Tax Reform Initiative Unveiled
The Speaker, Ways & Means Co-Chair, and House Revenue Committee Chair Offer Proposal for Long-term State Budget Fix

Fits into Framework for Business Tax Reform of Joint Committee on Tax Reform

On May 4th, Speaker of the House Tina Kotek; Representative Nancy Nathanson, Co-Chair of the Joint Ways & Means Committee; and Chair Phil Barnhart of the House Revenue Committee presented a package of actions to the Joint Committee on Tax Reform for discussion. They stated that the package would provide a long-term fix to the structural shortfall faced by the 2017-19 state budget....  read more 

Policy Updates
Transportation Revenue Planner
Linked below is the most current version (9.3) of the Revenue Planner that was demonstrated at the AOC Transportation Steering Committee Meeting on May 1. The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has developed this spreadsheet to help legislators and stakeholders... read more

Health Bills Move Slowly
House Bill (HB) 2122-A, the "CCO 2.0" bill, was pulled from the floor and sent to the House Rules Committee. The bill had its first hearing following the first-chamber deadline on May 4. The Coordinate Care Organization (CCO) community remains opposed to the bill, and it seems that none of the proposed... read more

Housing Update - Week of May 5th
Speaker's Top Housing Priority Gets First Senate Hearing
On May 3 the Senate Human Services Committee held its first public hearing on  House Bill (HB) 2004-A, Speaker Tina Kotek's priority bill allowing counties and cities to enact rent control. The bill also includes statewide regulations regarding the... read more
Community & Economic Development Update - Week 14
This week marks the end of week 14 of the Legislative Session. Below is a review of the week.  SB 936  - Strategic Investment Program:  The committee on Finance and Revenue held a public hearing on Senate Bill (SB) 936. SB 936, introduced at the request of AOC, raises the capped amount of taxable... read more

Energy, Environment and Land Use Update - Week 14
The Legislature has slowed down this week with regards to the Energy, Environment and Land Use policy area. The two chambers are working to get bills off the floor and into the second chamber. Even with the slowdown, there were several bills being discussed and conversations on how to keep others moving... read more

Three Original Oregon Counties Commemorated
On Monday, May 8 three of Oregon's early counties were memorialized in the State Capitol State Park with the addition of commemorative plaques for each. The fourth... read more
Oregon Timber Counties Struggle as Federal Support Dries Up
So much timber money once flowed into this rural Oregon county that its leaders set up committees to find ways to spend it. Today, Douglas County's library system... read more
Oregon Transportation Plan Calls for I-5 tolls, Gas Tax Hike, Payroll Tax
Oregon lawmakers are proposing raising the state gas tax, increasing vehicle title and registration fees, and implementing a payroll tax to raise billions of dollars for... read more
Wyden Stresses Need to Extend Secure Rural Schools, Increase Forest Management
Rural counties in Oregon and across the country urgently need restored federal funding for vital county services and sustainably increased timber harvests, U.S. Senator... read more
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Product Stewardship Institute Hosts a Free Webinar on Drug Take-Back
May 15, 2017 |  12:30 p.m. |

Each year, over $1 billion worth of leftover drugs are thrown in the trash, flushed, or relegated to medicine cabinets. Removing unwanted prescription drugs from the home... read more
GOBHI Spring Conference
May 17-19, 2017 | Bend, Oregon | REGISTER

Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. (GOBHI) is dedicated to the health care needs of rural Oregonians with the triple aim of better care, better health, and lower costs.
OCZMA Membership Meeting
May 22, 2017 | 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. | Oregon State Capitol | REGISTER

The Oregon Coastal Zone Management Association (OCZMA) will be holding a membership meeting on May 22, 2017 at the Oregon State Capitol to discuss policy issues, meet with legislators, and to conduct association business. Lunch available to those who register. 
Managing Stormwater in Oregon
June 20, 2017 | Portland |  REGISTER

Regional regulations are tightening, third party lawsuits are an emerging enforcement threat, and the economics of compliance matter more than ever for property owners and managers. This conference addresses these challenges and presents practical answers for Oregon companies, municipalities, and service providers.
Oregon Coastal Caucus Economic Summit
July 26 | Portland, Oregon  REGISTER

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NACo News
Get Involved! Submit Your NACo Presidential Appointment Request Today
To be considered for a presidential appointment you must complete the  application online  before  June 2, 2017 ... read more
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Partner Spotlight
Preparing for the Solar Eclipse
On  Aug. 21, 2017  the sun will disappear behind the moon, and a stretch of sky about 70 miles wide will darken.  The rare solar eclipse will begin in Oregon and travel all the way to South Carolina. As daylight turns to twilight, the temperature will rapidly drop, according to  - and around the silhouette of the moon, there will be "massive streamers of light streaking through the sky." The eclipse will be... read more

The Last Word
Q: What is at the end of a rainbow? A: The letter W. 

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