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Stephen Main, along with full Chancel Choir and Orchestra, presents his NEW Cantata, The Image.


2022-23 Annual Report

The past 12 months at Piedmont Community Church have been filled with mission and purpose - not to mention an incredible amount of planning for the future. You can download your copy of our Annual Report today to remember the year that was, while planning for all that will be!


Annual Meeting Sunday

The annual meeting of Piedmont Community Church will be held this Sunday, June 11 in the Sanctuary immediately following worship.

The meeting will also be livestreamed on our YouTube Channel and on our website.


Father's Day Breakfast June 18

A pancake breakfast in celebration of Father's Day will be held Sunday, June 18, from 8:30am - 10am, then again after worship, in the Courtyard or Guild Hall. Stop by and say hello to Nick Baz, our former Doorkeeper!

The breakfast is free to all.

Mission Board, By-laws Change

By Pat Leicher, Church President

The Mission Task Force has submitted its report to the Board of Trustees, and it has been accepted. 

I recommend that you read the report, which can be found here. 

As you may recall, the Mission Study Report done a couple of years ago called for a robust focus on mission work, not only in terms of dollars contributed but also time invested in our surrounding communities by church members. The Task Force has done a thoughtful and thorough job of recommending how Piedmont Church envisions and implements its mission work. 

One of the main recommendations is that the Mission Committee, currently a committee of the Board of Deacons, be moved out from under the Deacons and report directly to the Board of Trustees. It will be renamed the Mission Board and will be structured in the same way as the Boards of Deacons and Christian Education, with the chairperson becoming an ex officio voting member of the Board of Trustees. To accomplish this new structure, changes to the by-laws of the church are necessary. We will be voting on the by-laws changes at the Annual Meeting on June 11. 

A red-lined copy of the by-laws can be found here for your review.

The new Mission Board is not yet ready to submit the names of members to be part of the board to the congregation. This will be done later in the year. We will not be voting on new members for the Christian Education Board at the Annual Meeting either. The CE Board is going to be re-envisioned as we develop our NextGen ministries. We look forward to explaining the new vision and structure once it is developed, along with proposed members. Ideally, we will be able to vote on members for the Mission Board and the CE Board at the same time this fall.

Thank you for your time and consideration of these important matters. We hope you will be able to attend the Annual Meeting on June 11. We have lots of good news to report, as well as the proposed budget for the 23/24 fiscal year.

Your email may require you to CLICK MORE at the bottom of this page to continue reading. We could write less, but there's no fun in that!

Project Peace Day Of Service

The next Project Peace Day of Service is scheduled for Saturday, June 24, from 9-12 pm. Piedmont Church will again be taking the lead on doing service at one of their partner facilities, Turning Point. 

Turning Point is a women's shelter in East Oakland that is run by City Team. A number of us worked there a few months back cleaning up their yard and fixing bicycles. We are going to be working there again on June 24 and have 10 slots to fill, so sign up before or after worship on June 4 or 11, or contact Judy Wright at rbwright1@me.com or Mike Bandrowski at mike.bandrowski@gmail.com 

This will be a great activity for church members of all ages and an opportunity to help and get to know the work being done to support the women at the Turning Point shelter.

Fourth of July Float Returns

Volunteers needed for building, root beer serving

We’re excited to put the church’s dove float back together for this year’s 4th of July parade in Piedmont. Hope you’ll help us “stuff it” with white tissues, walk behind it in the parade and enjoy a free root beer float afterwards in the church Courtyard. Feel free to bring family and friends on the 4th. The more the merrier! 

Contact David Birnbaum at birnbaum.davidm@gmail.com if you can help stuff the float on Saturday, July 1 and/or Sunday, July 2.  Times TBD. Please email Jan Ghirardelli at jkghirardelli@gmail.com if you can help serve root beer floats on July 4.


Email Scam Alert

A reminder that no member of Clergy, Staff or Lay Leadership will ever write or call you asking for gift cards. These scams have been hurtful, and have been played out within our congregation for years.

Please protect yourself from scammers and do not reply to this type of request.


