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Join us May 9 in Salem, Oregon for the 2017 C3 Summit focused on initiatives, policies, and efforts around building stronger collaboration between the public safety and behavioral health systems. Through the Stepping Up Initiative Oregon counties are working to improve public safety, reduce costs and help put people on the path to recovery... read more
Policy Updates
County Leaders Advocate for Justice Reinvestment
County leaders shared success stories about the justice reinvestment  initiative grant program to the Joint Ways and Means Subcommittee on Public Safety. Marion County Commissioner Janet Carlson, Wasco County Commissioner Steve Kramer, Josephine County Commissioner Lily Morgan... read more
PERS Reform Update - Week 12
Part of any grand bargain on the budget shortfall might include some form of further reform of the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS).  The  Senate Workforce Committee  took an early lead on that issue by issuing  criteria  for any possible reform, hearing a  detailed explanation  from the PERS... read more
Energy, Environment, and Land Use Update - Week 12
The April deadline has come and gone and it's time for an update on the bills Energy, Environment and Land Use have taken a position on or showed interest in following. Onsite Septic -  The committee has been tracking two onsite septic bills. The funding bill for the Onsite Septic Loan Program, SB 383... read more
Health & Human Services Updates - Week 12
After the passing of a key deadline, the number of health & human services bills have been whittled down significantly. AOC continues to watch a handful of mental health bills and work on a few key public health issues. But now is when the focus shifts heavily to the budget discussion... read more
Community & Economic Development Update - Week 12
This week marks the end of week 12 of the Legislative Session as well as the passing of the first major bill deadline. All first chamber bills had to move out of their originating policy committees by Tuesday, April 18 th  to stay alive. Many of the more controversial bills were simply moved to another Committee where...  read more
Housing Update - Week 12
With a key deadline passing this Legislative session we have a better view of what housing issues are gaining traction. Speaker Kotek's priorities around rent control and the expansion of affordable housing continue, though the Senate poses different challenges than the House. The majority of issues... read more
O&C Memorial Awaits Amendment
House Joint Memorial 11, urging the President and Congress to pursue management reforms of O&C forests, was referred by the House Economic Development & Trade Committee to the House Rules Committee to discuss amendments. The House Rules Committee... read more
Two Bills to Improve the Local Transient Lodging Tax Die, While One is Saved
House Bills 2744 and 2768 remained in the House Economic Development and Trade Committee to die. The committee ignored the request of several stakeholders to refer the bills to the House Revenue Committee without recommendation.... read more
The Big Switch: A Key Deadline Reached in the Legislative Session
Close of business on Tuesday, April 18, finished what is termed "the first half" of the 2017 legislative session. The date was the deadline for policy committees to hold work sessions on bills in their first chamber. That is, any House Bill not having received a work session in a House committee is considered dead... read more
Public Lands and Natural Resources Update - Week 12
The Co-Chairs of the Joint Ways & Means Committee, Senator Richard Devlin and Representative Nancy Nathanson, released their second 2017-19 Target Reduction Lists, based on the March 2017 Revenue Forecast.  The original target lists were based on the December 2016 revenue forecast, and showed a... read more
Transportation Update - Week 12
With the legislature passing the key first chamber committee deadline on April 18, it is a good time to provide an update on the bills and critical related issues we have discussed so far this session.  Most of the critical transportation issues are wrapped up in the transportation funding package discussions...  read more
18 Oregon Counties Post Lowest Unemployment on Record
ODFW Limits Deer Hunting In 3 Oregon Counties After Rough Winter
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is reducing the hunting tags available for pronghorn antelope and buck mule deer in three  counties. That's in response to... read more
Oregon Drops Several Defenses in $1.4 Billion Timber Lawsuit
Oregon's government has agreed to drop several defenses against a class action lawsuit brought by counties that seeks $1.4 billion for insufficient logging of state forests... read more
Four Things To Know As Oregon's Tax And Budget Wars Heat Up
The Oregon Legislature's top budget writers released a  list of potential cuts  they say they'll have to make if lawmakers don't find new money to fill a $1.6-billion budget... read more
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West Coast RPB Public Webinar
April 28, 2017 |  12:00 p.m. | REGISTER

The West Coast Regional Planning Body (RPB) is pleased to announce a public webinar to share an update on its latest efforts and answer questions from stakeholders.
Product Stewardship Institute Hosts a Free Webinar on Drug Take-Back
May 15, 2017 |  12:30 p.m. |

Each year, over $1 billion worth of leftover drugs are thrown in the trash, flushed, or relegated to medicine cabinets. Removing unwanted prescription drugs from the home... read more
GOBHI Spring Conference
May 17-19, 2017 | Bend, Oregon | REGISTER

Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. (GOBHI) is dedicated to the health care needs of rural Oregonians with the triple aim of better care, better health, and lower costs.
OCZMA Membership Meeting
May 22, 2017 | 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. | Oregon State Capitol | REGISTER

The Oregon Coastal Zone Management Association (OCZMA) will be holding a membership meeting on May 22, 2017 at the Oregon State Capitol to discuss policy issues, meet with legislators, and to conduct association business. Lunch available to those who register. 
Managing Stormwater in Oregon
June 20, 2017 | Portland |  REGISTER

Regional regulations are tightening, third party lawsuits are an emerging enforcement threat, and the economics of compliance matter more than ever for property owners and managers. This conference addresses these challenges and presents practical answers for Oregon companies, municipalities, and service providers.
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NACo News
NACo 2017 Western Interstate Region (WIR) Conference
The NACo Western Interstate Region (WIR) Conference is hosted each year by a county within the fifteen Western states -- Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawai'i, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.  The conference brings together county officials not only from these... read more
Counties Grapple with Short-Term Rentals
When Airbnb, Homeaway or FlipKey move into town, the short-term rental surge they set off can be a blessing or a curse to local governments. The new business model... read more
EPA and Corps Request County Comments on Potential "Waters of the U.S." Rewrite
On April 19, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) held a consultation meeting with NACo and other national... read more
Webinar: Stepping Up - Establishing Baseline Data for Mental Illness in Jails
Join the Stepping Up partners for the third webinar in the Six Questions series, which will feature key strategies for establishing baseline data on the number of people... read more
Get Involved! Submit Your NACo Presidential Appointment Request Today
To be considered for a presidential appointment you must complete the  application online  before  June 2, 2017 ... read more
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Partner Spotlight
Benefits of Using Magnesium and Calcium Chlorides on County Roads
Magnesium and Calcium Chlorides have been widely used in the western part of the United States for dust suppression and de-icer for many years. They are not binders but are hydroscopic in nature and actually work by attracting moisture from the air... read more
The Last Word
Q: What do you call a fake noodle? A: An impasta!

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