a bit as it becomes the Assembly of Delegates. If you are interested in being a part of choosing AMTA Position Statement topics in a think tank atmosphere, please speak more about the process to one of your Indiana Board Members. Delegate is an elected position. Next election is in the spring and you must fill out an application as early as possible.

Although all of the programs at this year's national convention impacted each board member  profoundly, I believe we all were most directly impressed with the closing speaker, Shawn Achor. He spoke about creating a ripple effect of happiness, and how organizations with positive attitudes are more productive and successful. 

Since the convention, the board and other volunteers have been working toward improving communication with each other, our members, the profession, consumers and related professionals in Indiana, the region and nation. 

The board members and I attended leadership training to help us better understand how to budget to reach our chapter goals and how to strengthen our chapters. We all attended the House of Delegates meeting, and participated in a practice run of how the new Assembly of Delegates might work next year. 

During several meetings, the national staff and board discussed how AMTA is growing and becoming more supportive to our members. We were reminded that AMTA is a nonprofit which gives back to the massage profession in many ways. AMTA supports the Massage Therapy Foundation, is working with Massage Envy to improve working conditions of massage therapists, and helps chapters improve state legislative efforts. 

The board members were also inspired to try harder to reach our goals by taking manageable steps. We are planning new ways to reach out to members and encourage active participation. I think great improvement is happening as we grow and strengthen our chapter and organization.

-Susan D. Moody, BCTMB, CMT
AMTA-IN Board Secretary

Amazing quotes from Shawn Achor, guest speaker:

*We are in a human revolution*

*What we attend to 1 st becomes our reality*

*Happiness is a choice*

*Happiness is the joy you feel moving toward your potential*

*Rational optimization is seeing a problem but do not get overwhelmed by it*

*Don't isolate negativity because it exemplifies it*

*Our brains co-process the world together and we are all connected*

*Helping others causes a ripple effect*

Convention: not just a classroom
On my Personal day in Pasadena I wanted to tour the Warner Brother Studio as my autistic son loves WB.  I saw the town that they use over and over again for all of their shows/movies and the warehouse where they store all of their props...WOW!  That was cool!  Next time you watch a WB show watch the cars on the road, they drive around in circles and you will see the same car over and over!  

Later in the day I went to the Huntington Library. 120 acres of gardens from desert to tropical.  Plants you never knew existed.  I walked with Susan, our secretary, who sees the world differently and I truly believe is a plant whisperer.  She made me slow down and really see flowers and plants for the first time.  I am a different person today from that quick little trip.

Chapter presidents get together twice a year.  Once in June where we make sure we understand who to go to at the national level,  for help in running our chapters, and policy clarification.  We have another meeting together before convention begins.  We share ideas to better help our chapters to be productive.  New presidents are pinned and welcomed to the family.  I was reminded that presidents cannot be a chair for a volunteer position and I have been filling many chairs in our chapter.
                                                                             -Kim Pucka

Why you shouldn't put off attending National Convention

I wish I had started attending AMTA conventions years ago! After 16 years as a CMT, I attended my first AMTA convention in 2016 in Milwaukee. 

I attended the AMTA Convention this year in Pasadena as a Chapter Volunteer, and for leadership training. The training is free for volunteers, and team building & networking with other therapists from across the country is fun and valuable to my practice. These are NOT boring "sit in your chair" trainings, you are constantly mixing it up with other volunteers. You realize why AMTA is respected professionally, and is one to be proud of when you meet national staff and fellow members. I came away from this training with innovative ideas and many new friends nationwide. The Indiana Chapter Board will soon be discussing implementation of concepts applicable to our Chapter.

The other important fact about National Convention is education days provided something for everyone's interest and experience level. The days were packed with information from the best teachers in the industry, with many sessions offering hands on skills that can support your practice.

If that isn't enough, the trade show is a bounty of demos, freebies and discounts as you cruise aisles with your favorite vendors and add new favorite vendors to your list!

Don't be like me and put off attending! Mark your calendar right now for 2018 in Washington D.C. and plan on making new friends, contacts, receive top-notch professional training, and plan on having a lot of fun at the AMTA 2018 National Convention! It will be AMTA's 75 th Anniversary and promises to be a celebration you will always remember!

                                                                           -Leslie Thompson, Board Member

My National Convention experience was amazing!   I was there not only as a board member, and the Financial Administrator but as a delegate. This year's House of 
Delegates was the final meeting using the historic format. Indiana submitted the last recommendation from a state chapter and was also the last to be approved. We were all very nervous  to speak in front of the Delegate s from all 50 states, as well as many members from National. 

The National Board meeting was very informative and the Chapter Leadership meetings were immensely valuable. It is always great to network with other states and get new ideas for our state.
                                                                                   -Terri Brandt