ANAC responds to anti- Black sentiment and the murder of George Floyd
Within the past week, global consciousness has been drawn to the persistent and pervasive practices of racism and anti-Blackness. The murder of George Floyd is yet another horrific example of how racism and police brutality endanger the lives of Black men. The threats to the safety and well-being of Black and brown people that have existed for centuries have been laid bare for everyone to finally fully acknowledge. The Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC) not only stands united with people from across the globe condemning racism and anti-B lack sentiments , but also calls for dismantling historic and systemic inequities that disempower and compromise the health and  well-being of people of color.

Both COVID-19 and HIV illustrate how the social and structural nature of racism disproportionately burden people of color at a higher rate. For years, HIV/AIDS advocates , including ANAC , have rallied against the social determinants that create health disparities. Poverty underlies this, but racism is the root that links them all. ANAC has a significant public history of identifying and addressing this intersectionality, especially in the field of HIV and AIDS. ANAC was founded more than 30 years ago with core values that include diversity, collaboration and advocacy grounded in human rights, compassion and social justice. As we call out and demand an end to racism , police misconduct and other threats to the safety of Black and brown lives, we also must fight to end other manifestations of racism that impact well-being.
ANAC will continue to press for policies and actions that ensure access to healthcare and HIV prevention that is respectful and competent. In addition to healthcare, ANAC will continue to join other advocates to demand a change to the structural determinants of health and well-being that include: equity in housing, education, food security, a living wage and dismantling institutional racist policies. In our work to address HIV for all of those impacted , we acknowledge the effect of multi-generational and individual trauma and will advocate for equity in our justice system as well as elected representation that is just and reflects the best of our communities and nation.
This pivotal time in our nation's forward arc requires us to call out and acknowledge the current and past wrongs .  Through listening and engaging our members the communities we serve and others , we will work to build and contribute to meaningful and inclusive solutions to fully address racism and all the horrible inequities that result.
ANAC commits to ongoing efforts in the months ahead to continue to raise awareness about the ways that racism intersects with health and well-being as we collectively work toward lasting and sustainable solutions. 
ANAC Board of Directors   June 5, 2020

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