Join us for our local
Meet & Greet at Panera Bread in Hoboken, NJ  
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AMTANJ Meet & Greet
Panera Bread in Hoboken, NJ

We are building a stronger AMTA community in the Northeast NJ area! Whether you're looking for support as a new Massage Therapist, expanding your network, or to find outlets to talk about research within the field - so are we! 

Meet-ups will be structured as an hour-long open forum with a specific topic for each session, but we will be there for the community. If there is a need to discuss a different massage or business related topic, then feel free to mention it! 

Saturday, October 13th
@ Panera Bread
1310 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Topic: Branding and "The Hustle" of Being a Self-Employed Massage Therapist.
We will be in the back booths with an AMTA sign on the table.
ALL LMTs and Students are Welcome!