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April 2021 Newsletter
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Need a faster and easier way to memorize the amino acids for the MCAT? Pixorize creates easy-to-remember visual stories for the most difficult MCAT topics, so that you can recall more and score higher on test day.
Philani Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition Trust
Philani Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition Trust is an organization run by women for women and children in Khayelitsha, South Africa. Philani’s vision is a South Africa where pregnancy is safe and where every child can grow up healthy and well-nourished to fulfil his or her physical and mental potential. Philani empowers mothers to raise healthy children through mobile clinics and extensively trained mentor mothers (community staff members). You and your branch can get involved by ordering art made by women in the community or sending donations. To learn more, visit their website to watch their intro video, view their art, and follow Philani on instagram @philanihealth
Join Dr. Jasmin Scott-Hawkins on April 21 as she discusses her various leadership roles in medicine. On top of her busy schedule as a fellow at Harbor UCLA Medical Center, she helps serve:

• underserved populations
• health equity & diversity
• teen pregnancy & parenting
• minority mental health

Learn about the various ways in which you can make an impact on your community.
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Click here to read our latest blog about being a non-traditional premedical individual!

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National Minority Health Month,
STD Awareness Week,
World Immunization Week,
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