Northwest Christian School seeks your support in keeping campus safety a priority.

Dear Crusader community,

Last week, in an earlier email (available here), I alerted you to a request with the city of Phoenix (Z-66-20-1), in which Asura Healthcare, LLC is seeking to rezone the 3.12 acres located at the southeast corner of 43rd Ave. and Juniper from C-O (Commercial Office) to C-1 (Neighborhood Commercial), allowing the space to be used as a 54-bed "Community Residence Center" for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

For obvious reasons, in that email, I encouraged our community to send expressions of concern regarding that plan to three individuals:

Dr. John Gilliam, Medical Director, Asura Healthcare, LLC

David Simmons, Paradise Valley & Deer Valley Village Planner

Grover Peters, Grover Consulting

If you have not yet had the chance to send those emails, please consider doing so at your earliest convenience.

The purpose of this email is two-fold.

  1. Please consider sending an additional email stating your position on this proposed rezoning to Phoenix City Councilwoman Ann O'Brien. Councilwoman O'Brien represents District 1, the district in which the school resides. Her website is here and her email is: Additionally, please 'cc' her assistants using both of these emails: and (If you would like to 'cut-and-paste' text into your email to support your concerns, please consider using the verbiage that you will find at this link.)
  2. There are two upcoming meetings relative to this prospective project in which I would like to ask our families to participate. (The formal invite is here.)
  • The first is a virtual meeting at 6pm on Tuesday, October 5th. In this meeting, the developers will articulate their plans for the facility. A strong showing from our community is vital! On that date and time, you can join the meeting at this link or by dialing +1(571)317-3122, using the access code: 116-815-157.
  • The second meeting is a virtual Village Planning Committee hearing scheduled for 6pm on Thursday, October 14th. Although log-in information will not be available until Thursday, October 7th, you can immediately request to speak in that meeting by presenting a formal request via email to the Paradise Valley & Deer Valley Village Planner David Simmons at this email:

Finally, I want to express my deep gratitude to all of you that have taken the time to participate in this process to date, prayed for these circumstances, and offered encouragement to myself and others working through this situation. I know with absolute certainty that it was you willingness to engage that finally caused the developers to engage with us and begin working through their rezoning request in the proper and prescribed way. Thank you!

Please reach out to me with any questions.

Geoff Brown
(623)225-5573 (cell)
Northwest Christian School
16401 N. 43rd Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85053