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After a long and thorough process, our strategic plan is now ready for public release. It's a great day at Westminster and I am thrilled with the goals we have set forth for the coming years.
This process began at the end of the 2015-2016 school year when our last five-year plan expired. The Lord went before us with perfect timing as this coincided with my arrival at Westminster. It was the ideal time to begin working with the Board of Directors and other parts of our WCA family to develop the next plan.
The first step was to determine general categories for strategic imperatives to guide our thoughts and discussions. From there, eight teams were organized consisting of WCA administration, faculty, staff, parents, and board members from both campuses.
Each team was then assigned one of the strategic imperatives to unpack, discuss, and record ideas and goals around their assigned areas. This process lasted over several months and all of the hard work was compiled into a single document to be presented to a final committee made up of board members and representatives from each campus.
During this process we communicated with you! We set up a web page, communicated through this newsletter, and discussed the process at Coffee Chats on both campuses.
I am now happy to report that after more than a year of collaborative work, prayer, planning, and final approval by the Board of Directors, the strategic plan is ready for public release.
We have a page dedicated to the strategic plan on our WCA website for your review. Click here to explore! You will see that some of the items should be no surprise to anyone and others are truly a challenge that will require diligent effort and cooperation over a few years. I welcome the challenge and know that WCA will be better for it in the years to come. With the Lord's guidance, I am confident we can achieve what is set forth in the new strategic plan.
We won't be wasting any time! There are some goals that may be accomplished quickly and require fewer resources, while others may take more time, human, and financial resources - we are devoted to accomplishing all of it.
For accountability and communication, I will be making annual reports to our Board, to our faculty and staff, and to the Westminster family as a whole. We will be directing personnel and resources toward achieving these ends and ask you to join us in every area where you are called upon. Give feedback when asked, participate where needed, and most importantly, lift up the entire process in prayer. This will be a team effort that will take the work and commitment of our students and parents, our faculty and staff, our Board of Directors, and myself.
You can view the STRATEGIC PLAN HERE. To assist everyone with knowledge and understanding of the plan, I intend to spend this semester writing about each of the eight strategic imperatives and unpack one at a time for you.
I pray that you see the long term benefit to WCA and to every student that should come as a result of a commitment to accomplishing what is laid out in the plan. Thank you for your continued prayerful support of WCA.
In closing, allow me to commend and thank all of the people who served on teams and all who have met with me or e-mailed me all kinds of thoughts over the last 18 months. The ideas presented in writing and in conversation with me were all extremely valuable. Our Board of Directors should also be commended for having courage and high expectations for WCA. I certainly feel their encouragement as well as their challenge and expectation. Good job, team.

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Mr. Scott Davis
Head of School
Westminster Christian Academy

" A man who has lived in many places is not likely to be deceived by the local errors of his native village: the scholar has lived in many times and is therefore in some degree immune from the great cataract of nonsense that  pours from the press and the microphone of his own age."  - C.S. Lewis The Weight of Glory