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October 2017

Annual Elder Abuse Conference

October 17, 8:30-4:00 pm, Wallingford

Have you registered? Join the  over 500 people who have  already registered to attend this instructional and inspirational conference covering the most serious issues facing professionals involved in the care of our elderly population.  CEU's are available at no cost to you!

Are you a vendor?  We still have space - this is the perfect place for you to interact with members of the aging community and older adults themselves.
Caregiver Corner: Join Us at the Fearless Caregiver Conference Caregiver

Every November AOASCC hosts our annual Fearless Caregiver Conference. The conference is presented for you at no cost. It's a full day of sharing of ideas and information; supporting caregiver; sharing a laugh and lunch. Gary and Steve Barg of Caregiver Media facilitate the day's activity.  Each year we make new friends and welcome back people who have been attending for the past 10 years.

Being a caregiver can be isolating, frightening and frustrating. We know caregivers are always trying to be the best caregivers they can possibly be and the conference offers the opportunity to learn new strategies to handle common problems. In addition, caregivers find an environment where they can share their feelings with people who understand what they're going through.

Guilt is one of the most common feelings caregivers express. Sometimes talking with other caregivers can e ase the guilt.  Even when it can't, it helps to know you're not alone.

Register at the link below.  Seating is limited so please, don't miss your opportunity to participate.  I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
AOASCC is sponsoring this national conference to be   
held on November 8th.
8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
Grassy Hill Country Club in Orange

The Fearless Caregiver Conference provides practical information, advice and support for those caring for loved ones.  Join us!  FREE limited tickets are available for family caregivers. Visit to register. 
Did You Know? Know
  • Six out of 10 family caregivers work full- or part-time in addition to juggling their caregiving responsibilities at home. And most of them say they have to cut back on working hours, take a leave of absence, or quit their job entirely.
  • Caregivers spend on average 24.4 hours a week providing care to their loved one. Nearly one-quarter provide 41 or more hours of care a week (23%).
  •  59% of caregivers help their loved one with at least one Activity of Daily Living such as personal care or getting up in the morning.
  •  Most caregivers are helping with transportation, shopping and housework (Independent Activities of Daily Living).
  • About 6 in 10 caregivers assist with medical/nursing tasks
  • One in three caregivers have no help at all - either from paid or unpaid. sources.

Interagency Council on Aging of South Central Connecticut - The first meeting will be held on October 19th - join with others in the aging network to learn & share ideas.

Make a Difference as a Live Well Leader. Do you enjoy working with people and have good communication skills? This free training series will give you the tools you need to lead these evidence-based classes designed to make a difference for individuals with chronic health conditions. Find out more - classes will be held in October/November.
Volunteer Spotlight Volunteer - School is back in session!

These words once made us cringe...reading, writing and arithmetic! Now that we are older and wiser, we enjoy helping students understand the importance of learning to read and that with good skills you can do just about anything. 

Staff member Cherie Strucaly recently reached out to the RSVP volunteers who tutored in North Haven last year.  She asked, "Are you ready to return to school to tutor? " Here are some responses:
  • Anna - "Yes! I had such a great experience doing it last school year. I loved it!"
  • George - "Yes, please count on me to return. It's funny when I was a kid I didn't want to go back to school and summer to end. Lol."
  • Carol - "I did enjoy my time last year. So, yes, I would be available for tutoring for the coming school year."
  • Linda - "I'm very much looking forward to return to tutoring this fall."
  • Sue - "Thank you!"
Our volunteers work alongside the Literacy Specialist at their schools. Literacy Specialist assist and assess students who require more time and support to gain essential reading skills. Volunteers play an equally important role.  They provide students with extra opportunities to practice their reading and writing with a supportive adult. The volunteer's life experience, patience, and desire to be present with the students creates an environment which fosters trust and learning. 

Just one hour of your time can make all the difference. Find out more about tutoring and other volunteer opportunities through RSVP.   Click here.  
C HOICES:  Open Enrollment CHOICES
October is Medicare open enrollment month.  Are you ready?  There are a few things to do to be prepared. 
  1. Review your new Medicare and You book.  There are changes you should be aware of. If you didn't receive one in the mail, call the Agency on Aging and request one.  
  2. Ask yourself whether your current Medicare plans are working for you.  Are you in Original Medicare?  Would a Medicare Managed program be better for you? Are you in a managed plan and find your care provider options are too limited? Are all of your prescription drugs covered by the plan you currently have?
  3. Determine whether any proposed changes to your current plan  will impact your coverage needs?
  4. Determine whether there are any new plans in the market place that provide better coverage for you?
  5. Are you eligible for extra help paying your Medicare premiums or co-pays?

If you need help getting answers to these questions, call us and speak with someone in the Aging and Disability Resource Center.  Make sure you have the list of your current prescription drugs, with 785-8533, option 3.

Do you someone who could benefit from SNAP? help

Only 3 out of 5 eligible seniors are enrolled in SNAP, and others are getting less than they probably should because of inaccurate or incomplete paperwork. Have a friend or family member you trust help you apply for SNAP or fix the info in your file or contact us here at AOASCC for help. It could mean you get more from the program each month. 

Learn more about SNAP:   Visit  or  visit our website.
Care Network Link
Need help finding support at home? Care Network Link is a wonderful resource to find trusted providers:  Homemaking, Personal Care Assistance, Live-In Caregivers, Wheelchair Ramps, Fall Alert Systems, Hair Stylists that come to your home.  

Give us a call at 203-495-1655 or sign up for membership at  Membership is FREE and will earn you discounts from the providers you hire.  Care Network Link credentials all the providers before allowing them on the network to make sure they are trustworthy businesses to have in your home.