Greetings Pastors, and Treasurer/Stewardship!

I pray this finds each of you healthy in the midst of this COVID 19 Pandemic. As you know, the new CARES Act has been passed which included a Paycheck Protection Program for businesses – including 501c3 non-profits. Just last week ANE treasurer, Ray Flag, ANE Stewardship Chair, Paul Pintarch, and I attended a webinar “The Cares Act – Key Impacts on Churches and Nonprofits.” This was sponsored by Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

We received some helpful resources regarding the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). If you are considering applying for this grant, I have attached Top 10 Questions Nonprofits Are Asking About the Cares Act . More specifically it addresses questions regarding the PPP. 

If you haven’t applied and would like to, I encourage you to submit the application through the bank with which your church has an account. The online application you need to complete and related information can be found at   If you have further questions, check with the church’s bank.

This application link and a link to ECFA can be found on ANE’s website: .

Blessings as you continue to stay connected, worship together, and discern new ways to sustain your ministries for a time such as this.  

Kay Weaver
Director of Stewardship Commission
Phone: 717-367-4730