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JUNE 2016
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Did you know our human brain is only 25% of its adult weight when we are born?  The human brain does most of its growing after birth, making us different from any other animal.  Yet even though we are born with this relatively unfinished brain, the brain's capacity to 'operate' our entire body is, well, mind-boggling to say the least!  

To make the brain even more of a wonder, it doesn't look like anything else or act like anything else.  The heart, for example, looks like a pump and acts like one.  But the cortex part of the brain is like a quilt that covers the rest of the brain, folded so that it can fit within the small human head.  In this 'quilt', decisions are made, schemes are hatched, language is heard, music is written, and mathematics is created.  Our brains regulate food and weight, expand emotional reactions, and respond to emergencies.  

On top of all that, the most basic job of the brain is healing - it's our own personal health machine.  It monitors your heart, lungs, and the actions of all the glands and organs.  It governs digestion, elimination, secretion, and immunity to diseases.  Most other activities serve the purpose of providing nourishment, incorporating it, eliminating toxic substances, and avoiding injury or illness.**

Is it any wonder then that massage therapy is becoming more and more scientifically researched and documented as a health benefit? If you receive a therapeutic massage and spend just one hour relaxing your body AND your mind, you are allowing your brain to focus on it's basic job, instead of on the countless number of issues bombarding it every minute.  Think of it as a re-set of your body, even if its just for that hour.

We have some great excuses to come see us this month with special pricing on the popular Tension Terminator and a Schools Out Celebration Massage.  Speaking of school, if your child's teacher needs a last minute appreciation gift, we have a special Teacher Appreciation gift certificate easily available online.  And please don't fDad deserves a dayorget Dads on Father's Day, June 19th!  We have great online gift certificates for Dad as well.   

Check out more below about a bumper sticker contest to win a free massage, MTC staff updates, a brand new mobile app for appointments, and some great info about facial toners.  And learn more about two health providers that we have referred many clients to with excellent results!

**Much of this information about the brain is taken from "Multimind, A New Way of Looking at Human Behavior" by Robert Ornstein.  (Yes, we read books like this for fun!)

New Mobile App For Appointment Bookings
If you have tried booking your massage appointments online and would like to do it from your phone, you may have decided it wasn't worth the trouble.  Before now, our scheduling software, MindBody, had its own mobile app but it downloads ALL of MindBody - something you may not want or use.  

If MTC is the only business you'll use MindBody for, or you just want a more direct link to us, you now have a much better way to book online - our own app to download.  The icon on your phone will look like the orange hand in our logo (pictured left) and takes you directly to us.
Win a FREE Massage by Entering Our Bumper Sticker Contest!
How can this NOT be a win-win?  For our next PayItForward fundraiser, we will be making custom bumper stickers and offering them for $5 each.  We already know how to make them but we are challenging our smart, creative clients to come up with some great, SHORT, bumper sticker slogans that are about massage.  For example:
Send us your ideas or tell us during your next visit.  
If we use your idea on a bumper sticker,
New Cancellation Policy Effective July 1st
We know there are times when it simply can't be helped - last minute emergencies or illness for example - and you have very little notice to cancel your appointment.  For the record, we feel fortunate to have very few late cancellations or no shows.  But when we do, especially if there has been a pattern of this, we will need to enforce the following cancellation policy -

Cancellation Policy:   We understand that last minute emergencies can come up and try to accommodate a reschedule as best we can.  However, recognizing that we do set aside the scheduled time just for you, have other clients to consider, and want to compensate our therapists for their valuable time, we do find it necessary to charge for no shows or cancellations within 3 hours of the scheduled appointment. This fee is $20.00. If the cancellation is less than three hours prior to your appointment, or you fail to show up for a scheduled appointment, the $20 fee will be assessed in your account and you will be asked to pay that fee with your next appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy,
don't hesitate to contact us.
June Specials
Thank you Dad June is a special month for Dads and for Teachers!  You can show your appreciation for either or both by gifting them a one hour Swedish Massage for just $50!  There are lots of customizing choices if you purchase one online.  Here are a few image samples plus you can add your own personalized text on the gift certificate:


Here are the two June special sessions:

Tension Terminator
- a one hour Deep Tissue session focused on the upper body.  
Special Price - $60, Save $21!

