Antonian College Preparatory High School

Dear parents/guardians,
A message was sent to student e-mail accounts earlier this evening on Friday, March 20, 2020 detailing the plans for controlled access to the campus to obtain personal belongings, pick up Chromebooks if needed, and acquire Verification of Enrollment forms required when a student seeks a driver's license from the state. 

The access to campus requires signing up for a specific appointment time. If your child(ren) have not done so already, please coordinate with your student to ensure he/she is able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Here is a list of reminders for your student(s):
  • ONLY students will be allowed into the building during their designated pick up time.
  • Social distancing is a MUST!!!  Students should keep at least six (6) feet in between themselves and other students at all times. This will be monitored. Students should not come early. Students should stay in the  car until 5 minutes prior to their designated pick up time.
  • Students should be prepared for rain - bring umbrellas.  Students will not be able to congregate on the porch.
  • There will be two tables on the porch where students, when called, will check in. Seniors and freshmen will check in on the left side, and juniors and sophomores on the right side.  
  • Seniors and freshman will form a line on the sidewalk from the front of school towards the Pettit center.
  • Juniors and sophomores line will form a line on the sidewalk in front of the school towards the gym parking lot.
  • As such, we encourage freshman and seniors to park in the Pettit parking lot and sophomores and juniors in the gym parking lot. 
  • Students will only be allowed to enter the building once, please make sure they bring a strong duffel bag or box for your belongings.  Students will need to take everything out of their locker and bring it home with them. 
  • Coaches will be in the locker rooms, field house, and dance studio.  Students with personal belongings will need pick up their belongings quickly from those areas if needed.
  • If you child has requested an Antonian Chromebook, Mr. Nowak will have them available for pickup in the hallway near the Theology classrooms. If you child has not requested one yet, but would like to, we ask that you wait until early next week to pick them up. More information will be forthcoming.
  • Students MUST exit the building through the front middle doors of the school and will need to sign out at their designated check-in tables.  
  • We ask that students move quickly because the next group of students cannot enter until they have exited the building.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation!
Antonian College Preparatory High School