Another Important Update From Fr. Robert
Friar Update 1

Hello everybody!

I thought I would just give you all our first friar update. As you know four out of the five friars tested positive for the Coronavirus. We are all living in the St. Anne Friary and the other friar is living at Our Lady of Lourdes so he doesn’t get infected. So far so good, it seems like we’ve been given a relatively mild case of the virus - we run low grade fevers and there are aches and pains, but it’s really just kind of like a normal flu bug for us so far. The doctors are watching us carefully and so far so good

We’re grateful for all of the prayers and best wishes that we have received. It’s kind of overwhelming. I want to thank you especially for those who have dropped off the little goodies in the garage. Please don’t leave too much or we will all put on weight.

Don’t forget to wish Fr. Manny a Happy Birthday! It’s his birthday today.

We wish you and you families all the best and rest assured that we are close in prayer.

Because we can’t go out to go shopping and we’re not really feeling up to cooking all the time, we’re going to ask if people are willing to just give us supper.

Micki Kaye is going to be in charge of the whole process and there will be a link below if you’re interested in signing up and bringing over a meal. Of course we will be grateful for anything that anyone does.

So that’s all I’ve got for today and the first Friar Update of the great Covid-19 adventure here at Franciscan Martyrs Friary.

God bless you all.

Please use this link to sign-up to bring the friars a meal:

PLEASE read the instructions and guidelines as there are allergies and other important information!