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October 2020 Newsletter
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Premedical Fee Waiver
The Premedical Fee Waiver Application is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied! Awardees will be chosen and notified by Monday, October 5th.

Premedical Education Scholarship
The first round of the Premedical Education Scholarship is now closed. The awardee will be notified shortly. If you did not have a chance to apply or were not selected, never fear! The second round of this scholarship will open on October 15th and will close on November 15th. You can fill out the application here for a chance to win this $250 academic scholarship.

Scholarship Database
We know that paying for college, medical school, and everything in between can really add up, which is why we have compiled a database of some additional outside scholarships for our members! Feel free to access this database here and apply to any or all of these opportunities. Good luck!

Please email with any questions regarding any awards or scholarships.
Need help with secondary applications? We’re happy to announce that we’ve collaborated with the Medical Student Division to bring these videos exclusively to our premedical AMWA members! We hope that these videos are informative and educational and provide direction and clarity as premedical students are applying to and interviewing with medical schools during this very unusual application cycle.

Click here to access the secondary videos.
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Get 40% off Osmosis Prime!
Osmosis empowers millions of current and future health professionals around the world with a better understanding of medicine and health topics. Learn more and forget less with over 1,600 fun, easy-to-digest videos and tools that help you study more strategically, at your own pace. The Osmosis platform also empowers students to gain knowledge for the long term with practice questions, flashcards, high-yield notes, and a dedicated study schedule that optimizes your review sessions automatically, so you can focus on what matters: your future career in health.
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More About Osmosis
The AMWA Premed Division wants to know

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed significant restrictions on premedical students to meet medical school requirements. Most premedical students have experienced loss of shadowing opportunities, volunteering, and other opportunities needed to define their career path. COVID-19 has also brought in to focus the difficulties physicians face when entrusted to treat patients during a pandemic. These may include working on the frontlines in a potentially fatal environment, working tirelessly long hours, exposing family and friends to potential infection, and detrimentally affecting their mental health.

Due to the changed dynamics of the healthcare workplace, do premedical students choose not to pursue medical school? Or, does the challenge of the pandemic further inspire and solidify their desire to pursue a career as a physician? 

Our research goals are to evaluate whether COVID-19 served to inspire or deter premedical students from pursuing a career as a physician. Did COVID -19 change your plans to apply to medical school?

Click here to let us know.
The form closes on October 15th.
Want free MCAT study materials and a chance to win a freMCAT course (worth $2499) from Kaplan? Kaplan is partnering with AMWA to bring you a free 24-page MCAT study guide, free expert teacher-led events, and chances to win prizes and scholarshipsVisit this link to register for the study guide, MCAT Bootcamps, science lessons, strategy sessions, panels, and discussions — all for FREE! You will automatically be entered to win a $400 Amazon gift card upon registration. Also, for all MCAT-focused event attendees, Kaplan will donate $10 to the Med Supply Drive to provide PPE for our frontline workers.

If enough AWMA members register for these free resources, Kaplan will give us 1-2 FREE course scholarships that you will have a chance to win!

We are currently halfway toward reaching our goal, so register today if you haven't already!
Register for free MCAT study materials!
September was "Women in Medicine" Month.
Let's honor and celebrate all physicians, nurses, and healthcare heroes!
The "Physicians Healers, Healthcare Heroes" video was created to pay tribute to all of our healers. It features music composed by Dr. Mary Rorro, physician chair of the Music & Medicine Committee.
Watch the "Physicians Healers, Healthcare Heroes" Video!
Click here to learn more!
The Corona Quilt Project
The Corona Quilt Project is a global community initiative, asking people from all over the world to express their experience with the pandemic creatively through their hands’ work. The Corona Quilt team gathers and stitches together each hand made  square to create a unified piece that expresses the collective voice of disruption and hope, loss and possibility, grief and new beginnings in a tangible way. We invite you to give meaning to your experience and join your voice with others by creating your own square, today!
Click to learn about how to make your own square!
There is only one month left of the Fall 2020 Recruitment Contest!

The three branches that have the biggest percent increase in nationally registered members will receive some great prizes! We recognize this is an abnormal start to the year for many of our branches who may be virtual or facing in-person restriction. Branch leaders should check their emails for updates from region directors.

If you have any questions, please reach out to or your Region Director.
AMWA encourages anyone comfortable with sharing their inventions, whether it be a poem, painting, collection of photographs, or any other form of art, to submit their work(s) to be featured in the new "Art for Advocacy" gallery on our website.

Click here to view an example.
Submit your artwork to be displayed!
Want to Rep AMWA? Grab Your AMWA T-Shirt Today!
Click here to grab your AMWA Premedical t-shirt for $15!

Once you have your shirt, click here to submit a photo of you wearing it, if you would like to be featured on our social media!
Leader Highlight
Nora Galoustian
Vice President of Recruitment
Nora Galoustian graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in May 2020. She majored in Molecular and Cell Neurobiology and Minored in Interdisciplinary Human Rights. Nora is extremely passionate about the integration of healthcare and human rights, particularly with providing care to marginalized communities such as the refugee and immigrant population in the United States. Nora joined AMWA 4 years ago, previously serving as the AMWA UC Berkeley Chapter President, Program Coordinator, Founder of the Cancer and Women’s Health Committee, National Program Director, and National Region 2 Director. She also currently is the Executive Student Co-Director for the Sex and Gender Health Collaborative of AMWA, seeking to increase awareness and inclusion of sex and gender differences in symptom presentation, physiopathology of disease, and medication response both to the public and medical school academia. Nora enjoys tutoring high school refugees at OHIS through a non-profit and playing soccer.  She conducted her own independent thesis experiment on neuroplasticity and acute stress at the UC Berkeley Kaufer Lab. She hopes to integrate her eclectic experiences to her future as a physician, and hopes to continue her dedication to empowering women in medicine through her position as Vice President of Recruitment.
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