Welcome to the ANE District's new publication called "Know Your Neighbor"! This publication is designed to give you some intimate information about the many churches within our large district. It is intended to be a fun way of sharing a part of their story as we all are called to continue the work of Jesus. Enjoy!
Connecting Our Community Under The Canopy Of Christ
 Stevens Hill Community

Stevens Hill Community is located at 3131 Turnpike Road, Elizabethtown, PA.
Pastor: Andy Hamilton

Membership: 87
Worship: 69
Church School: 26
Website: www.stevenshill.org
Get to Know Us!
What is your congregation most passionate about?

A: Loving and caring for people. We are passionate about service and hospitality in the name of Jesus. Through this we seek to bear witness to the gospel of God's kingdom in Christ both in word and deed.
What ministry excites you most?

A: Recently we excitedly adopted an apartment through BHA. Also we are excited about ministering to our neighborhood.
How would you describe your congregation?

A: I would describe our congregation as a community of people who love Jesus and each other. We have a passion for reaching our community.
If you were not in your community, what would be missing?

A: A community of light on Stevens Hill.
What are your congregation's five favorite hymns or choruses?

A: We like a variety of hymns and spiritual songs. Our Light House, By Faith, Precious Lord Take My Hand, Amazing Grace Our Chains Are Gone, Thrive, Move in Our Midst.
What do people say they like best about your church?

A: It is friendly, welcoming and Christ-centered.
If someone was to ask you to tell them about your congregation's vision for ministry, what would you tell them?

A:  We aspire to be light on the hill radiating care and grace to our community, transforming relationships and lives to reflect the amazing, reconciling, healing love of God.
What mission efforts has your congregation been involved in recently?

A: We are actively supportive and engaged in both local, national, and international ministries. We are actively supportive of Brethren Disaster ministries. We are active members in Elizabethtown Churches United ministries. We have been actively supporting and partnering with Brethren Housing.
Share a Fun Fact about your church:

A: Bill Longenecker (former Pastor) once traveled the immediate community knocking on the doors of a thousand homes when he replanted the congregation.
Describe your youth and young adult ministries:

A: We are in the process of building a youth ministry. We have a vibrant Junior High group.
What is the title of a book or video series that your congregation has recently used and would suggest to other congregations/small groups?

A: Love Does (video series)
What is your congregation's favorite annual event?

A: Baptism and family cookouts in August.
In what way has ANE assisted your church?

A: The district assisted in restarting the church nearly 30 years ago and has also assisted in placing pastors. The District continually supports us by resourcing for training, service opportunities and fellowship events. The district continually reminds us that we are a part of a larger family.