Welcome to the ANE District's new publication called "Know Your Neighbor"!  This publication is designed to give you some intimate information about the many churches within our large district.  It is intended to be a fun way of sharing a part of their story as we all are called to continue the work of Jesus.  Peacefully, Simply, Together.  Enjoy!
Connecting Our Community Under The Canopy Of Christ
  Hershey Spring Creek

Hershey Spring Creek CoB is located at 335 East Areba Ave, Hershey, PA.
Pastor:  Dennis Garrison

Membership:  201
Worship:  149
Church School: 90
Get to Know Us!
What is your congregation most passionate about?

A:  J esus;   Reaching our community;   Caring for each other;   Serving others.
What ministry excites you most?

A:  Our children's and youth ministries.
How would you describe your congregation?

A:  Although we have a lot of older members, we have had a number of new families become participants in the life of our congregation.  Probably best described by our mission statement:  "Welcoming, Worshiping, Growing, Sharing, and Serving - Together for Christ".
If you were not in your community, what would be missing?

A: The Parsonage Ministry through Love INC (we've donated our parsonage for use by Love INC for free overnight housing for families of patients in the Hershey Medical Center).
What are your congregations five favorite hymns or choruses?

A: There are lots of them!!
What do people say they like best about your church?

A: Friendliness, caring, the children's and youth ministries, it's an encouraging place, a sense of community.
If someone was to ask you to tell them about your congregation's vision for ministry, what would you tell them?

A: "Welcoming, Worshiping, Growing, Sharing, and Serving - Together for Christ".
What mission efforts has your congregation been involved in recently?

A: Love INC of Greater Hershey, Brethren Housing Association, Unite Youth (combined effort of churches in Hershey), Nigeria workcamp.
Share a Fun Fact about your church:

A: A donation of $20,600 from Milton S. Hershey in the 1930's was used to build a parsonage (now the Love INC Parsonage Ministry) and completely renovate the church building.
Describe your youth and young adult ministries:

A:  Large youth group (20+), very active, great relationships being developed, an energetic part-time Youth Director.   Young adults is one area in which we struggle but keep trying - it takes young adults to keep a young adult program going and most of our youth are not in the area after high school graduation.
What is the title of a book or video series that your congregation has recently used and would suggest to other congregation/small groups?

A: "The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations" by Q Place  (www.qplace.com) 
What is a favorite or well loved food at your congregational meal events?  Is there a special recipe that you can share for this food?

A: Cheesy potatoes.
What is your congregation's favorite annual event?

A:  Septemberfest;  All-church Christmas Celebration
In what way has ANE assisted your church?

A: After we had exhausted our church's benevolence funds, a grant from the Disaster Benevolence Fund supported a family in our congregation that was going through difficult times.