Greetings to you as you minister in this Lenten season amidst uncertain days. My prayers have been with you knowing that you are facing daily challenges and opportunities that you have not faced before and that seem to increase as this COVID-10 crisis continues. And yet Jesus’ words reassure us that He will be with us always, even to the end of the age. We are not alone, and God gives daily strength to the weary.
I am writing to share information with you regarding a love feast service streamed live over the internet which will be available to congregations and individuals on Thursday, April 9th at 8 pm EDT/ 5 pm PDT. The impetus for this service, which features leadership from across the denomination, arose out of Holy Week worship planning webinars offered by the Office of Ministry last week for ministers. This service offered by the Office of Ministry will feature meditations, scriptures and music. It will also be available as a recording immediately after the service. Connect at
This opportunity is one in which your congregation may wish to participate. If so, they may want to prepare footwashing/handwashing and communion supplies in advance. Additionally, I am aware that many congregations have either made plans for their own virtual love feast or are planning to delay the service until they can meet in person. I also rejoice that there are opportunities being offered throughout the denomination including individual congregations which offer their worship online , the Dunker Punks podcasted love feast , available on YouTube, and congregations joining in celebrating love feast as sister congregations. These efforts provide opportunities to reach out invitationally in mission to our communities, joining Christ where He is at work in our neighborhoods. I trust that our celebrations of love feast, however and whenever they take place, will be a rich expression of our common love for Jesus Christ, our Savior, Lord, Teacher, and Redeemer.

Throughout this Holy Week, may you feel the Spirit’s presence as we walk together with Jesus, remembering his journey to the cross and into the tomb and his resurrection on Easter morning.
Grace and peace,

Nancy S. Heishman
Director, Office of Ministry

Phone: 717-367-4730