Schools Out Special - Prepare for summer with a relaxing 90 minute Swedish Massage plus the choice of one amenity.
 Special Price - $86, Save $25!

Everything You Need to Know About Toners
Probably one of the most overlooked parts of a skin care regimen is toner.  We all remember using an astringent toner when we were in our teens to help keep our skin scrupulously clean and mop up excess oil.  Time passes, skin changes, and we no longer need an astringent......but do we still need a toner?  The answer is an emphatic "yes" and here's why...

Our 1st Choices for Chiropractor
and Physical Therapist
Dr. Kotlarczyk
 N.M.T., D.C.
Before we even moved into our current office space, we knew of Dr. "K".  Once there, we were thrilled to learn he was right next door!  Dr. K is well known in the local massage community. Starting as a physical therapy major at UCF, he then was a massage and neuromuscular therapist  - all before he become a chiropractor.   Dr. K is the rare chirpractor who practices with the understanding of the relationship between the body and the bones.
If you've been with MTC for any length of time, you know how passionate we are about continuing education.  Dr. K created and teaches a copyrighted technique called Neurovascular Release, a chiropractic oriented muscular technique focusing on musculoskeletal imbalance in the body.

We have always gotten a great response from any MTC client we've referred to Dr. K's practice.   He truly understands the relationship between bone and body!  You can check out his website:  www.wellnessconcepts.com 
Bryan Regar,
Our second recommendation this month is a licensed physical therapist - Bryan Regar, DPT, OCS, COMT, CSCS, TPI.  Bryan is not your typical physical therapist.  He is the only board certified orthopedic specialist in Sarasota.  What we find particularly outstanding about Bryan is not only his knowledge and ability to pinpoint problems and solutions, but his sessions are designed to teach you what to do on your own so that you don't have to pay for weeks of therapy.  He also is unique in that he typically comes to your home for your session.  Like Dr. K, we've heard only high praise from every MTC client who we referred to Bryan.
Here is his website:   http://active4lifesarasota.com

Best of all, Bryan is offering a "Golden Ticket" to MTC clients - a complimentary no-obligation physical therapy discovery session.   Print it out here.
Staff Updates
Jenna Pollard
Congratulations to Jenna, our vote for the best front desk administrator ever!  Jenna recently earned her M.A. in Homeland Security and we know she will be a wonderful asset to whichever agency she works in.  If you or someone you know might be interested in a front desk position with us, please let us know.  At this time, we're not sure when Jenna will move on, but we know she eventually will.  We'll keep you updated!
Please note that the weekend of June 10th, 11th and 12th, the majority of our team (seven therapists in all) will be attending a Medical Massage class in Inverness FL taught by Dr. Ross Turchaninov.  There will be only a limited number of appointment openings available over those three days, but we are already excited to bring back new ideas and techniques to your next session!
Do you or someone you know have skills in photography and/or videography?  We are looking for help in completing some photos to go with medical massage educational materials, and also someone who is familiar with short video making.  A student looking for some extra work over the summer might be an ideal candidate.  Please contact Shea or Nancy if you have a lead.  
In Appreciation
At the beginning of this newsletter, we talked about the amazing brain.  Every time we learn something new about how the human body performs miracles every minute of every day, it encourages even more respect for the wonderful vessel we're given in life.  Did you know that the eye, for example, transmits less than  one trillionth of the information reaching its surface?  What is out there that we don't even see??  Now there's some food for thought...

We have some bigger projects in the works that will be completed soon - some in this coming month and others over the summer.  We never take for granted the opportunities we've had to grow our practice and introduce the wonderful benefits of massage to as many as we can.  Thanks to everyone of you that walks in the door for an appointment or sends someone else to us who needs help.  

In appreciation,

Shea and Nancy
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