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November 2020 Newsletter
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#StampsfromAMWA: Supporting the USPS

Whether it be a means of medication delivery or communication, the USPS plays a crucial role in our daily lives. As members of AMWA, we should acknowledge the importance of the USPS and postal medicine. The premedical division of AMWA is hosting a snail mail campaign to raise awareness of the USPS’s role in the healthcare delivery system and to promote connectivity and camaraderie amongst our own members. We hope that this will be a fun nationwide initiative that will bring members from different chapters together.

Click here to participate in #StampsfromAMWA!
Deadline: November 22, 2020
Scholarships and Awards

Premedical Education Scholarship
Congratulations to Neha Balachandran from The University of Alabama at Birmingham for being selected for the first round of the Premedical Education Scholarship! If you did not have a chance to apply or were not selected, never fear! The second round of this scholarship is now open and will close on November 15th. You can fill out the application here for a chance to win this $250 academic scholarship.

Branch Awards
We all think that our university's AMWA branch is the best, but does your branch deserve something extra special this year? Apply for any or all of our National Branch Awards, including titles like "Most Outstanding Branch", "Best Branch Event", and "Humanitarian Award". Share your love of your branch by applying to these awards here by December 1st. 

Individual Awards
Last but definitely not least, our 2020 AMWA Premedical Division Member of the Year Awards are now open! Apply to either or both of these awards here by December 1st. 

Scholarship Database
We know that paying for college, medical school, and everything in between can really add up, which is why we have compiled a database of some additional outside scholarships for our members! Feel free to access this database here and apply to any or all of these opportunities. Good luck!

Please email awards@amwa-premed.org with any questions regarding any awards or scholarships.
Specialty Spotlight Webinar

We hope you can join us for the next AMWA Mentorship Committee webinar in our Specialty Spotlight series. This webinar will feature Cardiothoracic Surgery led by Dr. Jennifer Lawton, Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Johns Hopkins University and Hospital. It will be held on November 9th, 7PM EST.
Want free MCAT study materials and a chance to win a freMCAT course (worth $2499) from Kaplan? Kaplan is partnering with AMWA to bring you a free 24-page MCAT study guide, free expert teacher-led events, and chances to win prizes and scholarshipsYou will automatically be entered to win a $400 Amazon gift card upon registration. Also, for all MCAT-focused event attendees, Kaplan will donate $10 to the Med Supply Drive to provide PPE for our frontline workers.

If enough AWMA members register for these free resources, Kaplan will give us 1-2 FREE course scholarships that you will have a chance to win!

We only need 20 more members to register in order for our division to receive the course scholarships, so if you haven't already, register now!

Register for free MCAT study materials!
Want to Rep AMWA? Grab Your AMWA T-Shirt Today!
Click here to grab your AMWA Premedical t-shirt for $15!

Once you have your shirt, click here to submit a photo of you wearing it, if you would like to be featured on our social media!
Want to Become an AMWA Volunteer?

We are looking for student volunteers to help with several short-term writing and/or research projects. Responsibilities will include outreach and writing projects, such as annual reports, event summaries, biographies, etc. The total time commitment is about 10 hours. 

Click here to join the AMWA Student Volunteer Program!

Contact admin@amwa-doc.org for inquiries!
AMWA encourages anyone comfortable with sharing their inventions, whether it be a poem, painting, collection of photographs, or any other form of art, to submit their work(s) to be featured in the new "Art for Advocacy" gallery on our website.

Click here to view an example.

Submit your artwork to be displayed!
National Pre-Health Conference Board Application

Want to help organize the National Pre-Health Conference of 2021 (August 4th to August 6th, 2021)? Anyone of any background interested in a career in healthcare is eligible to apply. The deadline for the NPHC 2021 leadership application is November 13th.

More details and the link to apply can be found here.
Leader Highlight
Jessica Hoff
Region 5 Director
My name is Jessica Hoff. I was born and raised in Shreveport-Bossier, Louisiana. I’m currently majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and minoring in Chemistry at Louisiana State University in Shreveport (LSUS). My brilliant two-year-old daughter, Miriam, is my world and loves to accompany me on both my academic and personal life endeavors. We adore education through music, art, literature, laughter, and adventure. I consider myself a prime example of the “Nontraditional Student” who had to overcome much to make the most out of the opportunities life provides. I come from a large family and found late in my high school educational career my passion in life. This passion was to advance society. Shortly after this realization I strongly felt the need to achieve my dream through science, education, and communication. After ample growth and involvement in my science organizations on campus I felt the urge for something even more. I quickly found after one simple search online, the beautiful American Medical Women’s Association. Although my daughter was merely a year old, I knew I needed to start a branch at my university! Too many students, many like myself, could utilize this opportunistic organization to help advance their professional and personal growth. I have a genuine passion for the sciences and after this Spring semester comes to an end I will be parting with my dear undergraduate institution along with my leadership roles at said institution. As the new Region 5 Director of AMWA’s Premedical Division I can honestly say I’m very eager to watch the growth, development, and accomplishments within our region and our neighboring regions throughout the Nation. AMWA has helped my become the absolute best version of myself and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities provided through this wonderful organization.
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