Antonian College Preparatory High School


Based on new guidance received from the Archdiocese of San Antonio and following state and local guidelines for dealing with COVID-19, the recommendation regarding self-isolation of participants in the football camp is modified. Only those participants who had direct contact with the affected student-athlete are asked to self-isolate. We are asking Groups 1-5 to self-isolate because of possible exposure to the affected student-athlete. We are also recommending Group 6 (freshmen and middle school student-athletes) to self-isolate as well because of the possibility of having been exposed to the affected student-athlete while observing his group. Only Group 7 (our other freshmen and middle school group) had no interaction with the student-athlete nor were in a position where the affected student-athlete could have interacted with them. For now, the football camp remains suspended until further notice. As always, any student-athlete who begins to show symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home and advise the coaching staff as soon as possible.  


This morning, a student in the football program spoke with a member of the coaching staff to share information regarding a positive COVID-19 test result. The student-athlete and his family recently became aware of a potential exposure to the disease, and immediately and proactively, underwent testing with a medical provider on Thursday, June 18th. The initial test was a blood-draw screen that did show a positive result; however, the student-athlete is scheduled to be reassessed utilizing the swab test.

In the meantime, because the student-athlete had participated in the summer football camp, the football camp will be discontinued until further notice and participants are asked to self-isolate.

Should a student-athlete show symptoms of the disease, he and/or his parents are asked to immediately contact the football coaching staff so that further measures can be taken.

Thank you, 
Devlyn Lovell
Antonian Athletic Director