Chromebook Distribution and Picture Day

As mentioned in previous communications, we are scheduled to start school on August 17, 2020. Regardless of the participation method--hybrid or remote--there are some processes that will remain the same. Antonian is moving to a 1-to-1 device program for the 2020-2021 school year. In order for us to distribute Chromebooks in a systematic manner with social distancing, we have decided to distribute the devices to all students prior to the start of school in the same fashion that we used in the spring. We have created a sign up system using  Volunteer SignUp  which allows parents to select a convenient time for pick up. As such, we have organized three distribution days – Monday, August 3, 2020 , designated strictly for freshman students, and Tuesday and Wednesday, August 4-5,   2020 , for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Please use the links listed below to sign up for a time for each of your students. This will allow us to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to during the process.
In addition, since students will be on campus already, and in order to streamline another process, we have contacted our school photographer to take the 2020-2021 student photos at these same times. This will allow us to focus on other items of importance on the first days of school instead. As always, these photos will be used to generate student ID cards and will also be used as the student yearbook picture for the 2020-2021 school year.
In order to ensure that we maintain proper social distancing and the safety of all, we kindly ask that you follow the guidelines set forth below:
  • When arriving on campus, parents/students are asked to park in the gym parking lot. Photos and Chromebook distribution will take place in the gym on that day.
  • Students should remain in the car until their exact appointment time or until the line is sufficiently short enough to allow appropriate distancing space. Staff members will be on hand to supervise arrival lines.
  • Parents will not be allowed to accompany their student into the gym. Parents should remain in their vehicles. 
  • Students must wear a face mask/covering upon entering the gym.
  • Students must wear an Antonian uniform top--red, white, or light blue polo shirt OR Mass uniform blouse (for girls)/shirt and tie (for boys) for their photo. Photos will be taken from the waist up, so bottoms do not have to be the regulation Antonian uniform pants or skirts.

Antonian grooming requirements must be adhered to. Please refer to the information requirements below in regards to hair length, color, facial hair, etc.
Female Hair Grooming Guidelines:
Hairstyles are to be moderate. Extreme fashions are not permitted. Only artificial color that emulates a natural hair color is permitted. Subtle highlights are permitted but must be worn without extreme variation of the student’s natural hair color. Hair will be neat, clean, properly combed in a modest style.
Male Grooming Guidelines:
Boys are expected to be neatly dressed, well-groomed, and clean-shaven at all times. 

Hairstyles should be neat and clean at all times. Exaggerated or unusual hairstyles, including, but not limited to, spiked hair, shaggy hair, Mohawk hair designs, or line/pattern designs, that may be deemed a distraction from the educational process are NOT permitted. Only artificial color that emulates a natural hair color is permitted. Subtle highlights are permitted but must be worn without extreme variation of the student’s natural hair color. Boys' hair may not extend beyond the collar or over the ears, nor hang over the eyebrows. Ponytails for boys are not permitted.  
Sideburns shall not extend lower than the bottom of the earlobe and should be well kept.  

Earrings and posts on boys are not acceptable wear at school or at any school-sponsored activity, night or day, on or off campus.

Traffic Flow for Distribution and Picture Day
Upon entering the gym doors, students will pick up a photo sheet from the registration table that will include their name with a QR code to be handed to the photographer. Two photographers will be available to take student photos. Face masks/coverings may be taken off temporarily for the student photo, and immediately put back on after the photo.

After the photo, students will proceed to the opposite side of the gym to pick up their Chromebook. Staff members will be present to instruct students to log on to the Chromebooks to ensure that they are working properly before leaving campus.
If the student is not available to come to campus during these scheduled times because they are out of town or sick, there will be an additional opportunity to get their school issued Chromebook at the class of 2024 orientation scheduled for Thursday, August 13, 2020, at the transfer student orientation on Friday, August 14, 2020, or by appointment with the Director of Technology, Kurt Nowak.

An alternate date (TBD) for school photos will be available to students unable to attend at the days/times listed above.

If you have any questions about the Chromebook distribution/photo days, please contact Lisa Rosenfeld at

Parking Permit Information
During distribution days, we will also issue parking permits for Antonian student drivers. The cost to obtain a parking permit for the 2020-2021 school year is $50. In order, to purchase an Antonian student parking permit, the student must be the holder of a valid driver's license (not a permit) and must present proof of insurance for any vehicle which the student may drive to campus.

Ways to purchase:
  • Online through Active
  • In person with printed "Parking Permit Form"

We encourage families to purchase their parking permit online. Please note, you do not need to sign up for booking protect or the active advantage program -- these are optional promotions that have no affiliation with Antonian.

If a family chooses to purchase the parking permit in person, please print the form from the link below, bring payment with you, and copies of the following documents:

  • Copy of student driver's license
  • Copy of student vehicle insurance
  • Vehicle Information (make, model, color, and license plate number)

Antonian will be unable to make copies during distribution days. Students may obtain parking permits from the front office at any time, with proper documentation and receipt of payment information.
COVID-19 Self Check
If you or someone within your household are experiencing any of the above symptoms, please refrain from attending the distribution and photo day.
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