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January 2018

VolunteerSpotlight on Volunteering -  Meet Our Newest Experience Corps Tutors

Thanks to a three-year grant from AARP Foundation Experience Corps, AOA's Experience Corps program expanded its inter-generational literacy tutoring to four new afterschool sites in Hamden and East Haven.  The volunteer tutors at these sites are using a new tutoring structure to help children who are in Kindergarten through grade 3 become more fluent readers. 
We needed to recruit five new volunteers for these sites and found individuals who each bring a wealth of experience and a desire to make a difference in children's lives. 
  • Jackie uses her skills as an educator along with her warmth and humor to encourage her students.
  • Marianne brings a bubbly personality and excitement about learning to her students. 
  • Students benefit from Nancy's patience and encouragement, as well as her experience as a guidance counselor and business person.
  • Debbie's devotion to reading and her quick sense of humor help her students become more confident readers.
  • Cynthia's students can't wait to see which fun brooch she is wearing - while she uses her quiet patience to help them become better readers. 
 AARP Foundation Experience Corp was included as one of AARP's 2017 accomplishments.  Accomplishments AARP is Proud of in 2017.   We are honored to be part of this great program!

            Find out more  about Experience Corps.
Cuts to the Medicare Savings Program continue to be the focus of legislative advocacy efforts.  Many of you received letters from the Department of Social Services informing you about cuts to the program. The letters indicate that the changes are effective December 31.  However, in response to advocacy efforts by many groups throughout the state, the CT Legislature has pushed back the date of implementation of the cuts for at least 2 months.  Many legislative leaders have called for s special session to reverse the cuts.

However, the bad news is that they are talking about fully funding the Medicare Savings Program until July 18, 2018 BUT no assurance of funding beyond that point.  

In addition, the Medicaid eligibility cut passed by the legislature which removes 13,000 low income people from Husky A has not been proposed to be reversed.

Call your state legislator NOW and tell them to fully restore the Medicare Savings Program and Husky A.  Tell them you want a long term fix, not just a band aid while there is a lot of attention focused on the program.  To find out who your State Representative and Senator are call 860-240-0100.
Caregiver Corner Caregiver  - Top Tips

There have been many studies of caregiving and there are probably more books about caregiving than there are caregivers providing care.  You can't read them all, so here is a list of the most commonly suggested tips.
  • Knowledge is power: Take the time to inform yourself about your loved one's medical conditions, insurance benefits, entitlement programs, services available to help you provide care.
  • Keep a list of current medications including dosage and bring it with you to all healthcare providers.
  • Connect directly with your loved one's health care provider.  Until the responsible provider approves something, it doesn't happen.
  • Keep important documents in one convenient place.
  • Discuss end of life preferences with your loved one.
  • Complete DNR forms if that's the preference of your loved one.
  • Seek legal counsel from an elder law attorney about your plans to ensure you have necessary permissions to obtain medical information, make medical decisions, represent your loved one in financial matters and protect assets.
  • Have a plan for the future.
  • Take care of yourself as well as your loved one.
In the Community - AOASCC Volunteers Go Above & Beyond
In October about 100 families came to Connecticut after the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.  They relocated to temporary homes, hotels and other places throughout the New Haven area. Pastor Rev. Hector Otero decided to help ease their transition by working with the community to supply their needs. Many agencies, churches, community workers and others united to meet the challenge.

AOASCC employee Judith Neron is a Community Leader at Manantial de Vida church and brought the need to her supervisor.  With his support, she and coworker Chris Clark brought this mission of love to the attention of the volunteers in the Senior Companion and Foster Grandparent Programs. These volunteers regularly serve up to 35 hours a week, but they stepped up and gave their time to purchase new toys to donate. They were motivated by the same love and caring acts which they practice daily in their work with fragile elderly and children with special needs.  In these pictures you can see their enthusiasm and the joy they felt in participating. One of them said, " I didn't give much but I gave it from my heart". This is what giving is all about.

I thank all these Senior Volunteers for inspiring us every day that Age is just a number not a limitation.                             - Judy
KnowDid You Know?

 68% of those over 65 consider New Year's Resolutions a waste of time, but here are some the  American Geriatrics Society's Health in Aging Foundation recommends you set to keep yourself healthy.
  • Eat fruits, vege tables, whole grains, fish, low-fat dairy and healthy fats
  • Consider a multivitamin
  • Be Active
    Image result for happy healthy new year
  • See your provider regularly
  • Toast with a smaller glass
  • Guard against falls
  • Give your brain a workout
  • Quit smoking
  • Speak up when you feel down or anxious
  • Get enough sleep
SNAP - A Healthy New Year's Resolution

Make a resolution to save money! Benefits programs like SNAP help you afford necessities so you can put more money into savings, pay your winter heating bills, or have a healthier diet. Applying for SNAP is free. Find out if you qualify and download an application today. 

Learn more about SNAP:   Visit  or  visit 
HelpNeed help finding support at home? Care Network Link is a wonderful resource to find trusted providers: Homemaking, Personal Care Assistance, Live-In Caregivers, Wheelchair Ramps, Fall Alert Systems, Hair Stylists that come to your home.  

Give us a call at 203-495-1655 or sign up for membership at  Membership is FREE and will earn you discounts from the providers you hire.  Care Network Link credentials all the providers before allowing them on the network to make sure they are trustworthy businesses to have in your home.