Welcome to the ANE District's new publication called "Know Your Neighbor"! This publication is designed to give you some intimate information about the many churches within our large district. It is intended to be a fun way of sharing a part of their story as we all are called to continue the work of Jesus. Enjoy!
Connecting Our Community Under The Canopy Of Christ
Ambler CoB is located at 351 E. Butler Ave, Ambler , PA.
Pastoral Team: Enten & Mary Eller; Judith Sheard

Membership: 70
Worship: 50
Church School: 31
Get to Know Us!
What is your congregation most passionate about?

A: The Ambler Church of the Brethren is passionate about its witness to peace with justice... helping the homeless, reaching the marginalized, serving in disaster ministries, working for non-violence. All of this adds up to caring about people--all people--in a variety of ways.
What ministry excites you most?

A: We are blessed to have a number of individuals excited about many differing ministries; in turn, they inspire us to be involved. Examples range from our Christmas Food Box Outreach (to about 40 families) and working with CeaseFirePA for reducing gun violence, to supporting outreach in South Sudan and an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya (a project of one of our youth!).
How would you describe your congregation?

A: The Ambler Church of the Brethren is a small, caring, close-knit congregation that works intentionally to welcome others, and we have a big heart for community outreach. We strive to provide a safe and welcoming place for all who enter our building, and witness to the Love of Jesus for absolutely everyone.
If you were not in your community, what would be missing?

A: If our congregation were not here, there would not be a home for several AA meetings nor the Korean Community Church of Philadelphia, a lack of leadership for the Wissahickon Faith Community Association, no place for homeless to sleep a month out of the year, far fewer flowers to brighten the day of those going down our street, and a strong voice for peace and supporting diverse segments of our community would be absent.
What are your congregation's five favorite hymns or choruses?

A: * You Shall Go Out with Joy * Move in our Midst * For the Beauty of the Earth * Here I Am, Lord * In the Bulb There is a Flower
What do people say they like best about your church?

A: Visitors are often struck by the authentic and heartfelt joys and concerns that we share with each other during worship; with how we genuinely love each other and include visitors; our stained-glass window with Brethren symbols; and our colorful signs of welcome, including our welcoming mural facing our parking lot (with a sunburst and rainbow) and our inviting homemade rainbow benches at each door.
If someone was to ask you to tell them about your congregation's vision for ministry, what would you tell them?

A: We often share our mission as to Continue the Work of Jesus... Peacefully. Simply. Together. Our ministry is also inclusive, as we state that we welcome people of any ethnicity, orientation, ability, or status... everyone. We try to follow where Jesus calls us, focusing out beyond ourselves, doing our best to listen for the nudging of the Spirit to where we can minister.
What mission efforts has your congregation been involved in recently?

A: Just recently, we have sent volunteers to Brethren Disaster Ministries, starting packing Christmas Food boxes, collected special offerings for girl's education in South Sudan, sent an offering to Disaster Child Care, raised matching funds for Heifer International, collected for UNICEF, supported several indigent requests, taken in a homeless teenager, allocated funds for preserving a Brethren historic site, and raised our giving to both district and denominational ministries.
Share a Fun Fact about your church:

A: Our deacons have started sponsoring a quarterly fellowship breakfast! And we had a lot of fun celebrating our 175th Anniversary last year (2015), especially as we found in the musty old church minutes from 1887 that a special council meeting had decided that the church was "progressive" and not "conservative" by a vote of 8 to 1.
Describe your youth and young adult ministries:

A: Our youth are valued and respected. They participate in our ministries (including serving on committees, and helping in worship), plant and tend a garden to harvest fresh produce for our local food cupboard, and do a worship service every year. Many participate in workcamps, and we make sure to allow time for them to share back with the congregation about those experiences. Twelve of our youth went to NYC last time around... not bad for a church with only 78 members! And they also like being together!
What is the title of a book or video series that your congregation has recently used and would suggest to other congregations/small groups?

A: Two books we would recommend: Pastrix, and Accidental Saints, both by Nadia Bolz-Weber.
What is a favorite or well loved food at your congregational meal events? Is there a special recipe that you can share for this food?

A: We have great cooks :-) and there are often wonderful soups (including gluten-free and vegetarian options). (Unfortunately, many of the best dishes we've seen have no recipe, and are not necessarily able to be re-created!)
What is your congregation's favorite annual event?

A: Even with Love Feasts, and the All-Church Picnic, or even the somber Tenebra Service on Good Friday, or the Christmas Caroling followed by dinner at the parsonage... it is the Christmas Eve Service--with the beauty of the sanctuary and the meaningful decorations, and the candle-lighting at the end signifying Christ's light coming into the world--that is the most favorite.
In what way has ANE assisted your church?

A: Helping with our pastoral search.