We're excited to announce that we've recently launched a financial assistance program to help small businesses that are struggling with their electric bills. Through April 30th, we will be accepting applications from small business customers and non-profit organizations for our Emergency Small Business Assistance program. Qualifying customers will receive a $1,000 bill credit on their electric bill.

For the past year, many of our small businesses have battled to overcome hardships caused by COVID-19. Unfortunately, for many this meant shutting doors, reducing staff, and even starting over. Qualifying customers will be able to lower their electric bills and redirect resources to reopening safely.

In addition to this new program, we continue to provide business assistance through suspended disconnections due to non-payment, bill deferrals and payment plans, energy assessments and free energy- and water-saving devices to reduce consumption, and access to additional community resources to help them stay afloat. Our small business community plays a vital role in Anaheim's growth, and together we will come back stronger.
Anaheim businesses are leading the way in supporting clean, sustainable transportation as more and more customers are switching to electric and need a place to charge.

We offer resources, programs, and rebates to help Anaheim businesses through this transition. For more information on the programs below, please contact our EV programs representative at 714-765-4952 or by email at EVREBATES@ANAHEIM.NET.
  • Public Access EV Charger Rebate: Commercial customers and schools that install public access level-2 or higher plug-in EV chargers (max. 10), at locations accessible to patrons, multi-family residents, commuters and visitors, may be eligible for rebates. Under this program, we'll reimburse customers for out-of-pocket expenses up to $5,000 per charging station for public access locations, or $10,000 for affordable housing, schools and publicly accessible DC fast plug-in locations. In addition, we'll pay the city’s permit application fee and up to $1,500 for city plan check fees.

  • EV Fleet Charger & Infrastructure Rebate: Get reimbursed for fleet charging stations and EV charger infrastructure upgrades. We'll also pay city permit fees, reimburse city plan check fees, and electric service connection fees.

  • EV Rideshare Pilot Program: Receive rebates to offset the costs of EVs for residents who live in multi-family affordable housing developments and residential multi-family properties. EV ride sharing assists residents in getting to doctors' appointments, stores, and errands at no cost. EV ride sharing leases, metering, and fuel are qualified rebate expenses under the program, which will be offered for a 3-year term.

  • EV Buying Guide: Our new EV Buying Guide allows you to learn about, browse, and compare new and used electric vehicle models available within Anaheim, cost of ownership, fuel savings, applicable incentives to help you save, and much more.

Thank you to Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) and Anaheim Elementary School District (AESD) for their contributions to creating a clean air community. Both districts participated in the Public Access EV Charger and EV Fleet Charger & Infrastructure Rebate programs, and received rebates to help cover costs of chargers, installation, and associated fees.

AUHSD and AESD will be dedicating all chargers to their EV school buses as they continue to transition from diesel to EV. Replacing just one diesel bus can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 54,000 pounds each year (the equivalent of 3.75 pounds of carbon dioxide for every mile driven), and significantly improve air quality for students inside the buses and throughout our community.

Electric school buses get more than twice the gas mileage compared to diesel buses -- 17 miles per gallon for electric vs. 6 mpg for diesel. They are also much quieter, equipped with seatbelts for safety, reduce maintenance costs by
60%, and cost about the same to purchase as diesel models.
Learn more about our Small Business Energy and Water Direct Install program on our website.