Since AMY Wellness Foundation’s (AMYWF) inception, safe, affordable, and adequate housing has remained a top priority. One of the first grants AMYWF supported was to develop a housing coalition in the AMY region to identify and create a housing report that outlined the current state of housing and potential solutions. The report found that more than 80% of the homes in Avery, Mitchell, and Yancey counties are over 40 years old. As these homes age and repairs are needed, many low-income families do not have the means to make repairs on their own. In time, small repair needs become significant and expensive concerns, which commonly jeopardize the resident’s safety and ability to remain in their household.

In addition, elderly and disabled persons represent 86% of the average population in need and their income falls between 75% – 100% of the national poverty guideline. An overwhelming percentage of elders are not physically or financially capable of making critical repairs on their own and many do not have the support system to help them. Being forced to vacate their households is a tragic reality many face.