March 10, 2021
Volume 6 Issue 30

And Still WE Rise...

Mary's House for Older Adults continues to be committed to structures that empower Black Lives, because for us, BLACK LIVES MATTER
always and all ways

Zoom Bombing, Hate Crimes and Still WE Rise

Many of you know that we were Zoom-bombed with vitriolic racist and pornographic *ish a couple of weeks ago when we were on the air with our Freedom Is Not a Secret: It is An Act Series. The terrorist came into our room in full force. The N-word was six inches deep in the chat. Loud music ensued and male genitalia and other graphic images were drawn on the screen. 

 To say we (our special guest, participants from across the country and Mary's House Fam) were shaken would be an understatement. Not that this is the first time we've experienced racism, sexism and homophobia. It's just the first time on this medium. It was like someone had stepped into our home, our space and callously violated us. AND they did. This vicious attack reached into a private space and left us feeling vulnerable. This gesture of entitlement and privilege felt evil and hurtful... reminding us of I can't breathe. However, we persevered and regrouped. Take a listen to the after-remarks. Like Dr. Maya Angelou has proclaimed : And Still WE Rise...

BLACK LGBTQ/SGL Elder Series with Bill Campbell
Pictured from L-R: Bill Campbell, Andrea Macko, Dr. Imani Woody, and Mark Kelley

 Bill (and his husband Mark) are staunch long-term supporters of MHFOA. Bill recently shared a distressing event he experienced while patronizing a white-owned gay bar in the DMV. His recount left me sad and disappointed. I am sad that Bill, who has lived more than seven decades, felt the sting of racial discrimination in an establishment he thought would embrace this part of his intersectionality. We invite you listen to what Bill, joined by Mark, think about Black Lives Matter Movement and their lives. 

Click here to see the interview.

If you would like to share your thoughts in the VOICES ON BLACK LGBTQ/SGL ELDERS FORUM please contact us at  

Celebrating Women: 
Ms. Mandy Carter and Dr. Imani Woody 
Lead Freedom Is Not a Secret: It Is a Practice.

Freedom is a noun that means one has the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Freedom given can be taken. Freedom is an on-going act against white and male supremacy. As we know, white supremacy is not new and has gone truly public and acceptable if the insurgency that happened at the Capitol building and across the country are any indications.

Join us March 23, 2021 at 4 PM for the first of this series as it welcomes National Treasures and Agents of Change, Ms. Mandy Carter and Dr. Imani Woody. They will create a brave and provocative space to have conversation and spark dialogue that highlights their 101+ years of agitation, activism, advocacy and Getting It Done! Click Here to Register


Freedom is Not a Secret: It is a Practices Series.
Black Lives Matter and Respectability Politics

 Join in a lively conversation with national Black LGBTQ/SGL leaders on the impact of Respectability Politics used by Black folks - Black LGBTQ/SGL folks in particular. Facilitated by Dr. Imani Woody, this is the second in the Freedom Is Not a Secret: It Is a Practice Series. Guests Kylar Broadus, Esq., Dr. Nii-Quarterlai Quartey and Ms. Donna Payne-Hardy will discuss the hard truths about how the assimilation into the dominant culture makes life at our intersectionality better or worse in terms of prejudices and systemic discrimination. 

Cultural Competence in Dementia Care with 
Dr. Imani

CORONAVIRUS:  Vaccine Updates and Utilities Assistance 

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After intense advocacy for more than three years, MHFOA was instrumental in 15 housing vouchers becoming available for homeless LGBTQ/SGL Older Adults 62 years of age or older. The vouchers from DCHA will be distributed by the Office of LGBTQ Affairs. 

A new partnership, The DC Elders HOPE (Housing Older People Efficiently) Project, between the Office of LGBTQ Affairs, Department of Aging and Community Living (DACL), and MHFOA will assist in the elimination of homelessness and isolation experienced by Elder LGBTQ/SGL adults  in our City. Interested? Please contact Dr. Imani at

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