Flowers For Worship

Flowers, as a means of praising and thanking God, are an integral part of the Sunday worship experience. Flowers are also an expression of honoring or remembering persons or events that have meaning in our lives.

If you would like to donate flowers to enhance the Chancel for Sunday worship, please consider making a monetary donation for flowers or a donation of blooms from your garden. There are church members who are experienced in arranging the flowers that you graciously provide. These flowers would be available after worship for you to take with you or to be donated to someone unable to attend worship in person.

Each Sunday there is a Flower Notebook in the Courtyard where you can enter the pertinent information for your flower donation. Or, contact Dottie Hutch at Dottie@PiedmontChurch.org

Thank you in advance for adding to the beauty of the Chancel and thereby making a more meaningful worship experience for the congregation.


For your convenience, we now accept Venmo for online offering.

Please do not use this for pledge payments, rather continue to pay as you have. We are @PiedmontChurch

Pledge Payment Update

While our pledge year is based on a calendar year, our fiscal year ends June 30. If you are current on the first 6 months of your 2023 pledge, thank you. If you are not current, please take a moment to pay your pledge through June 30. 


Online Bible Study

Whether or not you’ve ever studied the Bible before, you’re invited to a weekly online study led by Don Ashburn. Each Monday from 10 - 11am, a group of 8-12 people get together to study scripture in light of their own lives.

The focus is on the Gospel of John. Contact Don at Don@PiedmontChurch.org

Here is the Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83296269401

Time To Take a Breath

The pauses between the words gives us all a chance to find our breath and focus on quieting our minds.

Come and be encouraged by each other to find a way inside through meditation. We will stretch a bit to prepare and then sit in silence. In gratitude for taking time for ourselves, we are better at caring for others.

Join Stephen Main and Sara Hirsch on Tuesdays at 5:30pm in the Sanctuary for Just Breathe; no RSVP required.

Contact Sara Hirsch at sara1.hirsch1@gmail.com


Sunday School

This year, we are Digging Into the Bible in One Year. Sample lessons can be found on our website.

Contact Leslie Quantz at Leslie@PiedmontChurch.org


Theater Group Stages A Comeback

The theater group would like to invite you to attend various shows, ballets and musicals.  We’re a casual group; someone announces they’re going to an event and others are welcome to join. Dinner out often happens beforehand.

Upcoming Dates:

6/14 Berkeley Rep - “Let the Right One In”

6/15 Woodminster Amphitheater - “Gypsy” (picnic beforehand)

7/19 Berkeley Rep - “Out of Character”

7/22 Flamenco at Presidio Theater, SF, 4:30 dinner at Alegrias

8/10 Woodminster Amphitheater - “The Spelling Bee” (picnic)

8/18 Altarena Playhouse - “The Birds"

Contact Linda McClain at lindamcclain@me.com or Judy Wright at rbwright1@mac.com

Ukrainian Family Seeks Apartment

Our Ukrainian family is looking for a new apartment in the Piedmont/Oakland area and is financially ready for (near) market rent. 

If you have a property (ADU, apartment, home) that is available, would you consider renting it to a fantastic tenant? We are working towards a July 1 move, but we have flexibility. If you would like to discuss further, please reach out to Scott Willis at (510) 409-2832

Seniors Gathering Opportunity

Seniors Seeking Conversation and Coffee meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month in Guild Parlor, 9:30-11am. Contact Ann Chandler at (510) 444-0280

Pickleball Sundays 1-3pm

If you've ever wondered who plays pickleball each Sunday or why they play the game, this short film by Michael Barber sheds light on a sport that brings people together in a whole new way.



The Messenger

Piedmont Church’s online newsletter, The Messenger, is the primary source of communication. The Messenger is published digitally and distributed via email weekly.

Deadline for articles to appear in The Messenger is 12 noon each Tuesday. Articles submitted after deadline will be considered for the following week.

Michael Barber edits copy and designs the layout of each Messenger with careful consideration of article placement. Placement is determined based on relevance to the congregation and the wider community. 


Sunday Messenger

Sunday bulletin and worship announcements are decided by Michael based on Tuesday discussions with Staff and lay leadership.

Print deadline for Sunday Messenger is Wednesday, 5pm.


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