Expansion and Relocation Plans Underway!
As the industry leader in automated waterblasting Smart Technology, Team Terydon is excited to announce our commitment of relocation to downtown Canton, Ohio.

Fueled by rapid growth due to demand for safe and advanced methods of industrial cleaning, the pioneer of wireless touch-screen control has acquired its new “home” -- covering a square block in the heart of Canton’s northeastern downtown community -- and offering added potential for longer-term expansion.

Photo credit Joe Albert Photography
Nestled amongst other locally owned businesses and adjacent to the vibrant Arts District, this former data center and crypto-mining fortress will not only provide sufficient square footage for growth - but more importantly, fulfill critical security protocol requirements on current and future U.S. Department of Defense and other Federal Government contracts.
Under one roof, this centralized headquarters will provide:
  • Expanded Manufacturing capacity to meet growing demand
  • Inflated Engineering capabilities for product development and custom solutions
  • Extended luxury office space for software/IoT and R&D collaboration
  • Multi-story indoor vault for high-pressure water component testing year-round
  • Training apparatus ensuring approved representation and operation of technology
  • Convenient highway, lodging, and restaurant access for employees and customers alike.

Photo credit Joe Albert Photography

We anticipate completion of the relocation and expansion process by 4th Quarter, 2022, and cannot wait to keep you up to date with the progress. For more information, speak to a Terydon representative here!