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Press Release

It is our pleasure to announce the opening of the Canarsie Annual Holiday Display which will take place on Friday, December 6th, 2019 at 6 p.m. sharp at the corner of Flatlands Avenue and East 93rd Street, Brooklyn, NY. This magnificent collage of lights, animated figures and talking animatronics has been a Brooklyn tradition since 1963 attracting visitors to neighborhood of Canarsie from around the Borough and the City.

Valued at over $350,000 the display includes over 50,000 lights; almost 100 animated dolls and a talking Christmas tree.

Each of eight display areas identifies a different holiday theme. International and multicultural in flavor, vignettes also depict not only Christmas but Chanukah and Kwanza celebrations.

Watch the MICKEY AND HIS FRIENDS, as they ice skate across the front lawn with Mickey and Minnie as the star attractions, dancing to Holiday songs. 

Enjoy Santa’s workshop, which includes eight shiny reindeer, elves making toys and Santa reciting the night before Christmas to his audience.

Experience a Nativity, imported from Italy, which features Life Size religious figures in their own unique Christmas creche.
Look for the twenty-foot high Hot Air Balloon festooned with lights to guide you to the house or the 12-foot Ferris Wheel which circles the front lawn and includes the Minions enjoying a fun filled ride. 

A flying Zeppelin which floats fifteen feet above the ground and travels over 100 feet across the entire length of the side yard of the property.

A 10-foot high Ferris wheel carries figures who ride around and around the front lawn.

A host of Disney characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse, are seen decorating their Christmas tree, nicknamed “Stumpy,” an eight-foot computer generated animatronic tree which vocalizes holiday songs and tells jokes.

Standing guard over the entire display is a 15-foot Toy Soldier who oversees the Carousel of Reindeers. The Carousel is over 10 feet in diameter and circles the inner yard of the property.

Pepe the talking Parrot adorns the front door delighting guests with holiday renditions. 

This year’s newest attraction is PINOCCHIO who presides over the front bow window of the house telling us of his tale about becoming a real boy. 

This display has been the featured in numerous television programs, in many magazines, newspapers and articles about the magic of these beautiful holidays.

The December 6th opening night features musical renditions by local groups as well as a live Santa, elves and a dozen costumed characters. This year choral renditions will be provided by the Public School 115 chorus and the choir of Holy Family Church. Christmas carols will be played on steel drums by our own Steel Band. All are invited to the opening event.

Construction of the display is done solely with volunteers and typically takes the entire month of November to complete.

The display is presided over by Frank Seddio who is a lifelong Canarsie resident; He is a local attorney who has been active in numerous community organizations throughout his career.