Welcome to the ANE District's new publication called "Know Your Neighbor"!  This publication is designed to give you some intimate information about the many churches within our large district.  It is intended to be a fun way of sharing a part of their story as we all are called to continue the work of Jesus.    Enjoy!
Connecting Our Community Under The Canopy Of Christ
  Mechanic Grove

Mechanic Grove is located at 1392 Robert Fulton Highway, Quarryville, PA
Interim Pastor:  Bob Kettering 
Associate Pastor:  Misty Wintsch
Pastor of Youth and Young Adult Ministry:  Adam Ulm
Pastor of Congregational Care Ministry:  Mary Etta Reinhart

Membership:  470
Worship:  302
Church School: 188
Website:  www.mgcb.org
Get to Know Us!
What is your congregation most passionate about?

A:  We love Jesus!  And we are passionate about children who are the future of our church, our community, and our world.  We  allow them to feel like the church is their second home.
What ministry excites you most?

A:  We are very involved in children's ministries:  day care, preschool, before and after school and summer child care!  About 150 children walk through our doors on a daily basis and even during the summer that number is 70 or 80! 
How would you describe your congregation?

A:  We are a friendly and welcoming group of people who are working at discipleship 7 days a week and are delighted when others join us in that!  We have 2 different worship styles, but we have one fellowship style and that is to care for each other and our community through prayer and service. 
If you were not in your community, what would be missing?

A: Lots of love and joy would be missing, but even more, our members have servant hearts  We serve funeral meals for everyone (not just our members) and community meals in the local park once a week in the summer and in our Family Life Center during the school year.  We serve in many and varied capacities for our local farm show.  We provide loving child care for the entire community and invaluable Love INC services.  We provide a peace witness to our community.  We rent our facilities for weddings and funerals that are too large for others' churches and so much more!   
What are your congregation's five favorite hymns or choruses?

A: * At our traditional service, we have so many that we have a meaningful hymn sing before worship once a month!   For our contemporary service, we have a member that is gifted by God for choosing songs to affirm the morning message so that all of them feel meaningful and help us to praise God and to take the message into Monday with us!  
What do people say they like best about your church?

A: We are friendly and welcoming and there are lots of children and youth!  We are serious about the Bible and discipleship, but relaxed about things like attire and property.  God gave us this building and grounds to be used not as a mausoleum but as a place to further His kingdom and everything we do reflects that.  We allow it to be used hard and repaired and rebuilt; not to fade or rust away.  
If someone was to ask you to tell them about your congregation's vision for ministry, what would you tell them?

A:  Our vision:   To glorify God through Jesus-centered worship and to take His Love into our local and global community through our faithful service, giving and outreach. While affirming our unique Brethren heritage of New Testament beliefs, we welcome all to “come as you are.” We believe that by nurturing believers, striving to be more like Jesus, and witnessing with our lifestyle, we will learn and grow together as disciples.

Our mission:
We seek to glorify God through worship and to nurture the Body of Christ. We are dedicated to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and will share the promise of Salvation through words, deeds and actions.
What mission efforts has your congregation been involved in recently?

A: We do disaster relief trips and youth work camps.  Our members work for Brethren Housing Association too.  We also have a community garden which supports the local food bank and our members are faithful about other food bank and community service donations including a community fuel fund and a local benevolence for short term needs and more.
Share a Fun Fact about your church:

A: The last living member of the Ephrata Cloister, Marie Bucher, was a member of Mechanic Grove.
Describe your youth and young adult ministries:

A: We have Jr. and Sr. High youth who participate in all kinds of District and Denominational retreats, work camps, conferences and other activities.  There is a weekly Bible study for youth on Wednesday nights along with other activities throughout the year.  We are very active with our Youth and both the Jr. and Sr. High Youth lead an entire worship service at separate times during the year.  Some of the favorite activities are our Sr. High Winter Retreat and our pool and pond parties that mix in our adventuresome farming families with big equipment and creative ways to wind up splashing into the deep end!  Young Adults have their own Sunday School class or are welcome to join other adult classes and small groups.  
What is the title of a book or video series that your congregation has recently used and would suggest to other congregations/small groups?

A: We did a year-long study of The Story including worship, Sunday School and small groups.  Every sermon reflected that day's lesson and every Sunday School class was on the same lesson each week.  It bonded us and strengthened us and taught and/or refreshed God's story from beginning to end for all of us.
What is a favorite or well loved food at your congregational meal events?  Is there a special recipe that you can share for this food?

A: One of our members makes Angel Food cakes; lots of them and wonderful flavors.  It wouldn't be one of our events without those!  Also, we love our beef rice soup for Love Feast and so many other dishes from our beloved 4 cookbooks!
What is your congregation's favorite annual event?

A: We love the Solanco Fair and parade.  Maybe that sounds strange because it isn't our church's event, but it kind of is.  Everyone in the community is involved and we get to reflect our Love, enjoy each other and applaud the accomplishments of our children and youth.  We are reminded each year that God is Love.  The Sunday before the Fair is always "drive your work vehicle to church Sunday,"  officially:  Southern End Celebration Sunday) and our parking lot is filled with farm and trucking equipment. 
In what way has ANE assisted your church?

A: Our District Executive has always been supportive and present when we have needed him.  His work with us has reminded us that we are not living in a bubble; there is so much more to God and His Kingdom than our congregation and many of our members and pastors have served in District Ministry over the years.  We look forward to working with the next DE too and we appreciate the staff at the District Office so very much as well!