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Who can you reach out to, to help build a network?

  • friends
  • family
  • neighbors
  • co-workers
  • community leaders
  • business owners
  • past co-workers
  • fellow students
  • clients
  • former clients
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • AMTA-IN chapter members
  • Chiropractors
  • spa owners
  • real estate agents
  • hair stylists
  • nail techs
  • personal trainers
  • Physical Therapists
  • medical professionals
  • holistic providers
  • Osteopaths
......the possibilities are endless!


Try these 3 steps to help surround  yourself with positive  people who inspire and uplift you....

1. Set the intention believing once you commit to something, the universe conspires to help you. "I am going to meet like-minded wonderful people."

2. Be willing to let go of some old relationships. A hard step, but don't hold space in your life for those who bring you down. 

3. Be open to new experiences. Be involved in your community. Join conferences, workshops, classes, events. (go to 2018 AMTA conference!)

Why Networking is so important
Networking involves the use of business contacts to acquire advice, information and referrals when job hunting. Your contacts will range from close friends to professionals. It is always easier to network with close friends, family and neighbors, but you can also network with fellow co-workers from previous jobs, classmates and local small business owners. As the famous saying goes, "It's not what you know, but who you know." You never know who will help you be successful along the way. 
 Janelle Franks
Fort Wayne, IN
"My motto is INTEGRITY"
I graduated from Alexandria in 2007. I've been with AMTA for 10 years. I started working on my clientele while I was a student.  I have a very steady clientele, and have received a couple of new clients through AMTA website, Alexandria has referred a few new clients my way but the majority of my clients have come through Word Of Mouth. I'm also a Business Partner with a Christian Radio Station, and my Business is recognized once a week on air.

In 2006 I was working at a Mortgage Company and I was researching   nutrition on the side. I came across the words 'Chiropractic' and 'Massage' a lot while researching nutrition. My mid and low back had begun hurting, sitting in a chair on a computer all day, so I decided to research massage therapy and I decided to find a qualified and professional Massage Therapist.
 The first session was amazing ... no more back pain and I noticed that I could turn my head from side to side with no stiffness. I was AMAZED! From then on, I was hooked because I noticed results!

The Mortgage company closed their doors in 2006. I decided it was time for a career change so that I can help others. I spoke with my Massage Therapist about her education, and I enrolled at Alexandria that fall.  

Now I love when clients come into the office with an issue and leave headache free and pain free just like I did! I love to see their expression as they walk out of the room feeling GREAT! 

I really appreciate AMTA taking the reins and becoming the leader in regards to on the progress of licensure in Indiana. I also appreciate the many benefits AMTA offers!!! I'm involved in the AMTA Iron Man event yearly and have been working at the event for 7 years. Heather does an amazing job in coordinating this event every year. It's fun working on professional athletes. This is my favorite AMTA event, and I look forward to every year! 

I'd like to share some advice that was given to me as a new CMT,  "Never go into debt for your business". As I was building my business, I never went into debt. Secondly, have Integrity. Be honest with your clients. Treat your clients with respect. Make sure your clients feel safe and comfortable. Likewise, make sure you feel safe and comfortable with a client. It takes time to build your clientele, don't be discouraged. Don't give up! Also, take time for YOU! Make sure you're scheduling your massage therapy appointments.

4 ways to Network more Effectively


-Networking is a two-way street.

Think about how you can help each other. When you meet with someone, half of it is learning about their business, and the other half is ensuring you inform them about yours. 

-Evaluate your contacts.
Don't be afraid to reach out to someone you know, or know of, that could add value to your business. 


-Meet and mingle.
Get out in your community and meet people. Join like-minded classes and workshops, attend community social events, hang out in locally owned coffee shops, participate in a fundraiser, sponsor an event. 

-Nurture and maintain relationships.
Make sure you are checking in on regular basis and staying relevant with the connections you've made. As people ebb and flow in their place within your life, don't burn bridges or let the relationship grow stale. Send emails, invite for coffee, pop in and say hello. 



Chantel Williams
Fort Wayne, IN
"I had always been interested in massage for as long as I can remember and graduated from massage school 12 years ago. I currently have my own business Hands In Harmony Massage, and I also work part time at a franchise. I love doing energy work, and I'm a Reiki Master. One of the main things that I enjoy about massage is that we help our clients physically, mentally,and emotionally. I love when clients leave me notes letting me know how I helped them get through something going on in their life, not just the physical pain they may have been going through. When I was shopping for liability insurance, I chose AMTA for the benefits they offer. I love the continuing education classes, discounts they provide and how involved they are as a company. My advice to massage therapists starting out would be to make sure you practice self care! Also if this is what you want to do as your career, don't give up. There will be times you may struggle, but the rewards are worth it."

Michelle Bailey 
Indianapolis, Indiana

"My calling into the massage therapy profession came in 2000 after having a conversation with the mother of a young man who had recently lost his battle with AIDS. She shared with me that before her son died, his deepest comfort came from the palliative care massage therapy he received while in hospice. I knew at that moment my life was about to change direction. I felt then, as I still do today, that healing touch is a gift meant to be shared.
My massage therapy career has offered many different settings in which to learn and practice. I began my work in a family-owned day spa, followed by several years of practice in a medical spa setting. I spent a year and a half teaching in the massage therapy department at Indiana Business College (now Harrison College). 

