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June 20, 2019
Financial Administrator Highlights
Respectfully submitted by: Leah Strutz, LMT

Thank you to Marilyn Heckert!
Marilyn has retired from the AMTA-WI Financial Administrator position. She is being a wonderful mentor to me as the new Wisconsin Chapter Financial Administrator. Marilyn was a volunteer for the Wisconsin chapter for six years. The very first chapter meeting that she attended she was nominated to be Treasurer. Even though she didn’t know what she was getting herself into, she accepted. At the time each Treasurer responsibilities consisted of the chapter’s budget, RFPs, bank statements, writing checks and storing and organizing it all. Marilyn volunteered her time at state and national conventions and attending board meetings. Two years ago her title changed from Treasurer to Financial Administrator. Along with the new title came the implementation of new procedures which helped streamline her responsibilities. Marilyn’s devoted commitment to the chapter has been outstanding and inspiring. Marilyn made wonderful connections with the AMTA members and will be missed.
Thank you for all you have done!

I admire the support and mentoring that Marilyn has graciously given me during this transition. Recently, I attended the Financial Administrator National's Training in Evanston, IL. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from other chapter Financial Administrators, as well as meet the National Chapter Accounting department. Now I know who I am contacting. I have learned much more than the groundwork and a few new inspiring changes. I am delighted that I had the opportunity to make the connections.

Yours in service,
Leah Strutz, LMT
WI Chapter Financial Administrator
2019 International Massage Therapy Research Conference
Submitted by: Leah Strutz, LMT

Dear Friends and Colleagues:
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the IMTRC 2019. There were research projects presented by outstanding presenters including:
  • Eric B. Schoomaker, MD, PhD, FACP, Lieutenant General US Army (retired) with ‘Opioid Research'
  • Kathryn Stewart BS LMT RCST with ‘Massage and Low Back Pain’
  • Douglas Nelson with the ‘LBP Case Report: A Novel Approach.’

The research project that struck me the most was with Jeanne Massingill with ‘Massage for Post Breast Surgery.’ Studies have shown that clients do not prefer to talk to their doctors about their feelings of their bodies as they feel it is the new norm. This causes them to feel withdrawn, anger, loss of feeling, fatigue and numbness / tingling. In my practice I have seen clients with these concerns and feelings. One of the important things for myself and other LMT’s to do, is to be open and allow the clients to discuss their concerns mentally and physically. The best practices to use for during these times are to use myofascial which will assist with reducing adhesions, stimulates blood flow and release fascial restrictions. Additionally, Lymphatic drainage which promotes movement of the lymphatic fluid to nodes and trunk ducts and helps move metabolic wastes through the body. These types of massage techniques are implemented in the Massingill Method for Post Breast Surgery Scar Tissue Release that will help clients with their healing process.

I was impressed with Erika Larson from Georgia. She was the 2008 Practitioner Report Cases gold award winner. She presented the ‘Massage Therapy Effects in a Long-time Prosthetic User with Fibular Hemimelia.’ This study focused on individuals with lower limb amputation whom commonly experienced low back pain. The 50-day study consisted of two baseline sessions, seven treatment sessions that included a 50-min massage applied to major gait muscles, and two follow-up sessions. The end result was that therapeutic massage intervention lead to successful low back pain symptom management. Erika discovered the love of research during her college days and continues her research throughout her profession. Erika is a great role model for our massage students to follow her example. It is never too late to begin working on research projects!

I encourage everyone to consider attending the next International Massage Therapy Research Conference in 2022. Click here to see more details and photos of the event.
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Anatomy Trains Structural Essentials:
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November 8-10, 2019
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Techniques for Sports Massage Therapists
November 9, 2019
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