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Roman Catholic Parish Joins ANCC


 Our jurisdiction has been proud of our careful and intentional path. We have never jumped into projects, our incardination and vocation process is professional and thorough, and we try to release only first class materials. This has meant our growth is slow; however, we now have evidence that it can lead to profound results.


We are pleased to announce that the parish council of the Community of St. John the Baptist, a parish whose doors were closed by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Trenton, has requested to join the American National Catholic Church.

Liturgy Our Lady of Guadalupe ANCC

As the parish embraces a new identity, they have adopted a new name: Our Lady of Guadalupe American National Catholic Church. Since their building was taken by the Diocese of Trenton, they have been gathering in local halls. The hundreds of members of the community are very excited over the donation of land that they are working to acquire and which will allow them to soon begin construction of a new church building. OLG will be the first brick and mortar church constructed from the ground up in the American National Catholic Church. 

This parish community is vibrant, full of energy and is growing. We ask your prayers for the community of Our Lady of Guadalupe as well as for their priest. May the good works we see here continue to inspire others who feel called by God to embrace this new and exciting journey within this branch of Christ's Church!
God bless you always,


The American National Catholic Church