I was able to connect with St. Francis Hospice as a  volunteer, which opened the door to be a massage therapy contract provider for Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care. My current focus includes maintaining my private office practice as well as providing oncology focused massage to patients at Community Health Network Cancer Center.

It's amazing to still love what I do every day after nearly 15 years in the profession. Being able to add new skills through continuing education to my massage therapy toolbox is one of the things I love most about massage therapy. It keeps things fresh. Massage therapy is an evolving profession. Thankfully, we have the AMTA to provide leadership, guidance and support along the way. Knowing that my local AMTA is only a phone call away allows me to relax and find balance between my professional and my personal life. I always encourage the new massage therapists I meet to take the time to seek out where their gifts lie and to follow their passion."

Eileen Tunnell Travis
Lowell, Indiana
"I have been in the massage therapy field since 1995, when I was encouraged to explore massage therapy by good friend and mentor, Barbara Lis.  My children were in elementary school and I was looking to get back in the work force. Massage was perfect because I could be home to get my kids to school and be there when they arrived home. I could also schedule to attend field trips and extracurricular activities. I am wife, mother, grandmother, and mom to 2 cats and 1 dog. 
I am grateful that I can help people feel better, whether it is a pain issue or just part of taking care of themselves.  I have worked both at a home office and in a rental space. I appreciate being in a position that I am, and not the sole income provider for the household. So over the years, I have downsized my availability to accommodate the home-front needs. 
Immediately upon graduating massage school, I knew I hadn't gotten enough education. I joined the AMTA Indiana chapter and have taken continuing education every year since 1995. AMTA has always worked to keep massage therapists in the loop concerning regulations, education, research, and self care. I have always enjoyed the education and leave the classes with something new to use in my work with clients. 

My tip for new massage therapists is to sign up for continuing education, join AMTA, and purchase the electric table."
Megan Banks
Auburn, Indiana
I am the co-owner of The BodywoRx Co.
I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ivy Tech Community College Therapeutic Massage program in 2011. I specialize in sports and rehabilitation massage and have experience working with athletes at the high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic levels, as well as national recording artists. 

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2008. After going through chemotherapy treatments which left me with a body in a less than stellar condition, I began a personal journey towards a healthier life.  This is where I discovered the many benefits massage therapy has for the mind and body.  I decided that I wanted to become an MT and be a part of that journey to optimal health for others.

What I love most about being an MT is seeing results.  I find it to be a rewarding experience when a client leaves my office with relief from the pain and tension they arrived with. 

As a mother of two very active daughters, a volleyball coach, and a business owner, life is busy.  The flexibility that comes with being an MT allows me to do it all.  I also have a passion for travel. Working with athletes has been an exciting experience and has given me many opportunities to travel. 

One of the many things I love about AMTA is the opportunities they offer for continuing education, whether it be face to face or online.  Continuing education is a crucial part of being a successful therapist.
My advice for a new therapist is to stay engaged with their clients from the moment they walk through the door until they walk out.  I also advise, never stop learning!   Learn from your clients, network with other therapists and health care professionals learn from them, and actively participate in continuing education opportunities.

Shawnt'e Frieden
Roann, Indiana
I am a 2011 graduate of Charter College of Health and Massage Therapy.  Why I became a MT is a question I honestly don't know an answer. I had an unexplained interest that caused me to send for information on schooling. I was working in a factory and unsure of my future plans. I sat on that brochure for about a year when the factory doors closed. I was 7 months pregnant and no matter the worry at that time, those doors closed for a reason to open up this opportunity. 

Now looking back I know now that it was God's plan, and he is who drew me into this industry. What I love most about being a MT is that gratification of helping someone. When a client walks out of your massage room in tears because they haven't felt that relaxed, stress free, or pain free in who knows how long. It leaves me with a compete feeling that I helped them even if its just a hour of peace. It has taught me to appreciate and treat every massage knowing that we never know what someone is going through, their stress or pain level. We don't know if they had to make cut backs in their budget or if they will be able to ever get a massage again. Taking all that into consideration and knowing the difference you could make for someone in just one hour is warming to the soul. 

I am a mother of 4 so balancing work and home can be challenging at times as any working mother knows. Sometimes you just have to accept the craziness and thank the inventor of the crock pot!  This spring the company I was working for closed. Weighing all my options, I decided to stay at the same location and start my own business. It has been a learning experience that i have enjoyed. And AMTA has been wonderful for being my go-to for questions.  It's always hassle free, reliable, and not to mention the continuous support they offer for all MT's. 
My advice for new MT's is don't give up; building a good clientele can take years.  Sometimes we have to work multiple jobs. Don't be afraid to get out there and be apart of your community events doing chair massage. Introduce yourself to other small business owners; we always support one another! 

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