The Amelia's Canine Staff: (L to R) Moxie, Papi, Mr. Fitz and Cassie.
Jacksonville, FL – Today, October 4th, is officially World Animal Day, a day set aside "to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe." In celebration, the dog-friendly offices of The Amelia Concours d'Elegance would like to salute our diverse quartet of staff canines who provide security, entertainment, insight and comfort to the small full-time staff of The Amelia.

“I don’t remember a day when there wasn’t at least one dog on duty,” said Tim Pendergast, Director of Operations.

That duty usually includes library security. Senior Amelia Concours dog, Cassie, -- Black Lab mix -- provides the Amelia’s library with a passive security portfolio that has earned her the nickname “Speed Bump.” Cassie is 13 years old and a long time vintage racing enthusiast who occasionally attends and provides security for weekly staff meetings. After lunch she can be reached in the library where she usually spends the afternoon napping on the sofa. Favorite treat: Purina Beggin’ Strips.

Moxie -- “Speed Bump 2” -- spends most of her time on her throne in the Judges and VIP liaison office with master, Jennifer Grosse. Our 135 pound Rottweiler is a “torque monster” that can accelerate from zero (on her throne) to the front door in 2.1 seconds.  Moxie is so gentle and friendly that she is giving Rottweilers a bad name. Bonus: she is The Amelia HQ’s indoor slobber champion. Favorite approved treat: large Milk Bones.
Mr. Fitz behind the wheel of Bill Warner's 1928 Chevrolet Beach Racer.
Smallest yet quickest of The Amelia’s canine quartet is Moxie’s best friend, Papi Chulo (Yorkie), companion to Amelia Marketing Director, Maya Bargar. The dominant male on the Amelia’s canine roster, Papi is named for a local Mexican restaurant. “Papi” has attempted to consume his body weight in treats in just one work day. He attends staff meetings when he suspects treats are available. (They are not.) Papi holds The Amelia HQ’s outer circuit lap record despite a perpetual set-up problem that sees him carry too much boost and not nearly enough wing. This is especially bothersome on both the long back straightaway (hallway) and The Amelia’s equally low traction coefficient lobby chicane where Papi suffers from wheelspin and chronic directional stability. Favorite treat: anything.

Still wearing his Amelia “rookie stripes” is Communications Director Chris Brewer's six month-old “Mr. Fitz”, a St. Berdoodle who is named (in part at least) for the late, great American road racing champion Jim Fitzgerald who was teamed for years with one P.L. Newman at Nissan.

“With a 2.5 staff-to-dog ratio I think we’re a leader if not THE leader in the Florida’s First Coast Dog-Friendly-Work-Environment Sweepstakes,” said Bill Warner, founder and Chairman of the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.

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