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New Album  Release
 California Rock Band ANGELES Release Studio Album With New Jersey Independent Record Label Bongo Boy Records,LLC / Bongo Boy Music Group INC
Introduced to the record label by their Canadian Partner/Music Director Emidio Vaz; Bongo Boy is excited to release ANGELES studio album TIME OF TRUTH


UPC 680193999550| Release Date: 10.16.18 | Genre: Rock/Metal 

1. Pain - Lytle/ LeBoeuf / Ferreira - 4:18
2. Not Here to Play - Lytle / Lewis - 3:07
3. Hollywood - Lytle / Thrill - 3:06
4. Trouble - Lytle / Lewis - 3:24
5. Goodbye - Lytle / LeBoeuf - 3:46
6. We're No Angels - Lytle / Raudman - 2:58
7. Are You Ready For Your Sins - Lytle / Ferreira - 4:04
8. Lonely Road - Lytle / Thrill - 2:35
9. Band  Plays On - Lytle / Lewis - 3:47
10. Shiver Me Timbers - Lytle /Raudman - 3:04
11. God, Country and King - Lytle / Lewis - 5:18
Band Members
Dale Lytle - Guitars
Danny Ferreira - Vocals
Danny Basulto - Drums
Cal Shelton - Bass Guitar
Special Guest on Bass Guitar - Matt Thorne - Lonely Road
John Merritt Drums - Goodbye, God Country and King, Band plays on, Pain
Produced by:
Dale Lytle
Matt Thorne
Recorded at:
Clear Lake Recording Studio, Los Angeles Ca- Ara Sarkisian
Mt Recording Studio, Burbank Ca - Matt Thorne
Tall Cat Recording Studio, Phoenix Az - Tom Whiting
Mixed and Mastered by:
Gar Francis at Bongo Boy Records Studio
Front Cover by: Lauren Ashley Harris & Monique Grimme
Album Design by: Connie Lytle and Monique Grimme
Photo by: George Contreras
Special thanks To: Emidio Vaz - Emidio's Rock Den, Steve Torres - HMG Radio Show,
Scott Ellison, Lee Ellison, Rock Star dog Kookie Lytle who has never missed a tour, show or rehearsal. 
Connie Lytle our driving force and backbone of this band and endless hours of dedication, and all our fans for your support thank you all.
+ S&H

ANGELES an all original rock band that first started playing in Hollywood, Ca in the early 80's and was founded by Dale Lytle. Band Members: Dale Lytle Founder/ Lead Guitar, Danny Ferreira - Lead Vocals, Cal Shelton - Bass Guitar and Danny Basulto - Drums.
Angeles has shared the stage with rock legends such as Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Quiet Riot, Ronnie James Dio, Ratt, Guns n Roses, Metallica, Foghat, Michael Schenker, Dokken, L.A Guns, Jack Russell's Great White, Ron Bushy from Iron Butterfly, The Tubes, Faster Pussycat, Edgar Winter and Jefferson Starship during their 35 -plus years as a band they have live extensively. In 2014 Angeles received their first Platinum Album for having sold over 1 million copies of "We're No Angels". Angeles has released 12 album (cds) with the "Time of Truth" will be released on Bongo Boy Records on October 16, 2018 WORLDWIDE. 
  1st SINGLE

Bongo Boy's recording artist ANGELES will be dropping a new single on September 4th. The single titled GOD, COUNTRY and KING will introduce the band's fans worldwide to the new band's lead singer Danny Ferreira. 
GOD, COUNTRY and KING music written by the founder of ANGELES Dale Lylte and lyrics written by Greg Lewis. Dale shared with the band's record label earlier this month his excitement about the new single: "We finally found THE singer for the band that can sing this song as it was meant to be sung. Wow I still get goosebumps when I hear this new single".
UPC 680193999529 | ISRC: USPXQ18040901 | WORLDWIDE | DIGITAL SINGLE| 9.4.18

There's a much greater or more epic feel to this song than the simple acoustic introduction first seems to imply. Even during those introductory moments, as the guitar plays out around you, the leading voice has a certain depth and sense of anticipation within it that draws your attention from afar. Rightfully so, as things then start to build - the music and the passion of the piece explodes into life. The instrumentation reaches new heights of energy and expression, and that leading voice reaches even greater personal heights that help see you rising up with the band in the heat of the moment. READ MORE

New Single TV Spot - Angeles - GOD, COUNTRY and KING
New Single TV Spot - Angeles - GOD, COUNTRY and KING

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